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ZYLISS MagiCan Can Opener, Red

  • ZYLISS MagiCan Can Opener, Red

ZYLISS MagiCan Can Opener, Red

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Innovative and functional can opener
  • Powerful steel cutting wheel opens cans of all sizes
  • Hygienic design prevents lid from falling into food
  • Lid-release handles allow for safe disposal of can lids and keep hands clean
  • Simply wipe with a damp cloth to clean; 5 year guarantee
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Customer Reviews

Not worth it. I bought this to replace another can opener that opened cans by splitting the seal on the rim of the lid. No sharp edges on the can or the lid and no mess. This can opener does NOT perform the same. It cuts below the entire lid's rim and into the side of the can. This is often below the liquid inside the can so as you move around the can, everything is getting wet with whatever is inside. Also, this cuts so low that it cuts little strips of the paper label too which can get into your food. 1Not as advertised This device does not perform as advertised. The cutter does not pierce the rim of the lid, but cuts below it, leaving a sharp edge on the body of the can. Other Zyliss and Pampered Chef can openers that I've owned leave a portion of the rim on the can, so no sharp edges are left on either the lid or the body of the can. On the plus side, the can opener captures the severed lid so it can be removed from the can without the extra step of grasping the lid with a small pliers on the side of the opener. 2I hate this can opener I hate this can opener. The can opener gets a thin strip of the can label every time you use it. Half the time it falls into whatever you are preparing. The opener leaves the edges on either side SUPER sharp. I have cut myself 3 times on this thing, and they are always hard to stop bleeding and hurt like the dickens. 1Worth Every Penny I have purchased other brands that have a similar design function (removing the top, leaving no sharp edges) and would never go back to the old method. But Zyliss took it a step beyond. Not only is it easy and effective, it's also lightweight --- a huge bonus for arthritic hands!And it's Orange! What's not to love? 5So easy ... For me, this is a no brainer. I don't understand people who give a product a low rating either because they don't like the price or they can't figure out how it works. look at the pictures on the packaging or go to youtube to see an instructional video. don't blame the product for your own inability to figure out how to use it. if you are savvy enough to buy online, you can certainly figure out how to search for information on youtube. this is just one of my pet peeves that has been irritating me for some time, now, when reading reviews on amazon. if you open the can opener jaws and look closely, you can figure out how it works, anyway. I just have a very hard time trying to figure out what product to buy when I see so many negtative reviews that unfairly judge an item.so far, for me, this can opener is a piece of cake. I will certainly change my review if , after using it for a while, I find the product isn't operating as it should. if you've been using the old-style hand crank openers and you're hands/fingers aren't what they used to be, this is just the product you need. that said, there is still the chance that anyone can receive a defective item with anything you buy; however, the opener I received seems to work perfectly well. I haven't even noticed any sharp edges on the cans.UPDATE 09/23/14: I did find a can that this opener can't be used with. that would be any can with a plastic lid (if you want to retain a rim for the lid to hold onto). oh well, guess I have to keep "old faithful" for this type of situation, but I love this can opener for all other cans I've used it on. 5Opens tins, but makes a mess Easy to apply to top of lid and easy to turn, but makes quite a mess when opening tins. Not only do tiny strips of paper labels get sheared off (either onto countertops or INTO the tin), but if there is liquid in the tin, the liquid always 'splooges' out the side while opening the tin. Additionally, I purchased this as a more affordable replacement to my former Pampered Chef opener, which opened tins with safe edges, but this Zyliss opener renders the top of the tin itself very sharp (though the lids seem to have safe edges). For that reason, I would definitely not call this a 'safe edge' opener. I am going to keep it because I still do not want to spend more money on a tin opener, of all things (the prices on some of the competition are truly ridiculous), but it is not a miracle find by any means. 3Great opener, slightly different to use. This is my second one of these. The first I got at a discount store. I mainly used it in our camping trailer. Wen my other opener in the kitchen broke, I knew exactly what I wanted. These openers are different than most. They cut below the can lip instead of inside of it. Once you figure that out and practice using it, I think you'll like it too. We used to have a truck camper and looking for light weight items that worked great was essential to keep the weight down of the camper. That's why I got my original one. Read the directions on how to use it and don't try to over muscle it when turning the handle are my two tips. 5Very easy for me to use Very easy for me to use, easy to remove lids safely without risk of cutting yourself on the lid. My grandmother is 91 and partially blind. I purchased this for her and she does have a little trouble using it some days if she doesn't get it lined up on the first try. 5Confusing at first I wanted to replace a can opener I'd had for years. The kind that splits the seal and leaves no sharp edges...this isn't quite that.It feels a tad flimsy. I also couldn't quite figure out how to use it right away...but you put it on top of the can, the wing sitting upward. Pull the handle apart, push so the turning wing is pretty much in the middle of the can (average size can) then close the handles and start turning.It seems to cut just below the seal, thus leaving behind sharp edges on the can. No tuna for the kitties straight from the can. It tends to take a sliver of the paper wrapper with it. It feels as if it's going to break when you close it. But it's holding up so far. I don't have a lot of cans that I need to open, so if you do, it might not be sturdy enough.It works, but not the way the last one did. Leaves sharp bits on the can. It does, however, grab the cover right off the top so you don't have to figure out how to get hold of it. It will be clipped in the can opener when you're done.Not really worth the price, imho. But it's okay. 3When you just want a can opener that works. My kids want to help in the kitchen and couldn't deal with the flimsy can opener we had. I wanted something that was easy to use, but also inexpensive. I have noticed more and more fake product reviews, so I did additional googling before deciding on the MagiCan. I received the MagiCan today. It's very easy for me and my kids to use, no sharp edges, and the bright red color will make it easy to find. It has a magnet to hold on to the lid. Because of the way it opens the can (it removes the seam and the lid) the lid cannot fall into the can. 5
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