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Tuff-Guard Kink-Proof Garden Hose, Green, 5/8" Male and Female GHT Connection, 5/8" ID, 100' Length

  • Tuff-Guard Kink-Proof Garden Hose, Green, 5/8" Male and Female GHT Connection, 5/8" ID, 100' Length
  • Tuff-Guard Kink-Proof Garden Hose, Green, 5/8" Male and Female GHT Connection, 5/8" ID, 100' Length

Tuff-Guard Kink-Proof Garden Hose, Green, 5/8" Male and Female GHT Connection, 5/8" ID, 100' Length

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 100-foot garden hose for watering applications, washing vehicles, and other outdoor tasks
  • Extruded three-ply construction with a polypropylene double helix exterior for stability to help resist kinks and knots
  • TPE tube contains braided polyester core for flexibility and strength
  • Machined brass male and female GHT connections for spigot and nozzle attachments
  • 100 lb. psi for maximum working pressure, 300 psi for burst pressure
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Customer Reviews

Outstanding ProductThis hose is exactly as advertised. It is kink proof and made to last. I have been using it daily for a month or so and I could not be happier. I have it stored in a roll up type storage device that has a hand crank on the side. With my conventional hose I had to pull out an arm length of hose over and over because the hose was so heavy that if I just started walking with the hose nozzle it moved the storage box and then the friction of the rolled hose would generally keep it from unwinding. The Tuff-Guard Hose is so different. You just take the nozzle and start walking and it unrolls with ease. It is so light and flexible yet I can walk across it (I weigh 225 pounds) and it just supports my weight without real flexion. It seems a little strange as I write this to be so excited about a garden nose but it really is the little repetitive things in life that can be so rewarding or frustrating and now watering my plants each evening is something that is stress free and enjoyable because I am no longer fighting the garden hose. The Tuff Guard hose is so easy to roll back into the storage box too. It takes about a quarter of the effort to roll as a conventional hose. I would say that it is only slightly more difficult to rotate the storage box handle with the Tuff Guard hose installed as it is with no hose at all in the box. I am a 45 year old man and I have found this hose to be so good that I plan to send two to my parents next Christmas because I think it is such a great product and makes dealing with a hose so easy. You can't go wrong with this purchase and it comes in different colors too. I bought the red one and it looks really cool and unusual. 5"Virtually" Kink ProofIf there is an actual kink proof hose, I still haven't found it but this hose is as close as I've come. I've owned many of these hoses over the years and my oldest one finally gave out... after ten years in the summer sun, an end came off. I figured I'd gotten my money's worth and ordered another one.I did find a way, unintentionally, to ruin these hoses. Just hang the hose over a single hook (1st picture). It will result in the hose taking a "set" and making it prone to kinking (2nd pic). To prevent this, use any wide-radius hanger (3rd pic) or a roller or just coil it on the ground. Even after "ruining" the one hose that way, it still functions better and is less prone to kinking than any of the dozens of other hoses I've tried over the years and I still use it. 5Was the best hose ever for 10 days!!!The hose was a beautiful pink color and very light-weight, which is important since I'm dragging it around the yard. There was no way I was going to kink this hose--not possible. I used it about 4 times (no, I did not drive a car over it or let children run amok w/ it), and then, in the brass joint, it just started leaking like crazy! I mean, spraying me down with water! WTH? When reading other reviews (like for the other colors), this is the place the hose tends to fail, every time. There was NO problem from Amazon, sending it back & getting a full refund immediately. I really liked it when it worked--best hose ever! But unless someone at the company addresses the joint failure in the brass part, I didn't even want to chance a replacement. This seems to happen quite a bit. So sad it didn't work out! 1Leaks easilyI have bought several of these. They are nice to use, but suffer from a design flaw. The wire coil on the outside covers an easily punctured inner liner, and once that happens the entire hose is useless. I have tried to reseal the leak, but no matter how flexible a wrapping tape you use, the wire coil provides a path for the water to leak out. Applying a sealant over the hole before taping does not work. A squirrel ate a hole in one, two other hoses developed a leak near the coupler all without any obvious cause. I am used to cutting out a leaky coupler and adding a hose repair coupler, but the hose design prevents their use. The longest I have had one last is two years. Don t buy it! 1Tuff-Guard lacks any professional customer services.Beware. I purchased five of these and within a year four of them leaked badly. Where the brass end is fused to the hose (3 hoses), another one split 6 inches below brass end. My water is regulated at 60 lbs so it has nothing to do with it. Do to the unique manufacturing that actually makes it kink proof you cannot replace the brace end yourself. The split is between deep ribs so it too can't be replaced or cut out. I've purchased epoxy pressure hose kits, tried of course tapes of all types. Now here's the problem, it's a good hose as advertised for kink proofing but Tuff-Guard, the manufacturer, never responds to my customer service e-mails and there in no phone number. Read reviews and many people have the same issue and they too get no response for advise as how to repair our hoses. This leads me to