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Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502

  • Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502
  • Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502
  • Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502
  • Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502
  • Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502
  • Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502

Tops Engineering Computation Pad (TOPS), Green - 35502

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€43,20 €72,00 You save: €28,80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Computation pad makes diagramming easier.
  • Cross-section ruling printed on back to faintly show through to front.
  • Front printed with frame margins.
  • Quality green tint, 8.5 x 11 inch, 3-hole punch paper.
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Customer Reviews

Engineering paper for all of your maze-making needsGraph paper. It's one of those things that can be needed when working on tricky mathematical equations, like if I have 7 horses and 3 hills, how many cans of soda will it take to kill a rainbow? TOPS Engineering Computation pad is absolutely perfect for performing such tasks with aplomb, and, even though this was purchased for my son, took me back to my own engineering days. Oh to be young and working all night on a particularly tricky integral again... Oh wait. Never mind. I like sleep.Ooh! I forgot that these pads come with bonus uses! Seriously, did you know that they could be used for all sorts of things like:1. Maze making - never leave home without a maze to baffle your friends (and ensnare your enemies)2. Paper airplanes - if ever you wanted to ensure precise measurements for your wing d aircraft, this would be the paper with which to do so.3. Note taking - why take notes on boring lined paper when you can use graph paper to write VERTICALLY?4. et cetera! 5Its paper - it has lines on itMet my needs. Its graph paper - it is not a life saving device. It won't improve your work-life balance or make you more attractive to the opposite sex. That said, the paper itself was pretty lightweight and a bit thin. - I didn't give me any papercuts (and that's not nothing). Made me think about a dude I knew while stationed overseas in the US Army. His biggest fear in life was getting a papercut on his eyeball. Yeah. Thanks. I had lived 22 years of my life without thinking of that possibility. If you walked by this dude with a piece of paper in your hand he would freak out and slap at the paper with both hands like it was a freaking vampire bat. I'd like to think that after the military he got a job at a paper factory. 4Tops Engineering PaperI have not had the experience with the Tops paper as many of the reviewers have had. I am a third year engineering student and I have burned through thousands of pages of engineering paper of pretty much every brand there is and tops is my favorite.Tops Pros:Thickness- Its very thick compared to the other brands it "takes lead" well high friction minimal force required a 0.7mm lead and this paper are my favorite combination.Line Clarity- The lines show through the front side of the paper so much better than any other brand I love it.Margin Accuracy- The margins, lines, heading bars, are always identical throughout the sheets and look great they are the best dimensionally in my opinion as well.Tops Cons:The only problem I have with Tops is that the recycled material has tiny blemishes that look like "dots" made by a pencil maybe 2 or 3 of those on a sheet but after the paper starts to fill up with information you forget they are there...Some notes about other brands- Ampad is absolute garbage they are the thinnest of all of them and the margins/header is always screwed up and varies throughout the pack, and the line visibility is weak. National is ok too thin for my taste I find that it rips easy especially under large amounts of erasing. My second choice for this paper is Roaring spring, you can't see the lines through the paper very well but this stuff gets the job done and can be had for the least amount of money in most cases.Give this stuff a shot, I did and it's my new favorite. 5Terrible QualityThe paper is so thin, it is slightly thicker than tissue paper. It is in a pad format (which is what I expected and advertised), but the top facing page printed grid is extremely faded out and difficult to see. The underside or back of each page is printed more normally. This, unfortunately, went straight in the trash can. 1Here s why the cardboard fell offThis listing for engineering paper is misleading. I can verify that the paper is true engineering paper; no squares are printed on the front side.The paper is almost impreceptibly waxy, enough to where I noticed a change under my pencil; it wasn t ever a problem, but I did stop noticing it after after a few days.The reason I gave this four stars may be the fault of the mail carrier. They delivered this paper into my 6 x6 mailbox, folded in half. When I opened the paper, I was able to use my textbooks to flatten it out, but the cardboard backing was shot. It fell off a few days later and I had to put all the paper into a binder. Not really a big deal unless you wanted to put this in a ledger.I don t blame the post office, but maybe if you were to order this along with some larger items this problem could be avoided. 