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School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437

  • School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437
  • School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437
  • School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437
  • School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437
  • School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437
  • School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437

School Smart Vertical Pencil Sharpener, Electric - 084437

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • If you are looking for a non-traditional sharpener, this contemporary design is for you. This single hole sharpener features an extra large easy-to-empty transparent shavings receptacle that prohibits operation if removed, heavy-duty motor, helical steel blade, an auto pencil stop for a perfect tip every time. It also includes non-skid rubber pads for stable operation. Measures 6 x 4 inches and features 2 sleek colors, black and gray.
  • Highly effective, fast speed pencil sharpener with a modern design
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Customer Reviews

The world's WORST school supply company makes the world's BEST pencil sharpener--go figure!I am an elementary school art teacher and I have had the pleasure of being an Amazon Vine reviewer for several years, which means that they send me free stuff to review. Because of my browsing and purchase history, they have sent me many pencil sharpeners. Some have been fairly expensive, from well-known brands; a few of them were quite good, but none of them lasted a full year of the abuse that I put a pencil sharpener through. THIS ONE, however, does. Unfortunately, I have never been offered a School Smart sharpener from Vine, but even with my steady supply of freebies I still prefer to shell out 30 bucks to get one of these at the beginning of each year. Being quite familiar with the manufacturer, the high quality of this product is surprising. School Smart is a notoriously awful brand for just about everything--they make unusable paints, dried-out clay, junky pencils, and paper that falls apart. I avoid their products like the plague. Somehow though, they seem to have found the world's greatest pencil sharpener factory and contracted them to make these for them. It outperforms all of the many X-acto and Westcott models I have tested. The difference is the longevity--many sharpeners start off great, but deteriorate rapidly after a couple of months. This one starts off well, and stays that way for a very, very long time. The blades remain effective, pencils sharpen symmetrically even after many months of use, and the motor seems to hold out forever. After about a year, they are less effective for colored pencils--perhaps the blades have worn down somewhat by then--but they are still fine for regular pencils. Unlike most other sharpeners, it can also take a beating--if a point breaks off (which is rare but unavoidable, especially with colored pencils) and you have to bang it around a bit, it is not easily broken or misaligned. Great sharpener!5Teacher RecommendedI am a high school math teacher and I have finally found a pencil sharpener that will last more than a year. I purchased this pencil sharpener and have been using it in my classroom for the last two and a half school years. Currently it is showing no signs of slowing down. In the past, I used to go through about one electric pencil sharpener a year (usually cheap ones from Costco), so I decided it would make more sense to get a good one.Pros:- The sharpener is very fast, usually I need to scold my students and tell them that the pencil is done sharpening and that they don't need to leave it in there so long.- I have used it for two and a half years now and it's still kicking (knock on wood). I had gone through about 3 other sharpeners before that, usually about one a year.- The bin is very easy to empty and that makes it very easy for my room cleaners to take care of- Tremendous value given the great priceCons:- It is a little bit noisy, but most sharpeners are (fortunately it's fast, so it's not a big deal)- It is bigger than most of the other sharpeners that I have had (I suppose that's why this thing is so tough though)Conclusion:If you need a tank of a pencil sharpener that will be used multiple times a day, with students jabbing their pencils into it, then this is the one you want. I'm sure that for normal home use, this thing would probably be overkill. I would definitely get another one if this one ever dies.5It lasted 5 years in a homeschooling house!We purchased this pencil sharpener in March of 2014. It's now March of 2019, and I'm just now replacing our model. To help you understand the abuse this pencil sharpener has endured, let me give you some context: we are a homeschooling family with 5 students. My kids prefer to write in pencil and not pen, so 98% of the writing we do is with pencils - that's a LOT of pencil-sharpening! We also use colored pencils quite a bit for art, math, maps, and history timelines. This sharpener has held up to everything we've thrown at it. In the past few months, we've noticed that the pencils have come out not quite as finely sharpened, and the sharpener tends to sharpen better on one side of the pencil than another. If I wanted to, I could probably limp this one along until the end of the school year. Instead, I'm choosing to replace my current sharpener with the same model.I am choosy about our school supplies: from pencils to cap erasers, binders to paper, scissors to crayons, I will only repeat a purchase when I know that the item I'm buying is a good value. This has passed the test in our household.5unbelievable waste of time and moneyan absolutely terrible, defective product. waited a full month to get this thing in the mail, and it refuses to function 90% of the time. i put a pencil into it, nothing happens. nothing is jammed into the sharpener blades, there s no problem with the outlet connection. just doesn t work. can sharpen maybe one pencil, badly, every twenty minutes. base of sharpener gets incredibly hot.i m an illustrator and was hoping for something to sharpen my pencils to an extremely fine point, which this machine absolutely does not do, even on the rare occasions it does decide to function.frankly i can t stand people