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Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

  • Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass
  • Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass
  • Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass
  • Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass
  • Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

Westinghouse Lighting 7863100 Quince 24-Inch Chrome Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Two-light 24-inch reversible six-blade indoor ceiling fan for rooms up to 80 square feet (8 by 10 feet)
  • Silicon steel motor with dual capacitor; three fan speeds (high/medium/low); reversible switch for year-round use
  • Airflow: 1,270 cfm; Energy Usage: 25 watts without light; Airflow Efficiency: 39 cfm per watt
  • Includes 3/4-Inch by 4-Inch down rod, 78-Inch lead wire, and two candelabra-base 40-watt G16-1/2 light bulbs
  • Lifetime on motor; two-year on all other parts
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Customer Reviews

Looking forward to purchasing a few more. I needed a fan to fit between my tapered ceiling. The room is over the garage and gets very hot so some form of circulation was necessary. After purchasing is fan I'm very pleased with it. Because of the tapered ceiling I run the fan in winter mode, this grabs the cold air from the registers around it and sends it flowing down both sides of the tapered ceiling. It cools the walls down and helps stop the heat from building up.The fan does wiggle a little bit when it's on but most ceiling fans do. Installation was pretty easy but I do recommend a more sturdy ceiling-fan bar when installing. It will help reduce wobble and vibrations. I replace the small candelabra bulbs with some GE LED g16 dimmables, they fit perfectly. 5Motor hum and Pull Chain WobblesPros: Fits nicely in our dinky, low-ceiling sunroom + relatively easy to install. We also had to install a new fan rated box, it was simple. Comes with a very long length of wiring, so it s easy to hook up. Love the two color options for fan blades.Cons: The motor has a noticable hum, which annoys me (others might enjoy the white noise?); the mounting bracket allows for A LOT of movement from the downrod ball joint it literally can swing inches to either side when pulling the chain, which seems odd. We have ceiling fans in every room and this is the first one that does this. Does not wobble when functioning, just when using the pull chains.Tip: Before turning it on, click the fan direction button to whichever direction you want it arrives in a neutral position so the fan won t turn on until you click the button over.3Beautiful fan for a small roomBeautiful fan for a small room ..I absolutely love this fan I let my electrician install it and he couldn't stop saying how nice it looks (the first one he ever saw like it) it took him only an hour to install it...I am going to purchase another one for a different room.5Illuminated, Multi-Speed Boat Propeller! This is JUST what we needed! We have a vintage 1947 home so many things just aren't that well as thought out as they would be in newer homes. Case in point, the overhead light drop and the placement of kitchen cabinets. The older fan that came with the house had blades that were simply too long and they clobbered the upper cabinet doors. This one can stay on high with the door open and no problems.I think this fan is very stylish but truth be told, despite the graceful modern styling (our old kitchen fan was of that hideous "country kitchen" type with funky pin striping on the blades and faux-tulip bulb domes that made it look like it was stolen from a river boat brothel while moored in 1880's New Orleans. Yeccccch!) with its 6 stubby blades and large central lamp, this new fan looks like the love child of one of the Lusitania's main props and a Klieg Light.PROs:- Very nice, clean, modern styling- Very good air flow for the size- Symbols on the pull chains for light and fan- Good illumination in the kitchenCONs:- It is still a very small fan and won't move huge quantities of air. That said, I remain quite happy with it- Non-Standard light bulbs. Yes, it has two bulbs but there are a size I've never seen before and have no idea where to find replacements. With luck, maybe I can find LED replacements so I'll die before the bulbs do.It was super easy to install, it lights the kitchen well and I no longer have to worry about splintering the kitchen cabinet doors! I couldn't be happier with this fan!!!!Update: November 2015 -- I am lowering from 5 stars to 3. I would recommend getting the model with a single bulb. Mine has blown through two bulbs already, one incandescent and one LED. Only a single bulb leaves the kitchen a little dark and dingy. I still LOVE the fan and its tight design, I say just get the other single-bulb model. 3Updated review: Don't be fooled by "cute" - okay, it's cute UPDATE: we returned the first fan we received due to the problems listed in my first review below. The second unit was installed and works fine. The fan has a noticeable hum while the fan motor is turned on. Would be better if it were more silent, but the hum isn't to the point of being annoying. I increased my rating to 3 stars, deducting 1 for the hum and another 1 because of the first defective unit.My daughter bought the fan for her room. Putting it together was pretty easy, but problems popped up with mounting and running it. Like others have said, the mount cover does not sit flush with the ceiling and the down rod wants to hang at an angle. The first time we turned on the switch, the fan made a buzzing noise that sounded like the motor was frozen in place, struggling to turn. Inspected the fan thinking there may have been stoppers in the blade mount section used for shipping, but there were none and the blades spun freely by hand. Turned the fan back on, same noise, but this time we let it go to see if it would stop. The groaning did decrease as the fan got up to speed (never went away), but we then noticed it wobbles a lot and shifts its axis to no longer be horizontal. Also, like other's have mentioned, I agree that the glass mounting design is poor. I thought it would shatter in my hands while I was trying to screw it in. I've installed at least 20 fans over the years, and this one is the worst I've seen. I'm guessing we just got a lemon, but be aware of the common problems we and others have run into.3Love new fan/light comboLove new fan/light combo. It was a piece of cake to install, looks quite trendy in my kitchen and the blades are the perfect size for the small area. I would highly recommend this product.5Save yourself some grief and buy a balancing kitI m struggling with rating this between a 3 and a 4 because there s so many things that annoy me about this fan, but it s cheap, so how much can I really expect? This is pretty much a get what you pay for item, so I ll just list pros and cons.Pros:- it s small and cute. Good for rooms with bunk beds.