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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

  • Tracked Shipping

  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • For outswinging wood or metal doors
  • Full 90 degree opening
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Factory lubricated
  • Two hole end plug for adjustable latching power
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Customer Reviews

I was very pleased with the quality and functionally. This door closer is very simple to install and amazingly smooth both when opening and closing. The 90 degree opening radius allows my screen door to swing fully open without binding or stopping short of opening all the way. Adjusting the power or speed of the closer is simply done by turning a phillps screw at one end. The instructions that come with it are clear and easy to follow. Our old screen door closer was such bad quality that we simply took it off. I'm glad I found this closer, it is excellent. 5Perfect upgrade for Andersen 3000 series doors! We installed two Andersen 3000 series screen doors (the self-storing half-screen w/glass type), a black one for the front and a white one for the back door. Love the Andersen doors BUT the closer they include doesn't open to a full 90 degrees!?! No idea why not but it was driving me insane so I got this as a replacement.The Andersen has the nice foot-activated lock switch to hold the door open...whereas this one has the old fashion tab you have to slide. The foot tab is convenient but not opening to a full 90 degrees is a deal breaker so the stock closer had to go.I already had the Andersen closers installed so I just removed the two pins and inserted this new closer using the pins included in the package. Took some minor adjusting of the pneumatic part (loosen the screw at the end so it closes a little quicker) and it works great! Just an FYI - there are two holes on the tip of the closer and the directions indicate one is for a glass door and to use the other for a screen door. I found the hole labeled for the screen door worked better and was easier to adjust to the door latches shut at the end.I didn't use the brackets that came with this (already had the Andersen brackets installed) but I will say they seemed kinda cheap/weak compared to the brackets that were included with the Andersen door. Still gets 5 stars though since it's advertised as a "standard-duty" closer and the brackets probably would have worked fine anyway.Now the doors open a full 90 degrees (just past 90 actually, maybe 100 degrees) and I'm happy! 5Works great. Consistent quality. Add a limiter-chain for wind-exposed doors I didn't choose this item after lengthy comparison - I bought it to replace the existing closer on my Emco(Anderson) storm-door. I'm unsure if it's the original, but this model number was what was installed on the door when I bought my home.The closer works as designed, and is efficient at closing the somewhat-heavy Emco door.The original piston-shaft was bent (but still functioned) when I bought the home, so I initially replaced it with the same model #, purchased at Lowe's -- Both the original closer and the Lowe's replacement from 2014 were labeled 'Made in USA', right on the cylinder. This replacement (same model #), purchased from Amazon in Dec 2016, is made in China (labeled only on the packaging, not the item itself). So, apparently, manufacturing has been moved to the PRC.I can't speak of longevity due to the reasons the first two were replaced: I found that if my storm-door is sometimes not fully closed and it's a high-wind day, the wind will blow the door open so violently, it hyperextends the closer, bends its piston-rod, and darn-near rips the mounting bracket from the door frame -- This is not the fault of the closer; this is simply my home's design (door placement + angle), an often high-wind location, and not making sure the door is completely secure. After I realized this is what caused the damage, I installed a limiter-chain. It's been a year and a half, and everything's still working great. I've seen no rust issues, as other reviewers have reported, even though it's pretty humid where I live.Overall a great, inexpensive direct-replacement. 5Works as it should I bought this product because it was the same brand and model as the one that failed. Much to my surprise the dimensions of the components were slightly different, but we were able to install it in the same holes. Slightly smaller dimensions make me wonder if we'll get the same durability as the original (we bought a 15-year old house). 4Works fine when the inside door to the house is open ... The Wright closer I had was leaking oil so I replaced it with this new Wright closer. It is on an aluminum screen door with a full length plastic winter window that is in my garage by the door to my house from the garage. The closer will not close the screen door until it latches when the wooden door to the house is closed. Works fine when the inside door to the house is open but it is not powerful enough to close the aluminum door when the house door is closed and there is air pressure to overcome. When I go from the house to the garage and close the house door I have to push the screen door closed, when I go from the garage to the house I have to wait for the screen door to close before closing the door to the house. This is a standard duty closer but my screen door is not very heavy even with the plastic window and I thought it would work. I will look for a heavier duty closer. 3failed in 2 months but great customer support (free relacement) It didn't last long. Guess you get what you pay for, because this was inexpensive and now I know why. ,,,,,UPDATE: moving from 1 star to 3 stars...... just got off phone with manufacture (Wright Products) and they are sending a replacement with one easy phone call. No questions asked. Sending a free replacement out at no cost. So Im happy with customer service. Would use again. 3Just make sure it's adjusted on your door to reach the full 90 degrees. Was a little shorter than the one on my door but all I had to do was bring the mounting piece closer and it opened 90 degrees and adjusted it to slowly close...and the doors I have are all metal frame woth glass in them so they aren't light doors. Worked like and charm! Great product. 5Guaranteed to quickly rust The quality of this company has gone way downhill. Their products always seem to rust very quickly. See attached photos. I have needed to replace these units in about six months. Are used to be that they would last for 10 years 1Improvement over Anderson closer I installed an Anderson 2000 storm door less than 1 year ago, and a storm about 3 weeks ago flung the door open and bent both closers. I received this a few days ago and already I see an improvement.1. Although this is a thicker barrel, length wise it is a perfect fit. I was able to use the bracket that was already mounted on the door. It would have installed on the bracket on the jamb as well, but the bracket was damaged by the wind. So it was a quick job to replace the jamb bracket with the one included with my purchase.2. I paired up the lower heavy duty closer with a regular duty for the upper closer from the same manufacturer. I adjusted the top to close hard, and the bottom to close soft which worked better than trying to get both to close at the same force. Now the door closes and latches everytime. I could not get the Anderson closers to do this.3. The door feels heavier now and is not as prone to blow open in the wind. For added measure, i installed a chain which was able to loop onto the upper closer bracket pin.It's only been a few days, so I cannot attest to the longevity yet. But if I find that they fail prematurely then I will update this review. No update means they are still working. 5Well made. Works as needed to quiet that heavy screen door and stop the awful bang/close. Just what you need to keep that heavy screen door from banging shut and driving everyone in the house and surrounding homes, crazy. A well made, quality product. Will buy again if needed. 5
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