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Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

  • Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
  • Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
  • Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
  • Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
  • Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
  • Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light
  • Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock & Night-Light

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Adorable child's bedside alarm clock, time-teaching educational game, and dual-color nightlight all in one; includes three interchangeable color rings.
  • OK to Wake! night-light is a soft yellow in the evening, and turns green in the morning (parent programmable) so children know when it's OK to get out of bed! Note: Backlight (clock face light) cannot be turned off.
  • As children grow, they can play with the interactive talking time-teaching game that has five adjustable skill levels and teaches time-telling concepts on the analog and digital clock faces
  • For older children ready for a little independence, Teach Me Time! Talking Alarm Clock is a fully-functional alarm clock with snooze--just like mom and dad's!
  • NOTE: New, improved version has USB cord (with battery backup--2 AA, not included) to accommodate modern homes equipped with USB wall plugs, and easy international use; please note that wall adapter is not included...you may use any USB wall adapter you already own for phones, etc.
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Customer Reviews

WORTH EVERY PENNY! I bought this clock for my son's 3rd birthday. I chose it over the simpler bug version and I am so glad I did! To give you the short version: IT HAS WORKED EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!Longer version: We managed to keep him in a crib for 3 years (shocking, I know) and started using the clock from the 1st night in his toddler bed. We played a variation of "Red Light, Green Light" to explain how it worked (yellow = "Quick! Get into the bed"; green = "It's ok to get up now!"). The 1st morning he woke up and called to me "Mom!! My green is green! I can get out of bed now!" The second night, I tucked him in saying "I will see you when your light is green. I love you!" and sure enough, he woke up saying "Look my clock is green!"If I had to list a con, it would be that you have to reset the color change and alarm if you want a different "Ok to wake time" for the weekends. It would be great to be able to switch between a weekday and a weekend mode! 5Sanity and Sleep Saver! This clock has been a sanity saver!Our 3 year old was waking up earlier and earlier and with a baby who is up all night, Momma needs all the sleep she can get! After looking at several different alarm clocks that would indicate when she would be allowed to get out of bed, we settled on this Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock and Nightlight. We chose this clock for several reasons. First of all, I liked that the ring around the face of the clock is interchangeable. We currently have the pink ring on it for our daughter and when our son is older we will trade it out for the blue ring so it matches his room decor. Secondly, we liked the fact that the clock grows with the child and teaches them about time.The clock is easy to set and I LOVE the fact that the directions are also printed on the clock so I don't have to hunt down the instruction manual any time I need to change it.Another plus is the fact that you can change how long the clock stays green. This was not the case with all of the clocks that we looked at.The nightlight is the perfect brightness for her room.When we first put the clock in her room we set it for 10 minutes past the time that she normally wakes up. Once she got the hang of waiting we pushed the time back 30 minutes at a time until we reached our desired wake up time. She has done really well with staying in her room until it turns green and she loves to run out shouting "My clock turned green! My clock turned green!"I would definitely recommend this clock! 5Not the best product for the money. My son loves this clock, but it s a but of a disapointment to me. The power cord is already going bad and we need to buy another. The night light doesn t bright/dim as it should there s a button, but the brightness level doesn t change when I press it up or down. The alarm is also too loud it wakes our second son up in the next room. It is certainly nice to have an okay to wake up light and we use it all the time, especially for rest/quiet time, but I would recommend a different, more durrable product for the money. 3If your toddler is at all like mine and loves to tinker with things Alright, so the clock DOES work. Once you find your own USB adapter and figure out how to set it, it does the job and my 2.5yr old picked up on the concept after a couple of weeks. It has seriously been a godsend and he now reads books until "My yight turn greeeeeen!"But. If your toddler is at all like mine and loves to tinker with things, you're In for a headache. The stupid cord comes out of the back of the lamp very easily, rendering the light useless (the battery backup only works for the time not the lights). And repeatedly pulling the cord in and out of the lamp quickly destroys the connection and breaks the clock. We tried taking the cord to the clock, mounting it on a shelf on the wall, etc and our sneaky toddler still figured out how to unplug the darn thing. Now I know this is mostly a function of my kid and not the product, but if it had a normal cord that's as fused to the body of the clock it wouldn't be an issue.We have had two break because of this.Also the yellow light is BRIGHT. Not a dealbreaker but be prepared. And my toddler somehow set an alarm clock to go off at 10:12 ever damn day, and we can't for the life of us figure out how to turn it off.And why is this thing so dang expensive?! Now that my kid has broken his second one, I'm not buying another. I'm going to try another technique or clock... 