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TWO PACK (2) Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

  • TWO PACK (2) Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

TWO PACK (2) Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Cartridge good for 80 to 100 bottles
  • Built in foil-cutter
  • As seen on Desparate Housewives
  • This listing is for TWO openers.
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Customer Reviews

THE BESTThis is THE BEST cork screw. Just insert the needle, then psssst the cartridge and the cork goes "POP". It will draw a crowd and you will be a Bartender extraordinaire. 5I cannot open a bottle yet. Have tried to ...I cannot open a bottle yet. Have tried to follow directions, have even cut the foil first with a knife and still no success. 1Wow!This can't be called a corkscrew. There is no screw. You remove the capsule, insert the needle and press the button. Out pops the cork. The speed and force with which the cork is removed is shocking at first. I haven't tried this on my older Bordeaux with their superlong corks. I hope the needle is long enough. Great product, and great customer service from Amazon with fast, free shipping.OK, now I've used it with two older wines (a 1986 Bordeaux and a 1989 Port blend). The only criticism I can make is that the cork is released with such force that some wine jumps out of the bottle when the cork is released. I am experimenting with wrapping the device in a paper towel to catch the wine that shoots out. Even though it's a small amount, it will land on your shirt, especially if you're having guests and wearing a nice shirt. With the long Bordeaux cork, the needle extended a few millimeters into the open space and was long enough to do the job. I don't know if there are longer corks than that one, but I will update if necessary.As for removing the cork, the device splits in half, one part turns and screws down, moving the cork along with it. The cork can then be removed very easily from the needle. Often, I don't read instructions, so this was probably mentioned and is no fault of the Cork Pops device.Update. After several more uses, with older Bordeaux wines, I can say there is no product that solves the problem of crumbling corks better than this one. Again, the trick is to be rather forceful. Once the needle is all the way in, depress the button, ride the device up with the pressure on the cork, and remove it in one motion. I now wrap the whole thing in a paper towel, which catches the little bit of wine that jumps out of the bottle during the process. Another benefit is that you can leave the bottle upright, keeping the sediment at the bottom where it belongs. 5Works GreatThis is amazing, I bought it when I was having hand issues, and was awaiting surgery. I couldn't use a traditional wine cork so I tried this. It is fun, quick and entertaining! I don't know how long the cartridge will last, but it does the job so quickly I couldn't believe it. Don't try it on plastic corks, only real cork. 5Great Wine Bottle Opener using Simple TechnologyMy wife has arthritis in her hands and has a difficult time opening a wine bottle, and both of us always seem to mangle the cork. I did research at Amazon and realized that other wine openers still were not easy on the hands and seemed to break quite easily. I then came across the Cork Pops Wine Bottle Opener and after watching a couple of videos realized that this tetechnology was easy on the hands, easy to use, and does not mangle the cork. My wife opened a bottle of wine using Cork Pops and used very little effort to remove the cork since the gas injection system does all the work for you. Great device that uses simple technology, and since there is very little force applied to the device to open a bottle of wine, I belive it will last for years to come. 5Love!!!!I originally bought one of these while at a vineyard in California, but I lost it in my move to Hawaii. I love this product it has made opening a bottle of wine rather spectacular when we have guests. The opener has sharp metal disc at the bottom of the opener that will remove the foil from the top of the wine bottle. Then you just slide the needle into the cork, press the top and then pop, out comes the cork. Easy, squeezy, lemon peazy! The a quick twist of the opener and the cork is removed from the needle. 5Does not function as advertizedPushing the needle into the cork is no problem. Discharging the cork using the cartridge is the problem. When the cartridge is pushed down and held it seems that no CO2 is discharged. When you let off the pressure it goes "bub, bub,bub". Wine is even discharged through the charging port for the compressed air when you remove the cartridge. So the pressure is there, but not enough to remove the cork. Trying another cartridge yields no benefits. 2Doesn't workCool idea. I couldn't get it to work. I was so afraid I was going to blow up something if I kept trying. After watching videos, apparently it works on "certain" type of corks. And it doesn't work on hard corks... It sits on my counter-top by my bottles... I really wanted it to be the great invention I thought it was going to be. 2Best wine opener I ve found!I love this wine opener! Super simple to use and opens the bottle fast. You just push the long needle down through the cork and push down the co2 cartridge on top which pushes the cork out with air pressure. No more cork particles in the wine! It is my favorite bottle opener so far and I have used all kinds and brands. I can t recommend this enough. 5Things to know before you buy cork pops, but definitely buy it,I would emphasize these important points as I ve been using this as my go to corkscrew for several years and gave this as a gift, which was really well received. First, always cut the foil on the wine bottle. Second, hold the wine bottle tightly or the pressure could make it fly out of your hand. Third only use on previously unopened bottles or you will waste much of the cartridge filling up a partially empty bottle and get very few uses before you need a new cartridge. The cartridges are easy to buy and replace. I ve never seen any cork screw that people are more entertained by, so give them a show, 5
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