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Univen Blender Coupling Clutch with Removal Tool fits Kitchenaid KSB3 KSB5 Replaces 9704230

  • Univen Blender Coupling Clutch with Removal Tool fits Kitchenaid KSB3 KSB5 Replaces 9704230

Univen Blender Coupling Clutch with Removal Tool fits Kitchenaid KSB3 KSB5 Replaces 9704230

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Univen 9704230 Coupling Clutch
  • Univen Stainless Steel Coupling Remover Tool
  • Tool Allows Clutch to be Removed without Damage
  • Strong Hard Rubber Clutch Coupling
  • Coupling Has Correct 1/4"-20 Reverse Thread
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Customer Reviews

Waste of Money I purchased this tool because I thought it would fix my problem, but the underlying cause of the coupler melting is related to internal overheating of the Kitchenaid blender. Unfortunately, this tool bent the first time I tried to use it. I ended up using the back of my hammer which worked out better. This tool is cheaply made. If you are looking to purchase this tool to remove the coupler from a Kitchenaid blender, save your money and buy a new blender that isn't Kitchenaid. I say this because even after removing the old coupler and replacing it with a new one, my Kitchenaid blender is already starting to melt the new coupler on the 3rd use after replacement. Your hammer will work better. Amazon reached out to this seller on my behalf in an attempt to work something out, but they never responded. Kitchenaid doesn't stand behind their products either. 1Wrench issue I have an older Kitchenaid blender and purchased this item to replace the original rubber coupler. The wrench included in this package was too wide to slip past the protruding prongs on the base of the blender. So, I ground down the width of the "working end" of the wrench to approximately 11/16". NOTE: You must grind down evenly on both sides of the wrench to provide enough clearance to be able to pass it through the opening between the protruding prongs.Once you grind it down on both sides and insert it under the rubber coupling, you must rotate the rubber coupler until the wrenchprongs slip into the wrench flats on the coupler. Now you hold the wrench in position and rotate the rubber coupling CLOCKWISE to unscrew it from the driveshaft. NOTE: You will also probably have to use a large pair of pliers to grip and then rotate the coupling off the shaft.I rated this at 4 stars only because the wrench had to be ground back to fit through the openings in the base of the unit. However, once the old bushing was removed, the new bushing was easily screwed back on to the shaft with CCW rotation and tightened in place. Blender works like new! 4Fast 5min easy repair if you ignore the instructions that come with ... Fast 5min easy repair if you ignore the instructions that come with the coupler and use the tool. The tool is essentially a slim 1/4 inch wrench that slips between the coupler and the motor housing. It holds the shaft stationary while you use your other hand to unscrew the broken coupler. You may need some slip joint pliers or similar if you can't loosen the coupler by hand. I used a small pipe wrench just because I had one. The coupler has a left handed thread which means it unscrews in a clockwise direction, the opposite way from normal threads. The coupler I received was in a bag claiming it to be a genuine whirlpool part and made in the USA.The instructions that come with the coupler have you using a screw driver and prying the coupler off. This will not work since it's screwed on so these instructions made no sense to me. According to other reviews the price of this combo seems to jump around a bit. I paid under ten. If you don't have a slim 1/4 inch wrench you know works then this combo will save you a lot of aggravation so is probably is worth paying the going price if you need it now. I got mind from OverDealz and it came in about a week shipped from a company named Applianze Parts. 5Five minute repair without special tool. Tool wasn't necessary. I began using the tool to lift the coupler off...then it occurred to me I was simply attempting to rip it off. I thought it silly and that it might damage the threads necessary to reattach the new coupler (although another reviewer states it won't). So I did as a few other reviewers did and used small screw driver inserted under blender to hold fan in place...and simply unscrewed couple clockwise. Put on new coupler counter-clockwise. Less than 5 minutes. Blender works again. 5Ultimately worked... but not as expected and cost more $$ I'm all for buying tools I think are going to help me save time. So naturally I figured paying a bit more get the wrench to make removing the coupler on my busted blender easier.Well apparently not all Kitchenaid Blenders are made the same so buyer be wary. The base of my blender has 4 "posts" (see attached image) that stick up from the base surrounding the coupler. The wrench is too thick to fit in between those. I tried filing the edges of the wrench down to get it to fit but that was fruitless. There went about 20-30 minutes of my time.I decided I had nothing to lose at this point so ironically, I followed the provided directions I looked at originally which had NO MENTION of using the wrench. I feel like the seller/manufacturer has standard