3The Key to a Good Night's Rest When You Have a Kid with Autism! This is a Godsend! My stepson is autistic and has been coming into our bedroom, as his dad had accustomed him to, at 5am every day we have him! I had trained both of my kids not to come into my room until i come out of it myself bc i need my sleep. :) Well, our son is very smart despite his having these special needs and it was proven so with this clock. My husband was sure it would not work and told me he didnt expect much. Well, even though we only have him part time, he immediately understood the concept and has not bothered us at all until 8am. The yellow/green signals work! He loves his clock and i love my new sleep! FYI he's just turned 6.The clock instructions were a little convoluted. my husband kept messing it up. But reading them thoroughly, i was able to set up the clock in under 15mins. Note think of the "green" signal as a piece of a pie. The piece falls within the entire "yellow" pie. So your start and end times for green must fall within your start and end times for yellow. 5This was one of my daughter's favorite Christmas products this year This was one of my daughter's favorite Christmas products this year, and it is proving to be one of my favorite gifts we've given her too. While my daughter is still too young to learn to tell time, she has certainly shown interest in doing so, and has been asking a lot of questions about it, but more importantly the light features are perfect.My daughter loves it as a night-light, and she knows that she should stay in her bed until it turns green at which point she can come in and see Mom and Dad. It is easy to set using the parent features on the back of the clock, and has gained us enough extra sleep on the weekends to make this product worth its weight in gold.The fact that the clock will announce the time with a press of the button is a nice feature too - I hear the time announced 1-2 times per night. There is a "Learn to tell time" game mode which I don't yet know how useful it will be, but that is not what I bought this product for.I plug this clock in, but love that it has batteries too, so it will work during power outages, and when we travel, without having to reset it.This is a well designed product, and feels fairly sturdy. I am very happy I found this online and would happily recommend it to a friend. 5Great teaching tool! I ordered this for my three year old for two reasons:1: she has been asking about time a lot lately and2: she will not stay in her bed at night.After reading the customer reviews I thought this clock might help us. She was so excited when I showed it to her. She loves the talking feature that tells her the time and she comes to tell me the time after hearing it from her clock. She also likes the yellow light up clock face and we have talked about what the yellow and green color changes mean. We have been using the clock for a few days now and we have not had any problems with it. The initial set up was fairly easy, although the first night the green light came on at bedtime, but I just read the instructions again and reset it. The clock does not come with an AC adaptor which was a complaint for some people, but we had some old phone chargers laying around so this was not an issue for us. All in all this is a wonderful teaching product for little ones and hopefully our little one will get the hang of staying in her own bed until the green light comes on. 5It works! This clock really did work for our family. It taught my 2.5 and 5 yr old to stay in bed until it turned green. We had it turn green at around the time they were getting up when we bought it (6:15 am) and pushed it back 5 minutes every few days until we got to 6:45 am (our goal). It took a few days of reminding our 2.5 yr old he needed to stay in his room until it turned green but the 5 y.o. got it right away (she does complain that it takes too long to turn green sometimes!). I think if they wake up when it's still yellow they go back to sleep for a bit, but even if that doesn't happen I do know they stay in bed because I don't hear any noise until it turns green. I like that this plugs into the wall so we don't waste batteries but if the power goes out or it gets accidentally unplugged there's a battery backup so that I don't have to reset it every time. As a bonus, my 5 y.o. asks what time it is aaaaall the time so now I can just direct her to push the foot on this clock and it will tell her the time. She's learning to read the (digital) time from other clocks because of that! 5Get more sleep on the weekend We have used this clock for the last 2 weeks and my 3 year old daughter has immediately taken to the light turning green for her to begin her day. We set it to turn green at 7 am each morning and once the light has turned green, my daughter grabs her baby monitor, and whispers " Daddy, the Light is green. I awake" and then turns the monitor off. (which makes it beep madly)The set up of this clock is a bit confusing since you need to set the night light to go on, (the night light is yellow, not red. Photo to come.), then you set the time for the night light to turn off, followed finally by the time the green light needs to go on. Since the green light turns off when the night light turns off, that time needs to fall between the two night light times. (the first and second times set) It took me a few minutes to figure that out, even after reading the instructions.We have yet to fully explore the time teaching feature, but it speaks the time clearly when you press the button on the right. This seems useful, but time will tell if we actually use it since the unit is on her bookcase and the unit needs to be plugged into an outlet to be completely functional. It's also not as rugged as other toys that teach the time with voice.This clock has given us 20 or 30 extra minutes of sleep on the weekend. For that reason, I would highly recommend the Patch Products Teach Me Time Talking Alarm Clock. 4Lights out for this clock... We wanted the OK To Wake frog for our 3yo but it was sold out and we needed something so she would stop waking everyone up as soon as the tiniest bit of sunlight came though the window (like 5:30am). I was concerned about this because I did not want an alarm clock that woke her up if she was sleeping, just something that would let her know it was ok to get up if she was awake. It was a little tricky figuring that out on this one, and I needed a magnifying glass to be sure of the setting on the back, but we figured it out and it now just glows a soft yellow as a nightlight from 8pm to 7am, and then turns green for an hour. No alarm, nothing harsh to wake her up. But most mornings at exactly 7am, I hear her shout in glee that her clock turned green. 4
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