4Great Paper, Haven't Had Any IssuesFor me, this is THE paper to use. I do not use college-rule or wide-rule paper anymore.In my line of work, I do a lot of data analysis (things like physics, calculus, rudimentary chemistry, and IT work, including light programming). My handwriting is also notoriously lacking in readability.This paper allows me to get all of my formulas and pertinent information on the page in a beautiful, easy to read and easy to follow way. I don't know any engineers or programmers who do not use this as their main source of paper. If you do anything where you need to have well laid-out processes or if you do a lot of math and calculations, this paper is for you. As an added bonus, it will probably make your handwriting look better.I prefer TOPS brand to others (National, I'm looking at you). I go through about 600 sheets of this every 3 months or so. I purchase them in 100-sheet pads, and I recommend that you do the same. I've tried 200-page pads from TOPS and other brands, and I've never really been impressed, because there always seems to be something a little lacking with them compared to their 100-page counterparts. From what I've seen of the TOPS paper, it has better line visibility and for whatever reason, makes for a better writing surface than competitors.You should know that this stuff is thin. In comparison to some standard printer paper, the engineering paper feels like it's only half as thick. This is not a problem for me, but just be aware. I've never had this paper tear or rip on me, though I can sometimes see the pressure marks from the previous page from where I pressed the pen in pretty hard. This does not in any way impact my writing or the appearance of the page when I'm done. Some reviewers have mentioned page-quality issues, like weird green-print defects, and problems with the sticky binding, but I have never had an issue with those things. Maybe I've just been lucky.Lastly, $6 may seem expensive for 100 sheets. Probably because $6 is expensive for 100 sheets. However, once you've used this paper you probably won't ever go back to the old stuff. In my opinion, we should just replace the line paper in college-ruled and wide-ruled notebooks with this stuff. 5Topps Tanks It.I have been using Tops 35500 pads for years. I recently bought 3 packs because the Ampad pads I was using were so bad. Well... Tops is now worse. The last sheet of the pad was not even cut correctly and sticks out of the pad. I write with fountain pens and the ink bleeds through the paper with slightest touch and bleeds like tissue paper.If you compare the green tinted inked lines on the new pads with the original it is patently obvious that the newer pads are very low quality. The lines are blurry and faded. Gone is the crips forest green border that used to mark the pads. I think it is telling that Tops removed their logo from the bottom right corner of the pad - almost like they are ashamed to admit they made them. 1Good paper. Poor material handlingDespite what others may think, this paper is on par with other engineering paper brands. For the ones complaining about the thickness of the paper, at a thickness of 0.07 mm, it is exactly as thick as other engineering paper brands that I have used. The print quality is also Just as adequate as other brands.Be that as is may, my reason for 3 stars would be that the engineering paper arrived to me bent and crinkled to the point where all 200 sheets now have creases in them. Not a huge deal breaker, but this will take away from the neatness of my work. Again, this is not a huge deal, but I find it highly disappointing.Furthermore, the paper was shipped comfortably in an undamaged large box with pleanty of packing packing bubbles, which leads me to believe the Office Depot fulfillment center that filled this order chose to send tattered goods. Again, disappointing. 3One StarPaper is very thin and every page came with a blemish. DO NOT RECCOMEND 15-star Quality. Thicker paper. Clear lines. Cheap Add-on price.Engineering student here. I just received the pad and although I had some reservation, I am here to write a good review of this product.I have been buying Soaring Springs engineering papers and decided to switch for the first time. Soaring Springs papers were good but I switched because the lines weren't showing through very well. The materials were softer so if you write with a 0.7mm pencil like me, it is hard to erase.Before buying TOPS, I was hesitant about the less than 5-star review from other users. I was concerned about the random dots showing up on unused papers and the paper quality. After receiving and writing on them for a few hours, I can testify the following:-Paper quality is significantly thicker and smoother than Soaring Springs. I could erase easily.-Papers came with a backpad, unlike Soaring Springs which came in as filler papers only with no pad. You can take TOPS entire pad with you to a meeting and never worry about them coming loose or you running out of paper.-Grid lines appear clearly, a huge plus compared to Soaring Springs.-Add-ons price on Amazon is unbeatable.So there you have it. TOPS has earned a new customer. I highly recommend you giving TOPS at add-on price a try next time you buy $25 worth of stuff on Amazon. 5
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