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Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, 2-Quart, Clear, FG321700CLR

  • Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, 2-Quart, Clear, FG321700CLR
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, 2-Quart, Clear, FG321700CLR
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, 2-Quart, Clear, FG321700CLR
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, 2-Quart, Clear, FG321700CLR

Rubbermaid Commercial Bouncer Measuring Cup, 2-Quart, Clear, FG321700CLR

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Constructed from break-resistant polycarbonate
  • Easy-to-read measurements in high-contrast blue or red
  • For use with temperatures ranging from -40-degree F to 212-degree F
  • Certified to NSF STD. #2
  • Measures 6-1/4" x 5-5/8' x 7-3/8"
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Customer Reviews

Tossing these in the trash! Plus they had a warning label.When the cups came, they were so small, you'd think they came from some kids' doll house set. Also each of them had a warning about usage and possible side effects on pregnancy. Nope, ain't getting pregnant. But the fact that they had a warning on them. Well, that was enough for me toss them. Went to Walmart and got a decent size set of measuring cups.Maybe their size had to do with the fact that they are described as 'bouncer' measuring cups. But it still made no sense to me. 1I LOVE this measuring cup! I HATE the handle!It's exactly what I was looking for and I love how the measurement markings are not just painted on so they are never going to disappear and make this cup useless in the future. It's made of a very strong plastic and is very easy to use and measure with. However, my only caveat would be the handle.***The handle has a HUGE flaw in the design of this product! When the cup is full, it makes things even worse! The handle is literally painful to use. the handle is in the shape of a C and jabs into the palm of the user.With that being said, would I still recommend it? Yes, but only if you haven't found one of equal/superior quality with a better handle. This will get the job done. 4... doing my own oil changes on my lawn equipment like my push mowerI use these for doing my own oil changes on my lawn equipment like my push mower.I have 1 that I only use for Clean Oil (and) 1 that I only use for Dirty Oil.I Simply Check the Dip-Stick first. To make sure the oil level is Full; then If it is Full;I measure the amount that drain's out; then put the same amount of Clean New Oil back in.Has the 4 cups equals a quart of oil; and most push mowers ONLY use around half a quart.Because Push Mower Engines Do NOT have an Oil Filter like your car. Changing the Oil inyour 4-Cycle Push Mower EVERY Year is VERY Important for a Small 4-Cycle Engine.If you think about it; push mowers Do NOT have a Radiator like your Car either; so the ONLY thingthat keeps your push mower Engine Cool on a 90 F(+) day is guess what? The Oil !!! 51 cup thimbleI was surprised how tiny the one cup measuring cup is. It's not at all a "Rubbermaid" quality item. I purchased as an Add-on item for $6. It is worth maybe half that. I can't see this as being a 'Commercial' quality product unless a business paid $1 each for them. I used my 1/4 cup measuring cup to confirm the markings. The 1/4 cup level was off and that put the others off as well. It held one cup of water but only when filled to the absolute brim. The 'one cup' line is about an 1/8" below that. I don't work in a lab and my cooking measurements don't have to be that precise. SOoooo, If you're looking for an overpriced, undersized, cheaply made, mislabelled measuring cup this is definitely the product for you ! 2Great for hydroponic gardening, too!I purchased this specifically for my hydroponics garden. The standard amount of water per fertilizer was one gallon of water to one teaspoon of fertilizer. Before purchasing this, I was using my 4-cup measuring cup to add water to the garden. Let's just say that after walking back and forth 20 times from my kitchen sink to the deck where the garden sits, fending off the cats from running outside every time I opened the door, I jumped on the chance to find a single pitcher that would make my life easier.This is a very sturdy pitcher made out of a thick, super clear plastic. The measurements are actually etched into the plastic and then filled in with color. So even if the paint gets washed off somehow, which my glass measuring cups are notorious for, I would still be able to see where I need to measure to.My only complaint is that the handle is very uncomfortable to hold one-handed if the pitcher is full. That is the main reason I only gave it 4 stars. I have to use both hands to bring it back and forth from my deck which is still a bit of a pain since my doorknobs are round, not levers. Still, it's better making only 5 trips doing this rather than the 20 I was originally doing. Already, my husband is scheming to snag this from me for his brewing after I told him what other reviewers used it for. I can even see getting one of these for our aquarium since I measure that out in gallons as well.Definitely worth the buy for its multitude of uses! 4Works great! And... more...I love how it's nice and big, and it's strong. It won't break. I don't thing the red and blue writing will come off. I've had it in the microwave, in the dishwasher, and hand-washed it, and it still looks like new! It arrived om time. I have no problems with it. And, the price was good! I would recommend this measuring cup. I hope my review has helped someone. Please let me know by clicking. I like to keep track of my reviews. Thanks so much! Blessings! 5VersatileI bought this pitcher to use while brewing beer, mainly because I was getting tired of measuring 5-6 gallons of water by the quart (my next largest measuring cup). It works great for that. It's comfortable and easy to use, even when full, and the markings on the side are easy to see. Since I bought it, I have found myself using it for other things, like watering plants, filling the cat's water bowl, or as a tub for sanitizing small parts when brewing. I recommend it for homebrewers and anyone else that needs to accurately measure and pour gallons of liquid at a time. 5Not your usual Rubbermaid plasticThis measuring cup is just that, a measuring cup. However, being as how it is from Rubbermaid I anticipated typical Rubbermaid plastic, which is unbreakable. This cup is hard plastic and is totally breakable/crackable, making the amount I paid for it on the pricey side. Returning it was not worth the time, or the trouble. Otherwise, I have no complaints. The measurements are clear and easily readable. It was received in a timely fashion and packaged accordingly. Would I recommend it, not for the price. 3Utilitarian and PlainThis is a utilitarian, commercial poly measuring vessel. It's better than some, not as nice as some others. If you go into any food service equipment dealer, you'll find shelf loads of them. They are simple and tough. They are not pretty or refined. This one has its points: it's thick, so shouldn't break. The marks are painted AND engraved. (at least on mine) And while these are molded and show seam lines, the inner surfaces are completely smooth.Like some others, I got mine on a Lightning deal for next to nothing. If you want a slightly (and I mean slightly) more upscale version of the same thing, buy the Cambro. It will make no difference whatsoever in use.Packaging? What packaging? Amazon tossed it into a bare box with the rest of my order. Come to think of it, just like the food service equipment vendor I usually patronize ... 4CAUSES BIRTH DEFECTSPerhaps Rubbermaid feels meeting California Regulations by adding a sticker that warns: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm is adequate for this food preparation utensil - but getting warned after purchase is BOGUS - indeed - why would Rubbermaid manufacture and sell such a product - obviously their profits are much more important than their customer's health. My impression of Rubbermaid just sank - they will no longer be the first go to name brand. SAD 1
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