believe they don't know how and they are not about to exchange it after warrantee. I saw that a large nursery not too far away sells them so I called hoping they could give me any tips. They quit selling them because of the complaints and they too are disappointed with Tuff-Guard. I hope this helps you. 1This hose is not structurally sound.I cannot in good conscience recommend this product to anyone. I purchased this thinking that I was buying a better then average garden hose. Unfortunately, this has proven to not be the case. As far as the non-kinking feature, it has worked fine.My problem has been with the structural integrity of the hose. I have what I consider to be pretty low water pressure. Yet this hose has failed multiple times. I have purchased a premium brass repair kit for this hose, only to find that it continually bursts just below the repair link. I have had to trim and repair the nozzle end four times. After the last repair, the hose burst at the hose bib connection.Don't waste your time or money on this product. 1Good for 6 months, then busted at connectorI liked this hose while it lasted. It coils back easily. Doesn't kink. I used it a couple of times a week for light duty, watering my garden. After 6 mos. the hose sprang a huge leak at the connector neck. I contacted the manufacturer since Amazon return expired and they responded quickly with shipment of a replacement. I will update later on the replacement's durability. See photo posted. 1Best hose you can getSo here's the deal with Tuff-Guard hoses.....1. They will kink. However, they will NOT kink to the point that water flow is disrupted. The design of the hose doesn't allow for the inner hose to "crease" when bent tightly, thus water flow remains constant. But if you look at the picture on the front of the box, they have the hose tied in a knot. A knot is also known as a "kink" in hose lingo. So if you look at the tem "kink" ambiguously, then the product won't live up to it's name. But if you look at the term "kink" as a crease in the line wherein the flow of water is disrupted or ceases to flow all together, then the product shines. This WILL NOT happen!2. This is NOT a high pressure hose! If your water pressure is higher than normal, I wouldn't recommend turning on your faucet full blast. DON'T DRIVE OR STOMP ON IT WHILE IT'S PRESSURIZED! DUH!3. (This is the reason I only gave it 4 stars) The proverbial "weak link" are the couplers on either end of the hose. This is my 2nd Tuff-Guard hose. The first one did exactly what some of the other ratings on here complained about. It started to leak where the coupler is compression fitted onto the hose. I realize this is not a design flaw. It is negligence on the part of the consumer. Don'[t trow the end of the hose down onto the concrete. Don't leave the hose sitting out in the sun for years. It will eventually fail on you. The physics of this hose is different than a normal garden hose. It's got a clear inner core of nylon reinforced rubber tubing surrounded by a nylon spiral wrap that helps protect the inner core and prevent kinking. So you can't use a normal coupler and hose clamp with it. This is just the way it is. The design of the product won't allow for it. That being said, and seeing as how you probably spent over $50 on it, TAKE CARE OF IT! It's not a hard thing to do. Store it in a shady area out of direct sunlight. And don't beat the h*ll out of it when you use it. If you will do these 2 things, this hose will last you forever!In my opinion, you will not find a better hose for the money. That's my $.02. Take it or leave it :) 4Beware, this will only last a few years!We purchased this hose exactly three years ago. It was really nice to use ... WHILE IT LASTED ... because it was very resistant to kinking. The reason I purchased this item from Amazon in the first place was that my roommate really wanted this particular brand ... but my excellent neighborhood hardware store (where I had got another Tuff-Guard hose) told me they no longer sold them, because there had been problems with the brass end connections coming off. A year or two ago, the male brass connector of my oldest Tuff-Guard hose came off. (We continued to use it to water front yard shrubs, but can no longer attach a spray nozzle to it; we have to just put a finger over the hose end where the brass connector used to be.) This evening, the female brass connector of my newer (three year old) Tuff-Guard hose came off.It is important to note that, whereas for most hoses, one could purchase substitute brass end connections and attach them snugly with hose clamps from the hardware store -- for this type of hose, with its unique structure, that just does not work. Once the original brass connector has come off, you must just do without any connector on that end of the hose. For a hose this expensive, I think this low level of durability is unacceptable. (But I gave it three stars because we really did like it while it was still usable.) 3Poor quality, terrible customer service! Don't waste your $.I purchased 7 of these "perfect" hoses, 6 of them for use by my elderly father in his greenhouses. They are made of ridged plastic, very lightweight, perfect for him to move around. Unfortunately, there is no way to fix them once they break. And every single one of them split at the fittings within 2 months, including the 100' one I purchased for my own backyard . I attempted to contact the company on numerous ocassions. They never responded. My mistake was in buying 7 of these useless, disposible things. Each one cost between $55 and $86. A reputable company stands behind its products and responds to their customers' concerns. If you're looking for a lightweight hose then just buy the green expanding ones that are sold everywhere. They'll last for the same amount of times but at least they won't cost nearly as much. 1
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