who take time out of their day to write bad reviews of products they had enough money to buy in the first place, but on the other hand: this is one genuine turd of a device.1Died After 10 Pencils! Day 1 - Straight out of the box, this sharpened about 10 pencils great! Then, it started making a chugging noise and each pencil came out more and more messed up. After about 20 pencils it was not sharpening them at all, but leaving them looking like a beaver chewed them up. (See video)As a teacher, this was a major disappointment! We are in need of a good sharpener and have gone months without finding one that will work for my class of 4th graders! This one died before the kids even arrived!!! I had to tell them our new sharpener, which they had been looking forward to getting, already didn t work! I ll be sending it back ASAP.What a waste of time & money!1Perfect for PrismacolorsFirst off, I bought this sharpener for one reason-- to sharpen Prismacolor colored pencils. It sits by my desk while I work. It's quick and gives long, sharp points. So far, I have had zero breakage. I absolutely love it. While I'm working, I can sharpen up a point in about 2 seconds, there's no waste, it stops automatically. For this purpose, it is amazing. But--Polychromos pencils do not fit. A couple of other brands that I only use occasionally don't fit either. Since I only have a few of those and the bulk of my work is Prismacolor, this is fine. I use a Sharp Tank hand crank for the larger pencils.Honestly, if I'd really wanted an all purpose sharpener, I'd be disappointed but I knew beforehand exactly what I was purchasing. I'm extremely pleased with the purchase.54 years of use by 3 kids: still runs like a champThis is one of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases because of the misery and wasted time it's spared me. Before we had this sharpener, we fought with so many other brands - and destroyed a lot of pencils along the way. Sometimes it felt like it took longer to sharpen pencils than to do the actual homework.This sharpener is fast and sharpens excellently.At one point, one of the kids stuck a pen or something in the sharpener, and it jammed. I unplugged it, took it apart, picked the shredded bits out, and this thing still runs like a champ 4 years later.We temporarily couldn't find one when moving and bought a second, so we now have 2, and I'm certain that these will both still be running strong long after the kids leave home.Extra tip if you're sick of lousy pencils: Use Ticonderogas! Amazon has good deals on them if you buy in bulk.5off center but really sharpIt has some nice features--gets the pencil really sharp, holds lots of shavings and doesn't take up much room--but it is totally annoying since the point on the pencil isn't centered. I've rotated the pencils every which way and tried lots of different pencils. The results are always off the same way. It is far enough off that sometimes the pencil wood sticks out beyond the graphite.I wrote the company. They got right back to me. They let me know that the centering isn't adjustable and I should just send it back either for a refund or an exchange. They say that most are centered just right.It is hard to invest much time in a $20 sharpener. I'm going to try one from someone else.I won't say "Don't buy it." I hope you are luckier than I was.2Almost ideal-My observations in no particular order:-The motor is sufficiently strong; unlike other inexpensive sharpeners that will slow if you press hard on the pencil, this one doesn't.-The casing seems pretty strong and doesn't feel cheaply constructed.-The cord is a few feet long to make placement easier.-It sharpens pencils to an almost exaggeratedly long taper resulting in a wicked sharp point that is easily broken off and could be a hazard for little ones. Great for precise work I guess. I'm no sharpener expert but I've never seen a sharpener make a point so long and fine.-Non adjustable for pencils larger than the typical standard pencil size.-Not particularly loud or quiet, kind of in the middle.-Sharpens fairly rapidly relative to others I have used.-The black thing on the front is the shavings holder. It does not have a back. Once you pull it off shavings fall out, so emptying requires you hold the whole device over the trash which may be problematic for people with small or weak hands.-Pencils are pressed down, not forward, which is as is should be... the device stays in place when you are pushing. You don't have to use your other hand to hold it from sliding across the table as you do on so many forward facing ones. This is a superior design IMO.-The ad claims the blades stop automatically when the sharpening is done. This is a half truth on mine... the blades don't stop, but they do stop sharpening. Once the pencil has a good point the blades are no longer in contact so you can push it to the end reasonably. It does not cut power to the cutters. Maybe mine is defective in that way. I'm honestly not sure what its supposed to do exactly but it works, so I don't care.I would have preferred clearer advertising about the auto stop, and that the shavings bin hold the shavings completely so you don't have to pick the device up to empty it. Other than that its perfect for my use.4LOVE ITI love this sharpener! It is super fast and doesn't break the lead. I've been through 3 different models and one was over $100. They all took awhile and broke the lead as you sharpened. Or, they only sharpened nicely with the expensive pencils. I teach 1st grade at a poor school. Parents buy dollar store china pencils. This one handles them very well. It never gets jammed either. The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is the one I got has an issue with the receptacle. If you close it all the way, the motor won't go when you insert a pencil. I have to crack it open ever so slightly to get it to turn on. Then while I am using it, the vibrations slowly cause the door to open more and after a bit, it's now too far open and again the motor shuts off. Annoying, yes. Worth it to sharpen 20 pencils in about 2 minutes with NONE of them ground down to nubs or coming out with broken lead or having my kids come back up complaining that the lead broke as soon as they started to write-DEFINITELY! I will buy another one next year and use this one at home. Thank you School Smart!4
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