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Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.

  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.
  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.
  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.
  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.
  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.
  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.
  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.
  • Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White   Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.

Uv Arm Sleeves (6 Pairs) White Universal Fit Sleeves To Protect Your Skin From Sun Exposure.

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 😎 SUN SLEEVES vs SUN LOTIONS: UV sleeve users tell us that they gave up on sun creams and sprays because of the frustration of continually having to lotion up while out enjoying the sun, and what if you forget. Sun lotions lose their effectiveness over time, while sun protection sleeves keep a constant level of protection from harmful UV rays. Sun Lotions are also known to hold your sweat in causing your arms to heat up while sun sleeves wick the moisture away causing a cooling effect.
  • 😎 ARM SLEEVES vs LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS: An important benefit of arm sleeves is that they move freely with your arms. This is great for golfers because these sun sleeves won't restrict your swing the way that long sleeve golf shirts would. They also provide slight compression on your elbows, which actually helps to keep you leading arm from bending during the backswing. Every bit of help we can get with our swing is truly welcomed. Compression in the right places and sun protection ... WOW!
  • 😎 HOW ARE UPF RATINGS DETERMINED? The terms SPF and UPF are often used interchangeably however they are not the same at all. SPF ratings calculate the percentage of UV rays that penetrate the chemical composition of any sun lotions or sprays. UPF ratings calculate the percentage of harmful UV rays that penetrate the cloth fibers of any materials. Our sun sleeves are made from polyester and spandex. Each of these materials have a UPF rating of 50 +, which blocks close to 98% of UV rays.
  • 😎 WHAT KEEPS THE SLEEVES IN PLACE? Our UV sleeves are designed in a wedge shape, similar to the shape of our arms and apply increasing compression up to the bicep area. Elastic bands are sewn into the hems at either end of the sleeves to help hold them in place and are designed to help hold the sleeves in place, while not creating any pinching feeling. The sleeve compression combined with the upper and lower elastic bands works together to keep the sleeve from sliding downwards or upwards.
  • 😎 WHAT CAN CHANGE A UPF RATING? Arm sleeves for men and women are by design meant to stretch. Stretching any material increases the potential for UV rays to penetrate. The more you stretch the material the lower the UPF rating. Sleeves that are designed with maximum stretch in mind often do so by compromising the UPF rating. Our sun sleeves are designed to maximize both comfort and UV protection. Limiting the spandex to 15% allows for decent stretch but not enough to impact the UPF rating.
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Customer Reviews