- moves a surprising amount of air for its size- good amount of light. I don t know why people are claiming that it s low light unless they ve improved the provided lightbulbs since those reviews. At least as much as the ceiling fan I replaced with this. Fine for my 12 x 10 foot room. I don t like that the bulbs are incandescent because it makes the shade and light kit itself very, very hot, but I ll just replace them when they burn out with something more efficient.- noise seems to be an in the ear of the beholder thing because I don t think this is any louder than any other ceiling fan.Cons:- the fabric washers were too small to use when attaching the blade brackets. I only managed to get 3 on before I just decided to not use them because it was such a monumental struggle to get the screws through them. Weirdest thing I ve encountered in the many ceiling fans I ve installed since these are standard parts. You should just be able to shove the screw right through them.- pull chains are cheap and ugly; I cannibalized from another fan, they re that bad.- Most importantly, the wobble is pretty bad on this on high (no discernible wobble on medium and slow). Both my ceiling fan box and the hanging bracket were super tight with no movement, so it was the blades. I managed to remove all but a little vibration with a balancing kit I had leftover from another fan, but it annoys me when I look up that I can see a wave pattern in the blades when it s turning.- The down-rod doesn t seem to hang straight down centered in the canopy cover. I guess my ceiling possibly is not truly horizontal, but I never noticed this with the other fan. My guess is the cover has been warped (it s cheap thin metal) or it s not cut right so that the down-rod can be centered.3Awesome little fans These little fans are really cool. We remodeled our kitchen and dining room and wanted something small and not overpowering for the 8ft ceilings in those rooms. The blades are only like 9in long but they really move some air. We haven't had to turn them any higher than medium. They have worked out great. One caveat... they ship with the direction set in reverse. Flip the direction switch before you turn it on or you will frown on the first use. 5Westinghouse Quince Fan and LightSorry to be a spoiler with this fan review, but I think it is "just OK". Yep, it does look awesome. But, the quality is not really great. Once I installed my fan, it vibrated a lot on high speed. So, I spent 30 minutes placing lead weights I had saved from prior ceiling fans (you know, ones that are so well built they don't vibrate at all and therefore you end up with the balancing kits left over). I have gotten the fan to be reasonably smooth at high speed. This fan is not junk by any means, but, to me, it isn't over the top in quality either. And, on high speed it does not move much air.3In this case, you get what you pay for Build quality is cheap, but not all too bad. The main issue is the glass dome, instead of using clips or screws to hold it in they used threaded screw in style built into the glass. The glass is paper thin and will break under the slightest pressure (why not use a plastic dome?) If you do manage to get the glass on without breaking it the fan is poorly balanced and will shake when used on any speed other than low. Since this fan is cheap it's using a cheap motor which hums like old power inverter. The ceiling bracket is offset a small amount with some felt pads which caused the metal cover to not sit flush with the ceiling. Even removing them still leave a small gap. Buy once, cry once, get a better quality fan than Westinghouse. 1Works perfectly, vaneer coatong on blades peeled off in 2 weeks of useI was so proud of myself for installing this all by myself. I was enjoying the refreshing breeze in my attic room that tends to stay 1000 degrees hotter than every other part of the house. It was perfect, then, not even 2 weeks of use and the "vaneer" paper on the blades started coming off. That sweet silent whisper that once was, immediately started to sound like a baseball card in a bicycle spoke. I really want to fix it, but how...any glue will make it look bubbly, all tapes I've found are more for the heavy duty cabinet vaneer, so I'm sure it would throw the balance off. I'm so frustrated. I was so in love, then that.If not for the peeling, I'd give it 5 stars for the low cost and smooth operation. I hate that simple peeling vaneer pulls the rating down, but it makes a huge difference in the use and installation. I'm sure my only solution is to pull it down, peel it off, and flip the blades to the blonde color that I didnt really want to use in this room. Double the work!3Noisyi1Down rod is not stable. Fan tilts every time you pull the chain to turn light on/off or adjust the speed! It makes ticking or humming noise when tilted. You have to turn fan off to adjust it straight horizontally! Dumbest fan ever...1Little fan, big power We bought bunk beds for our boys' bedroom to maximize floor space. However, once the bunk beds were set up, the current fan's blades were about a foot over and into the top bunk. Big problem, as my child and I both like his head intact. This fan got great reviews, and we are very pleased with it. We have the fan speed on medium, and you can feel the air blowing from any spot in the room. I read several reviews that the lights weren't bright enough, but we have no such complaint. It's plenty bright for their room-which is 10'5" x 12'10". 5Five StarsGreat fan. Perfect size. I wanted multiple small fans and this fit the bill.5Good for a small kitchen.I really like this fan. But If you're looking for a fan that makes a lot of wind, you may want to look elsewhere. When it comes to the wind Department this fan has two big things going against it; first it's really small, and second it has six blades.So why do I really like it? Because it's really small and it looks really good. When I moved into my apartment the fan that was installed would actually hit one of the kitchen cabinets when opened, so obviously small became the priority. It was just a bonus that a perfectly matches the kitchen also.The light is also fairly bright as well.4
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