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Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Jars - For Growing Sprouts & Other Uses

  • Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Jars - For Growing Sprouts & Other Uses
  • Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Jars - For Growing Sprouts & Other Uses
  • Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Jars - For Growing Sprouts & Other Uses
  • Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Jars - For Growing Sprouts & Other Uses
  • Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Jars - For Growing Sprouts & Other Uses

Sprouting Jar Strainer Lid - Fits Wide Mouth Jars - For Growing Sprouts & Other Uses

€76,00 €45,60 Save: €30,40
€45,60 €76,00 You save: €30,40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • INCLUDES: 1 durable and rust free BPA free plastic sprouting lid.
  • VERSATILE: Fits most Ball / Mason / Kerr wide mouth canning jars.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: Use for growing sprouts, sifting flour, and more.
  • UNIQUE GIFT: Our beautifully boxed sprout lids make excellent Christmas gifts for gardeners, unique kitchen gifts for cooking enthusiasts, and are the perfect size for stocking stuffers.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE backed with personalized US customer service.
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Customer Reviews

Poorly made, defects make it difficult to cleanThe lids are poorly made, I cannot use them. I ordered a total of 4 lids. All of the lids had dangling threads of plastic attached to the lid (see picture). OK so I took the time to tear off all these strands. But 3 of the 4 lids had dozens of stiff little "spikes" of plastic surrounding the inside of the lid. This makes it impossible to clean the lid with a sponge or anything else, because the spikes will shred the sponge. Plus, I don't want any of these little plastic spikes to fall into my sprouts somehow. I tried to yank out these spikes but there's too many of them, and ripping them out still leaves sharp stubble behind (the photo shows the stubble, the spikes are actually longer than shown). From experience, I know that anything used (and reused) to grow sprouts must be THOROUGHLY cleaned between uses. Unable to remove the spikes and potentially unable to clean these properly, I can't use them. Not worth the money, I only got 1 usable lid out of 4, which made them more expensive than the more costly sprouting lids I originally wanted to buy (described below).I previously ordered a set of 3 lids of a more expensive brand (Sprout-Ease - Econo-Sprouter Toppers), and I found that they were well-made (had no spikes, though they did have the dangling threads which I could remove) and can be cleaned. 1Easy to useI like this product, it grows sprouts well. It's a bit pricey considering you can buy the strainer lid seperately for around $4 and use it with any standard qt mason jar. Some have said that when using the separately bought strainer lid with their mason jars, it leaked at the threads. The lid fits tight and snug on this product.Also, this jar is square shaped so it won't roll when set flat, unlike some older mason jars.You need only barely cover the bottom with the sprout seeds to yield a full jar. A little goes a long ways. Placing them near sunlight (direct or indirect) when they are nearly fully sprouted will make them turn nice and green. I suggest buyers order both alfalfa and the sandwich blend.Pressing a finger on the strainer lid as you pour gets the last remaining water out faster. A thorough draining is key to a good crop, it uncoats each seed of water and allows it to "breathe."To de-husk my crop, I place a handful in a bowl of water and swish the crop around. Husks that rise to the top I scoop out along the side of the bowl, the remaining husks sink to the bottom. I lift out the sprouts and shake the water out or let drain on a plate. I store in partially open plastic sandwich bags, they last longer if they can "breathe" a little. 4Works wellEasier to use then my old sprouting 2 tier tower. The holes were too wide and I kept losing a lot of the small seeds before they had sprouted. I have not had that problem with this one.I just bought a second one since I have been mainly using the first for soaking cashews, it is much easier to drain the water out of the jar with this lid than using the jar's lid and band. 5... this jar for about a year and am very pleased with my purchaseI have had this jar for about a year and am very pleased with my purchase. I was a "sprouter" in my hippie days and used a jar with cheesecloth. This is much more user friendly.My only complaint is the sticky glue left after removing the label. It has been a year with multiple washings and the outside is still sticky so it cost the review a star. I know I could take some chemicals to it and get the glue to go away but I have chosen not to do that as it does not affect the lovely spouts I grow in it. Aesthetically it bugs me. Why not tie the label on as a tag or shrink wrap it and put the label on the outside?All in all I feel it is a good value for someone that is just starting to explore spouting. 