Poor Quality This is an update to my initial review below. I've used 3 of the 6 pairs purchased and each pair has developed a rip or "run" in the material within the timeframe of wearing them just twice for golf. The material seems to be very poor quality and highly susceptible to failure. Additionally, I've found that they don't stay up on my bicep for long, and I need to frequently pull them back up during a round of golf. This has not occurred with the other brand that I've tried. Unfortunately, I think that you get what you pay for with these._____________________________These are a sound value for the money, but I've found them to be a tighter, more constricted fit than other sun sleeves that I've purchased on Amazon, and they are shorter in length than most. Also, unlike the others that I've purchased, these have a seam sewn the entire length of the sleeves. Most people will likely want to turn the seam to the underside of your arm so that it is less visible when wearing.Although I've only had the sleeves for about a week, I expect them to be as durable as some of the more expensive products. I'm a 6"2" trim male with normal length arms for my height. If you are much taller and have very muscular arms, I would expect the fit to be uncomfortable and unsatisfactory for your needs. 1Seam split with first try on in 3 different places! Shop elsewhere So I ordered these for clinicals as a tattoo cover and while tattoos are still visible they are covered enough to where you can t tell what my tats are. My issue is that I literally put it on to see how it d cover and then took it off to discover multiple holes along the seam. Didn t even have it on for a minute. Not made well at all. See pics for clarification but seam split in three different places. 1Not Exactly What I'd Hoped These sleeves were advertised as being cooling, but they are not. During my golf game, my arms felt hot and taking them off was a palpable relief. The quality seems quite good and the fit was pretty good. 3Not for tall ones Very short. I'm 6'2 and the sleeve only cover from wrist to 1/3 upper arm. Not recommended to tall people. Between end of my polo's sleeve and end of this sleeve there's a gap about 2 inches uncovered. 1Excellent sleeves So I got these to protect me from sunburn while I play golf. It does a great job but I also found another quality: It actually keeps you cool in the sun. When you get a breeze hitting you, it feels cooler that if you didn't have these on. I'll be buying and using these for some time. Now that it's summer, I won't play without them. 5If they fit you, they are a good buy Bought to keep sun off arms when kayaking and also for travel (I'm thinking of wearing these under a raincoat when wearing a short sleeve shirt). My upper arm is 12.5in around. My wrist is 6in around. I find these to fit but they are tight. Also they feel short. They measure 14.5in long and they end about 2 in from my hand. Some people say they are cool to wear. I feel like the compression of my upper arm causes me to feel warm but maybe that's just me. The material seems fine. Stitching seems a little itchy to me but I have very sensitive skin. One reason I liked these over others was no logos. 3Good the sleeves certainly serve the purpose of protecting from the suns rays. The sleeves tend to be tight. My arms are not big, as in muscle bound or with excess weight. Since I just started using them, I can not say if they will stretch a bit over time. I am living in a tropical climate and was hoping to have the sensation of a "cooling" effect similar to what I have felt with some sleeves of the past. Not so here, although they do not add warmth. That is, they do not make my arms hotter in this climate. I do believe they are a good value for the cost 3I like this product which I use daily to protect my ... I like this product which I use daily to protect my forearms from the harsh sun rays. I get the morning sun and the afternoon sun and must protect my skin at this time since I'm up their in age. The "universal fit" for me is quite snug, lightweight and bearable in the heat. I don't feel this would fit anyone with buffed out forearms like men have, but are definitely made for the feminine woman in mind. I'm happy to have more than one pair where I can use a new pair every day while I wash the others by hand. I had purchased a pair from my health care facility just days before making this purchase, but the price was much, much higher for a (SPF 50) and somehow although the color was white, I felt it absorbed the heat much more than your product did. This product felt much cooler to wear. All in all, I'm happy with the purchase. 5THESE ARE SO TINY THEY WILL ONLY FIT A SMALL PERSON! These are not only super thin, they are SUPER Tiny! They measure ONLY 15 " LONG, barely wrist to below elbow on me, and I'm 5'7". The elastic is thin, so a couple of times stretching these things and it's going to go. I would be a little concerned about cutting off proper circulation to the arms until then though as the end that is supposed to go at the elbow is really small.Honestly, when I opened the package I thought that they had sent the wrong ones and had sent me CHILD SIZE! If you are 5 foot nothing and 100 pounds soaking wet, then these will probably fit.The picture in the listing makes it look as if these go above the elbow for several inches. THEY DO NOT. BE SURE TO MEASURE ARM LENGTH and don't be fooled by pictures, description or other feedback. These are tiny, thin and will not last. I returned mine for a refund. 1Too small for average sized arms I don t have huge arms or anything like that. I do work outside and do a lot of heavy lifting both for work and when I work out (so I can continue to lift heavy things for work) so my arms aren t small my arms are more medium sized. I have bought other sun protection sleeves and always in a size small or medium without any problems. However these sun sleeves are way too tight. They aren t made well either some in the pack came in smaller than others. I wear them inside-out to keep the seam from digging into my arm and can only wear them on my forearm when I roll them onto my bicep it s okay at first but as soon as I have to lift something fairly heavy they dig into my bicep quite a lot it s very uncomfortable. I also got 6-10 emails from the sender after the purchase and I found that to be highly excessive. Wouldn t buy again will probably soon use them as rags before recycling them. 3
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