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TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty

  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty
  • TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty

TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool 5 Year Warranty

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Manual Hammer Crimper: recommend 2-4 lb sledge hammer. Also works well in a shop vise.
  • Crimping Type: Indent. Terminal Type: Uninsulated.
  • Wire Gauge: 8 AWG, 6 AWG, 4 AWG, 2 AWG, 1 AWG, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 and 4/0
  • Ideal for Battery and Welding Cables.
  • TEMCo Industrial's 1 Year Free Return and 5 Year Void-Free Warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Very nice tool, and it feels like it is built ... Very nice tool, and it feels like it is built well. The finish is nice, the machining is nice.I used this to crimp 0AWG wire with a ring terminal made of heavy copper. It did a nice job crimping, but I recommend getting a fairly heavy hammer - like a 3-4lb hand sledge. My clawhammer works, but required several good whacks to make the crimp. A sledge will make it easier.Some else suggested using a vice, and that would probably work well. If I had to crimp a lot of heavy-gauge wire, I would buy a hyrdraulic crimper, but since I'm only have occasional need, this tool works fine.Set it on a solid surface like concrete. I put it on top of a brick that was laying on concrete so as not to accidentally damage my garage floor. 4Solid hit, great crimp tool I've used this for crimping 4 AWG connectors for battery quick connects. Works like a charm.Solid, heavy metal construction. Spring loaded ram to keep lugs in place.Very well made, very strong crimp, easy to use, and takes up very little space.I am happy with this tool. leaves a very solid crimp.You get exactly what is in the description, high quality tool.Pictures: tool, and crimped 4 AWG cables. 5Very pleased with this purchase We bought this lug crimper because we are doing a total upgrade to our sailboats electrical system and needed something to crimp a number of new battery cables. I've spent a great deal of time looking for the "proper" tool for the job but just couldn't see dropping nearly $300.00 for a crimping tool. I saw this and after reading the reviews I thought I'd try it out, after all whats the worst that could happen? Maybe destroy one lug? I was however pleasantly surprised. I placed a 1awg lug in the tool which was held in place by the spring action of the jaws and struck it with a 2 lb hammer. The first time I needed to hit it twice because I didn't know how much force it would take to make a satisfactory crimp, however you will be able to feel when the crimp is properly set as there will be a solid feel when it is. I then took the terminal and placed it in my vise and put all my weight pulling on the cable to see if I could pull it loose from the terminal. Not a chance!! So far I've crimped 12 terminals and they have all come out great.One thing make sure you place this on a concrete floor, anvil or piece of railroad track because it will transfer a lot of force to whatever surface you place it on. All in all I'm very pleased with this purchase. 54/0 cable : after crimping no way I could work cable out of lug Using a vice, carefully made a test crimp on a very finely stranded 4/0 cable. And then tried to pull the cable out of the lug. NO WAY! Couldn't do it. I then hack sawed the lug apart to see more what the inside looked like. Wow - like solid copper. And I still couldn't pull the cable strands out of the lug even though cut in half. I was impressed. I used to always solder my cables. With this method I'm beginning to think no more soldering. 5RV wiring upgrade. Great little tool! Works perfect!! Bought this to make my own cables for an RV wiring upgrade. Worth every penny. It's smaller than you'd expect, but quite tough. I've made multiple cables using 4/0 welding wire, 2 awg welding wire, 1awg thhn and 6 awg stranded wire. This crimper handled them all perfectly. Pro tips: Use good copper lugs appropriate for the gauge wire you're crimping. Find a firm surface, concrete or steel will do. Use a small sledge, 2-4 lbs, but one that you can still operate comfortably with one hand. Hold the lug snug to the wire with one hand and hammer with the other hand, at least for the first tap or two. Start with a decent tap, just to seat the crimper in the lug so when you whack it with the next strikes it won't slip. 4-5 good whacks (for 4/0, less for small wire), you'll hear the sound change as you compact that wire and turn it into essentially solid metal at the crimp. When that sound changes, you're crimped! No adjustments needed between different wire sizes, it's self adjusting. I also added solder to my connections. I found this worked best: flux the copper wire and the inside of the lug beforehand, then crimp as described, then heat it up and add solder (some of my larger lugs had no holes in the lug, other than the big one the wire goes in, so I drilled a 1/8" or so hole in the lug to add the solder thru. Worked great, but honestly, you don't even need to solder these connections. The crimper makes them that strong! Recommend heat shrink wrap, the good thick kind with glue inside. Strengthens the connections, makes it waterproof and looks professional 5Just buy it! You'll love it! I use this to crimp my larger cables and hammer it with a 3 lb sledge hammer... It's tough and crimps like a champ! I believe it said it has a 5 year warranty which is ballzy to offer when it's gonna be smashed with a hammer over and over never mind a sledge hammer! But they know how though they built this crimper!! Side Note: Hammer it with caution when using it for wire as small as say, 12/14 gauge or you'll split the connector in two! They may not suggest using it for wire that small but most of us will after seeing the results on the larger wire.... It's a little beast and I'm so glad I purchased it! 5Surprisingly effective when used in a vice Needed to do ~30 crimps on 6awg & 8awg wire. Have used online service to order before (and been happy) but needed to do custom lengths as I went. Didn't want to pay hundreds of dollars for good hydraulic crimper (or $100 even for lousy ones) so thought I'd try this. VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. Used in a vice as advised in other reviews, use a big cheater bar on vice handle to apply nice even pressure and you get a very solid crimp. Use good lugs, put some dielectric grease on before crimping, finish with heat shrink and you have a nice pseudo professional job. Just keep in mind as noted above this would be hard to impossible to do "in place", you have to be able to take your wire over to your work bench. 5heavy/well made tool you need to learn through experience just how to use thisBUT ONCE YOU DO.....it does a fantastic jobHOWEVER the more I had used it, I decided to change my approachANDI have found that instead of hitting it with a hammer, that I just place it in my vice and tighten away.This method gives me a perfectly tight connection every time. 5Should have bought the TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper in the first place! I had purchased another crimping tool for a small job... it was cheap, but it was a small job... it lasted for 4 crimps... So, I ordered the TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper Tool to complete the job. It arrived a day early, with a 1-year return guarantee, and worked perfectly from the very first time. The tool is just heavy enough so it won't move around and has a spring that holds the terminal in the tool. I didn't attach it to a bench, and didn't think I needed to. All I needed was a sturdy surface to rest the tool on, since any bounce in the floor or bench made it nearly impossible to make the connection. With one hand I held the wire in place, steadying my hand by holding the tool between my finger and thumb. Two taps with a 5-lb hammer, not hits just basically letting the hammer fall, and the terminal was firmly attached. That's all it takes! Actually, one tap is probably enough, but the second tap results in a "solid" sound indicating the connection is solid. I easily attached terminals to 4AWG and 8 AWG wire. I am very happy with my TEMCo Hammer Lug Crimper; I'm only sad that I didn't buy it in the first place. 5A tank of a tool, and a great value if you get the right deal Works awesome for crimping battery cable lugs. I'm replacing a couple and reterminating some, so I'm using everything from 2AWG to 6 AWG lugs, and this thing just does the trick. Easy to use, as the striker is spring-loaded, so it will grip the lug while you line things up to get a good swing at the tool with a hammer. I've whaled on it pretty good, and aside from the expected paint loss on the striking surface, it shrugs off the blows.Because I was retrofitting, I took the battery out and placed a stack of 2 x 8 scraps in the battery box to form a solid platform for the tool - worked like a charm.A tank of a tool, and a good value for the DIY-er at twice the eighteen dollars I paid, though sadly that deal seems to be gone at the moment. 5
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