4Better Options Out ThereBetter Options Out There!!! Warning: If you sprout alot, and/or plan to use mutlipe jars to sprout, then this is not the right product. Compared to other options, this product it is too expensive, with lids with poor drainage. After purchasing, I discovered a set of sprouting lids from unbound farms for 35 dollars. The lids work great; easy drainage, perfect fit, screws on and off any wide mouth jar with ease. After seeing it, I purchased with a 64oz canning jar set I found at Ace. The set was of 6 was $14.95! Together, I ended up with 6 jars and 8 lids for $50.00, a much better deal than 1 32oz jar for $15.00. The lids from Unbound Farms are versatile, easy, and drain MUCH better. Serois sprouters looking for the best deal should run to Unbound Farms and skip this product! Sorry 2More expensive does not mean betterThis lid is okay for sprouting small seeds like alfalfa and radish, but it takes a little extra work than the other lids I've tried. Why? Because the holes in this lid are very small - so small that if I put the jar under a running tap, the water runs off and just barely goes through. So you have to take the lid off each time you rinse your sprouts (daily). Maybe not a big deal unless you have 4 or 5 going at a time like I do. Other lids I've tried (Sprout-Ease, also sold on Amazon) have holes that are perfectly sized to allow water through, but not the tiny seeds. They come in sets of 3 with varying degrees of hole sizes: small holes work for radish and alfalfa, medium for fenugreek and lentils, large for peas and sunflower sprouts. 3It is sturdy. It IS dishwasher safeI use this for sprouting wheat grass seeds, before planting into an organic soil mixture.It is sturdy. It IS dishwasher safe.Although I can understand why people are having complaints about water not flowing through, they need to understand that water has a surface tension.... you need to start water flowing through the holes slowly (use your fingers to help) before putting this under a full-force faucet.I havent have never seen a gnat go through my lid.It has small risers, so if you set the jar completely upside-down, there is still a way for water to drain (and minimal air flow).If I need another, I would certainly look back at this one. 4... tried this jar and lid first and it was great as a starter kitI tried this jar and lid first and it was great as a starter kit. Sadly, they did not include the seeds I wanted for me to try. (I grow alfalfa sprouts,the sprouts included do not seem to have those at all) The lid is great and the jar is fine but I recommend soaking off the label (does not peel off) so the sprouts can get more light when they begin to green, plus all the exposure to water makes the label begin to peel anyway. The directions were clear and easy to follow except they were covered up by another sticker which was a real pain but youtube videos helped. The only reason I give this 4 and not 5 stars is that I decided later to get a different set of lids that are nearly identical to this one and use my own mason jars. The lids are pretty much identical but the other set has slightly (very very slightly) larger holes on it's smallest mesh so the water drains better and it bets better air flow without letting the seeds escape when rinsing them so I use those lids a little bit more than this one but still would recommend. 4Little Greenhouse on the window sealThese lids turn your wide mouth mason jar into a little greenhouse for sprouting seeds. It took a couple of tries to get the right amount seeds to work. Basically use 1 to 1.5 tablespoon of seeds for a normal size mason jar.Water and drain twice a day in a dark place. By the 4th day put it in sunlight to get your chlorophyll going.5th or 6th day store the whole jar in fridge. To keep a good rotation going use 3-4 normal jars and lids or 2 half gallon large wide mouth mason jars. 4Does the jobMy only issue with this was as other reviewers said it does not fit so great on the mason jar. I had to fiddle with it a bit to get it to thread strait on. However once it's on you just rinse through it so it's OK. I like the little feet on it to allow some air in while upside down. 4
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