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Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles Gp1011 Bb8

  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8
  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8
  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8
  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8
  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8
  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8
  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8
  • Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles   Gp1011 Bb8

Se 8" Black Plastic Gold Mining Pan With Two Types Of Riffles Gp1011 Bb8

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Diameter: 8"
  • Material: plastic
  • Color: black
  • 1/8" deep round base to better trap gold
  • Two different types of riffles: shallow and deep
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Customer Reviews

UPDATED WITH POSITIVE RESULTS - Flawed, thinned inconsistent edge near small riffles.**UPDATE**Was sent two replacement pans, these had zero flaws. Put some bite into the pans an took them out into the field. At first I was still a bit unsure of the large riffles since the edges are rounded compared to the small riffles which are sharp . To ease my concerns I panned over a catch pan just in case... nothing lost!!! The pans does feel a bit flimsy while loaded, but they held together the entire day! For the price the pans are a great steal. Not a bad catch for the day!!!**************Just arrived, busted them out of the box to break them in for this weekend in the Motherlode! Was giving it the ole' panning motions to get a feel and compare to pans I am currently using. The large riffle edge feels good in the hand, though not sure how it will hold up with it filled. Rotate it around to feel the small riffle edge and immediately could feel the thinner flawed edge. One pan nearly has 1/4 of the pans edge thinned, just short of the length of the small riffle area. The other pans flaw is smaller, regardless the pans are weak in that area and will break from the weight of a full pan! Hopefully these can be replaced... but not before this weekend obviously!!! Feed the FEVER!p.s. IMHO these pans do feel as cheap as they cost. It might not be as much of an issue if the flaw was on the other side. It is just that you use the large riffles to clear the large and light overburden when the pan is full an properly agitated for the heavies to drop. With a full pan of potential I can see these either cracking or bending into a useless piece of plastic.The manufacturer needs to either fix their Moulds or add a bit more material to fill the void in their Moulds to prevent inconsistent issues. Will update if anything positive comes about. 4you get what you pay for...i accidentally got this pan, i thought it was a garrett. but this pan was cheap and you get what you pay for. it has a glass smooth, almost wax like, surface which make the water bead really bad. after scuffing the surface and working a couple buckets of material, the water still beads really bad. the pan is nearly useless, you have to be very careful and slow to make it work. spend the extra couple dollars and buy the garrett. 1Good, sturdy product that does the job at a great price!Shipped super fast! Very sturdy and large pan. I used it right away and it works great! Didn't get any gold yet, but I got my technique sorted out on some tan creek sand. I'm new to panning, but I think having two riffle sizes in one pan will be helpful. There are several good tutorials on youtube about how to use these pans, and the results vary drastically depending on the technique used. I recommend watching one of those videos. With a bit of practice, I was able to sift out all the larger material and get down to the fine sand.The plastic is tough and durable. A good quality, sturdy product that should provide years of fun. And the price was right too! 5I found gold on my friends propertyI went to a friends place in southern Indiana to do some hunting, My friend has a large creek running across his land. After a days hunting we were setting around a camp fire and talk got around to gold hunting, well I told them I had this gold pan. Well the next morning I decided to try my luck.After spending about 25 minuets playing around I found 3 small pieces in the pan. My friend could not believe that there was gold on his property.Forget the hunting ( I already had my limit) we played with that pan for about 3 hours. This pan is easy to use. I watched some U-Tube videos and got the basics on how to use it. This pan is very rugged, The price is right. and easy to use. I would recommend it to my friends. 5Works very well, I use one side for larger material then switch to the smaller riffles. I would buy this again!A family member had there well dug out and brought me all the rock and dirt that was in the ground. I started panning it with a pie pan and seeing for myself how gold panning/ prospecting actually works. I ended up finding only Mica and Pyrite in the well rock/dirt however it started a new hobby for me, I can officially say I now have gold fever. I now have been to several areas using this green SE plastic gold pan. It works very well, was about to purchase a black one but was advised it may be more difficult to see through the black sands in a black pan so I decided on this green one. I also like the two types of riffles on the sides, the larger riffles for larger material, then switch it up for the finer material with the smaller riffles.I ordered this 10" pan and a 12" pan. The 10" inch is perfect for a smaller build person. The 10" SE pan works well for people that may find the 12" to be to large/ heavy. I would recommend this SE 10" Plastic Gold Pan to anyone who is looking to get into gold prospecting/ panning. I would buy this product again! 5Nice pan with two ridge sizes allows processing all the way to final stagesI've lost count of the number of gold pans I have now, but I had to get this one, as the fine riffles are so handy for the final processing of black sand with tiny specs of gold. The other pan I have with those riffles is smaller, with only a narrow bit of the finer riffles, and not my favorite color (kind of a yellowish-gold color). This one is terrific, in my opinion. 5GREAT PANBought these so the Hubby,Gradson & I could go do a little Gold panning. Thought it would be a great family activity to share with our 6 yr old. Its pretty sturdy & the two ridge sizes are great.I depend on reviews when deciding on what products to purchase. I take the time to write reviews in the hopes that it will help someone to make an informed buying choice. I hope my efforts are appreciated.Have a Great Day. 5This one weird trick will make you more interesting.June 3, year of our lord 2017I. Dale. have found GOLD!GOLD! in Michigan of all places!!Do you have any idea how good that feels? How proud you will be with that speck of gold sitting on your mantle?Before I was like everyone else. Gold-less. Boring. ECT... But now? I am all that BUT ALSO I have found gold!Be proud of yourself in ways you never realized were possible. Buy this gold pan and do something you can be proud of this summer!Don't think there is gold near you? I bet you have never even checked. -_-There is Gold in nearly every state in America. Do yourself a favor and google it.Last argument on why you need to do this: This thing costs loss than going to the movies or going to a low quality restaurant, but the satisfaction and pride you get from it could last you the rest of your life.And if it doesn't... then use it as a dog bowel, or an oil-change pan, or something. 5Good but warped.Update (8/28/18): Four stars to Five! I put the pan out in the sun all day and it straightened right out! I wasn't even trying to do that. I was just evaporating some hard water to leave a mineral ring to help catch flake until the pan gets seasoned (scuffed and scratched from use). Anyway, if you get a warped one in summer, you know what to do. Not sure what to tell you about the colder months, but I wouldn t go shoving one in the oven!Original review: I have the green SE pan and I love it! I wanted the black one and when it went on sale for six bucks and change, I went for it. Unfortunately, the black one showed up warped. Not super bad, but still. Anyway, just keep in mind that your purchase will be a bit of a gamble. Oh, and it s definately a factory issue. If these pans were warpable by the user or shipper, my old green one would look like a taco shell by now! 5There's GOLD in these pans! (Not really... but they're worth it!)These are great into pans. You really do need to scuff up the surface to get rid of the surface tension the shiny plastic creates to get good technique to work (why I gave 4 stars...) but they are CHEAP and work well (My 13 year old was finding flecks in about 10 minutes of use!) The ridges are two different sizes which I found to be great depending on the material you are working with. Would definitely buy these again. These are small enough for us to put into our suit cases when flying somewhere and will obscurely and comfortably fit into a purse or backpack with no problem when hiking. If you don't want onlookers to know where you are headed to keep your claim secret! 4
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