set of directions that they threw in that maybe they provide for folks who just buy the coupler (w/o a wrench). The suggestion was grab a screw driver and start prying up. Pry up and effectively break the threads on the old coupler as post removal the instructions said to "clear away metal shavings from the old threads". Then, simply screw the new coupler back on (counter-clockwise as its reverse threaded) and "don't worry about getting it two tight, it'll naturally tighten.Ultimately it worked and my blender is working again. I could've saved about $10 by buying just the coupler (~$7 on amazon) and went through the same headache of trying to remove the old one without a wrench (which didn't fit anyway). I gotta say, I'm really not a fan of the manual prying up to remove approach... was a little worried about damaging the post or internal components it was attached to, but it worked.So all and all, if you have a similar style Kitchenaid with these posts (attaching image), forget this kit and just buy the coupler. 3Removal of broken coupling hard, but worth it. This coupler works great. Getting the old one off could be a challenge. I had to hammer a large screwdriver in between the coupling and the blender, using the force of the wedge to rip the old coupling off. So you actually strip the threads on the old coupling and the threads on blender axle remain intact, because they are made of a harder metal. The new coupling spins right on. This is the second time in 20 years that I have replaced the coupling. So one coupling every ten years is not bad. It's better than throwing a blender in the trash every ten years. Now it runs like a new blender. 5OK - - But tool does not fit OK- - good and bad. The part works and appears to be high quality. Time will tell. My issue is that the little tool does not work on my model blender. My model KSB5AC has "fingers" that protrude up around the coupler. The gap in between is too narrow for the wide end of the tool to fit. I have seen pictures of other models without these and it seems the tool would work well with those. If they had cut an additional 1/4" notch on the side of the narrow end of the tool it would fit. Alas, I needed the machine fixed so resorted to some instructions that came with the part to pry up the edges and basically force the threads of the old coupler. Scary - - but it worked well. Net is I paid about 2-3x a standalone part to add a tool that was useless- - but, got my blender fixed. 2Fast and easy repair I read several of the reviews of the coupler. After close observation of my own blender, I realized I would not be able to remove the torn coupler without a special tool, which I didn't know was available. Then I came upon this set of tool and coupler, which I immediately ordered, with my fingers crossed hoping it would work out. After a quick delivery (in my mailbox in 5 days, including a weekend), I opened the package. The directions that come with the coupler do not explain how to use special tool. However, it was pretty easy to figure out: Use the tool to hold the knob in place on which the coupler is attached (without the tool, the knob will turn in the same direction as the loosening direction). Use a plier to turn the coupler clockwise, while using the tool to hold the knob still, thus preventing the knob from turning as you loosen it. Note, the coupler must be loosened by turning it righty-loosey, opposite of the usual righty-tighty. For me, this could not be done without the pliers. But with the pliers, it came loose in 10 seconds. Once loosened, I unscrewed the old coupler and screwed on the new coupler. On a scale of 1-5 in difficulty, I would give this a 1.5. 5Imstructions don't tell you how to use the tool. Four stars because the instructions are terrible! The instructions done even mention how to use the tool. Learned that from another review inn amazon! So, I'll tell you what to do:Put the tool under the old coupling. It will hold the shaft in place so you can turn the old coupling (you may need pliers for this) clockwise to unscrew. Keep the tool in place and screw on the replacement coupling. Voila!Instructions will tell you to use a flathead screwdriver to pry the old coupling off. Doesn't work. Don't waste your time. 4Love a cheap fix!! Broke my original on my kitchen aid blender after letting too much ice melt and fuse before blending. I thought I would have to pitch it but then Googled and sure enough found this on Amazon. I replaced the broken teeth with this and now it works great!! However- I ordered the specific wrench and it works provided you get another wrench to hold the old base still while you loosen the nut that hold it in place. Also, if you just order the coupler without the wrench- pay no attention to the directions that come with it!! They tell you to get a screwdriver and pry the old coupler off!! You can't do that - its held in place with a nut plus you risk bending the "axle" [spinning threaded axle that sticks up for you to mount the coupler on] and putting the whole thing out of alignment. Just take your time and look at it carefully and you will see you need to hold the old broken coupler fast while you loosen the nut underneath- good reason to buy with the wrench as the wrench is skinny and fits under the coupler. 5
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