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TE Brangs Bilz Mini - Blue (difficulty 6 of 10)

  • TE Brangs Bilz Mini - Blue (difficulty 6 of 10)

TE Brangs Bilz Mini - Blue (difficulty 6 of 10)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Perfect for gift cards
  • Will also fit a single folded bill
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Customer Reviews

I liked itThis puzzle could be hard for younger children. I solved it in less than 10 minutes but I could see this taking a lot longer for some. The best way to solve these puzzles to to find the end and work your way back to the ball to find the correct path. I was able to fit 2 gift cards and a bill with no problem. I added the last picture to help some solve it. The blue arrow is pointing to the start arrow that's imprinted on the box. The red arrow is the first turn you have to make. I thought it was the hardest part of the puzzle to figure out. 5Fun gift and it worked the 2nd and 3rd time we tried as wellBought this as a Christmas gift to hold a gift card, since it's more fun than just handing over a gift card. Like nice try... you didn't even try to come up with something unique. You just went to the store and grabbed an easy gift card.It took the gift recipient about 5-7 minutes to figure out. Once he saw how it worked it took maybe 1 minute to roll the ball through the maze and get the gift card out. Then he grabbed one of my gift cards without me knowing and locked it in the maze and handed it back to me. It took me a bit longer to figure out but the thing I was worried about was reviews on here that said it breaks after the first time. We actually went back and forth a few times and it worked every time. So maybe they got a bad maze?? 5Didn't really work out for me.Probably not but it depends on you.It s up to you if you want to gamble on whether or not it will work. I chose to gamble. Here are some things that happened:1. First, there are two sizes of this item one that is made for gift cards, one for bills. I ordered the size that fits bills but I received the one that fits gift cards. I folded the bills without an advanced knowledge of origami and was able to forge ahead with this product.2. At first I could not get this thing closed. And then I never ever got it closed. I tried and I pushed really hard and I googled. I considered throwing one. I spent a considerable amount of time sure I was doing it wrong. I weighed the pros and cons of sending it back versus meeting my gift window with a cool item that might work out and ultimately, I chose to give them anyway because thoughts count. But I did have to vulture around the giftees as they opened the present to say something along the lines of it is broken but listen. 3. I found that if you tell someone that you have something with a seemingly simple mechanism that arrived not working, they will spend until their border of patience trying to fix it. It is really hard to accept that it s not working instead of thinking that there must be a trick. Completely voluntarily and separately, 8 people spent their alone time with the puzzle, pretty sure they would figure out the trick that would make it work. A couple assured me they would text me when they figured it out. None figured it out, but there was definitely enjoyment.If you are planning in advance, sure, spend your time trying this. If you, like me, ordered this only JUST in the window of shipment before you plan on gifting, take heed. Probably if you are planning to give cash or a gift card, you have the built-in backup plan of just doing that minus a puzzle. Or maybe, like me, you will choose to give it broken if it doesn t work because the idea is still cool. I mean 8 people spent until the border of their patience playing with it when it was just broken. Not for everyone. 2THIS IS SO MUCH FUN. Fits 2 gift cards!I loved this maze. I was able to fit two gift cards at once. The maze took us about 15 minutes to solve. Just enough to be difficult but not obnoxious. The maze is two sided..you have to get the ball from one side to go to the other side and into an area where you can trigger the spring mechanism to pop out the card tray. Its awesome. Can everyone solve it? No, not without the patience and steady hands to maneuver the ball and not without problem solving skills (ie. Tracing the path backwards from goal to starting point across both sides of maze). Totally worth it and well made. Once you figure it out you can do it quicker next time. Great for regifting too! 5Wanna teach patience and perseverance?Bought this for the 6 yo grandson (but more to drive his parents crazy) with a gift card so he could get what he wanted. Was showing it to his uncle, who promptly took it over to solve. Took him 10 minutes. Opened easily. Don't see what the one star reviews are about unless it had arrived broken or cracked. ITS A PUZZLE. Dont teach your kids to break something they don't immediately understand. (The 6yo got it open in 20 minutes...but he stayed with it.) 4Snazzes up a boring gift card:: add maniacal laughter here :: This was priceless! My sweet dil had a devil of a time getting out the Bed Bath and Beyond gift card placed inside. Lucky for her, she has a brilliant 3+ yo son. He figured it out in seconds. But don't tell her that her husband told me. 5Not sure this is worth the priceI bought two of these for my granddaughters, one came with the draw open so I could put the money in but the other had the door closed. Obviously it had been used & returned. I tried to solve the puzzle without the use of a hammer so I could open the door but failed so I slid the the money through the slot and hoped it worked. My 12yr old granddaughter got hers opened in a few minutes but the 10yr old had difficulty. I suggested a hammer :) but she took it to her sister who opened it with no problem. In retrospect I'm not sure the puzzles were worth the price but what's done is done. 3Great concept, but breaks easily and quicklyThis was a clever idea...put a gift card inside of a maze puzzle and force the recipient to solve it to get the prize.But it broke after it was used once, and the design lends itself to breaking. The lever that opens a solved puzzle is a simple plastic bar that breaks (naturally) after being depressed a few times. So if you want a "use once" gift container, this is great. But it won't stand repeated use. Mine broke after the first completion. 2So Much Fun!!!Our grand-kids are teens, so money and gift cards are perfect because they love shopping for themselves. However - money and gift cards in a greeting card is boring, so we always try to make it fun with a scavenger hunt, stitching it in a piece of clothing, hiding it in an ornament or sock or even a pet toy or kids toy: balls (sliced open and glued back together) or kids computer etc. When I saw these Brain Teasing Mazes and also the Currency Vaults I decided instantly that is what we would use this year even though the price was higher than what I like to spend for "wrapping."We open our gifts one at a time so we have the pleasure of watching what everyone gets. When the kids couldn't get the puzzle solved instantly we moved on, BUT the kids were paying attention to their puzzles and everyone was laughing at them. After a while we heard a loud squeal - "I got it open!" We also heard a frustrating, "How does this thing work?" And, "I'll help you!" Then "YEA!" YES IT WAS WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY and now they can re-use it for their friends.Contrary to previous comments, our puzzles arrived in PERFECT CONDITION and sooner than expected. I did have to call regarding the beautiful currency vaults because when they arrived neither my husband or I could get them open to insert the cash. The problem - they are mailed from an area of the country that is moist in the winter so the wood had swollen around the rod. So all the tap tap taps on any part of the puzzle would not release the rod. I was told to put it in a warm place for several hours and it would open. Woo-hoo - It worked perfectly!A great "wrapping" for young teens through adults. 5Simple yet challenging, UPDATE: BrokeI think this might be difficult for those with poor close up eyesight issues. Otherwise, nice little puzzle. It fits credit cards and hotel room cards without a problem.UPDATE: It broke. When you solve the puzzle, you have to push on plastic case in a specific place. It broke when pushed on after the 5th time used.Considering how easily it was broken, I have to downgrade the rating. 2
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