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Waterman S0112881 Convertor for Fountain Pens (56010W)

  • Waterman S0112881 Convertor for Fountain Pens (56010W)
  • Waterman S0112881 Convertor for Fountain Pens (56010W)
  • Waterman S0112881 Convertor for Fountain Pens (56010W)

Waterman S0112881 Convertor for Fountain Pens (56010W)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Simple plunger driven ink container refills easily to use liquid ink neatly and conveniently with your fountain pen
  • Liquid ink is smooth flowing, leaves a solid, confident line, and adds to the sophisticated experience of fountain pen use
  • This converter fits all WATERMAN fountain pens sold in the U.S
  • Using a refillable converter rather than disposable ink cartridges saves money and reduces waste
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Customer Reviews

Misrepresentation: Fraudulent Vs Negligent Waterman S0112881 Convertor for Fountain Pens (56010W) As per the attached pictures and the video provided herein the plastic bag with the label Waterman converter S0112881 contains a converter that is not at all compatible with the actual Waterman fountain pen. This is further demonstrated in the video provided herein. This is at the minimum a case of negligent misrepresentation and at worst it could also be held as an outright False/Fraudulent Misrepresentation under the Misrepresentation Act. Though this could easily ascent to a misrepresentation charge in a "small case court" but it may not be worth the time, the money and the hassle to drag one self through the courts. However, Amazon, a trillion dollar empire, should exercise business ethics and morals to protect and advocate the customer base that has contributed to its current shareholders wealth.1Good if you write frequentlyThis converter works well, but, it is best if you write regularly. If you leave it for a few days, it is inclined to clog and stop flowing and you need to deal with it by running the nib under hot water, and forcing the ink to flow. The ready made plastic cartridges are more satisfactory [albeit more expensive] for all but nearly constant use.4A ProblemThe first Waterman converter I ordered arrived broken. The company sent another. I filled it with ink and put it in my Waterman pen. Wanting to see how much ink I had left, I unscrewed the barrel and the converter remained in the barrel, thus disconnecting itself from the nib part. I was able to screw the barrel back onto the nib part, and it worked. But, I am wondering how am I going to get it out of the barrel when I need to refill it? I have had fountain pens for man years, and this is the first time I have seen this problem.3At first, I thought it didn't fit my WatermanWhen I initially tried to seat the convertor in my Waterman Expert, I thought it didn't fit. You have to *push* a bit and twist the convertor at the same time until it seats firmly in the nib feed section. It fits securely and doesn't leak--which is a good thing because whenever I try to reuse a Waterman ink cartridge, it won't seat securely and the nib bleeds all over my fingers. NOTE: International cartridges will also fit Waterman pens, but they hold less ink.5It does not Fit a Waterman Fountain PenHave a terrific Waterman Exception fountain pen and purchased this converter which was supposed to fit all Waterman fountain pens sold in the USA. Tried it and it did not fit at all. The converter slipped out of the base exactly as visible in another reviewer's video. Very disappointing and assuming it is another counterfeit item despite having the Waterman logo etched into the converter1Unsure if this is counterfeit or genuineI purchased this converter for my Waterman Expert because I like using bottled ink instead of disposable cartridges. I chose this particular supplier because the part number and photo matched what Waterman displayed on its website. (It's frustrating that they don't do direct sales, but understand why.) When I received it, it did not have the metal housing near the tip as it does in the photo. The tip end is all plastic (as displayed in other suppliers' photos) and arrived in a small manila envelope rather than what I would expect of Waterman-quality packaging. It also didn't connect snugly into the nib. However, after about a week's usage, I have not had any problems. I'll keep monitoring and update this review if I have any problems or leakage. I also plan to check in a bricks-and-mortar pen store (next time I happen to be near one) for a Waterman converter and see if it matches the photo on the Waterman website or if it looks the same as the merchandise I received.3I just couldn't make this workTry as I might, I just couldn't get this to work with the plastic Waterman pen I bought it for. I tried two iteration, and both eventually started leaking or slipping out of their socket. They look way more functional than the Pilot equivalent, but they just don't hold up.1There is no reason not to get thisOne of these costs about the same price as two packs of disposable cartridges. There is no reason not to get this. The ink flows well. It is easy to fill and I haven't spilled ink all over. Best of all, it costs far far less than multiple cartridges.Pros: Re-use again and again! Save money and trips to the store.Cons: Because the twisty plunger mechanism takes up space, the cartridge holds about 2/3 the amount of ink as a disposable cartridge. Carrying bottled ink is bulky for travel.This is the second time I have purchased the item. I have owned it before and the rubber at the bottom starts to lose its sealing ability--this took about 12 years. That's a pretty good lifespan!5that is beyond annoying to someone who enjoys writing with fountain pensBought it as a convertor for a beloved Mont Blanc Star Walker - a pen designed to work only with cartridges. A fact, that is beyond annoying to someone who enjoys writing with fountain pens. Loved the pen, hated the MB ink cartridges (dull, weak ink that fades). After much trial and error and attempting to adapt the MB ink cartridge to the pen, found the Waterman convertor. Works like a charm. Even though am still using MB ink (from the bottle) the difference in writing is dramatic. Highly recommend.5One of the best convertersUpdate 3/16/2020Unfortunately, I have to reduce my rating on this due to the nib end of this convertor splitting when I took it apart to clean my Waterman fountain pen. The Schmidt converters have a steel band around them to reinforce this area and prevent splitting so I am going to use them instead of this converter.Original ReviewI have to say that I am impressed with the quality of this converter. I have several other fountain pens that I use converters on and this is among the best built converters I have seen. I do use this only in my Waterman fountain pen but I would not see why it could not be used in other pens as well. I will be ordering this converter for the next fountain that needs one, definitely a step above the other general converters on the market.2
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