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Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass, Set Of 2, Beer/Water

  • Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass, Set Of 2, Beer/Water

Riedel Ouverture Wine Glass, Set Of 2, Beer/Water

€132,00 €80,00 Save: €52,00
€80,00 €132,00 You save: €52,00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The tulip-shaped machine-made beer glass of the glass Collection ouverture captures the aroma and helps to maintain a beer head.
  • The Clear crystal glass reveals the color and appearance of the Beer creating a visual sensation.
  • All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.
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Customer Reviews

Good glasses but way too shortGlasses are about the quality I was expecting. I use them as low end party glasses to prevent my higher end Riedel glasses from being broken at larger parties.The thing I didn't like is the design. The stem is just way too short (on the red and white glasses). So short that its nearly impossible to hold the glass by the stem if you have big hands. I would have expected the stem to be the same length as the Riedel higher end glasses. 4Perfect bang for your buck!These glasses are perfect! I just ordered a bar cart and needed some more impressive wine glasses to display on the wrack. They came very securely packaged, but there wasn't a fragile sticker on the package, so that could be causing some issues with customers receiving broken glasses. All of mine were in perfect condition. I just washed them and am looking forward to putting them to use! 5Riedel Glass assortmentGood value for the money; not varietal specific but a good, general or everyday use wine glass set. Great quality without breaking the budget. 5My favorite wine glasses of all timeYou know that favorite coffee mug - the one that is perfectly sized with the perfect handle that you always choose first? This wine glass is like that mug. I had two of these for years, screen printed from a winery and I asked the winery if I could buy more, but they were always sold out. No wonder why. Everyone loves these.One of those two glasses finally broke and we really needed more. I called that winery and asked them what was the Riedel model they were using. They told me it was this one. So I ordered a set and sure enough: perfect match. I should have done that years ago.If you only have room for one or two wine glass styles, make sure this is one of them. You won't regret it. 5Good glasses, will definitely break in a dishwasherDecent size, good clarity, fit in most any cabinet and work well as an everyday vino glass for general use. That being said, these glasses are NOT dishwasher safe. I just took a busted glass off the top rack of my Bosch dishwasher that had shattered all by itself, nothing else was touching the glass. This is the 3rd of these glasses to break in the dishwasher.Two important take home messages here. #1 is obvious - hand wash these glasses, dry and returning them to your wine glass cabinet immediately after use is required unless you want to buy a second set before you have to like I will as soon as I finish writing this review. #2 is to immediately clean out the primary dishwasher filter screen and then CAREFULLY use your fingers to inspect the bottom of the drain because invariably, a tiny piece of glass will work it's way into the output pump in the dishwasher causing the dishwasher to not empty and will require disassembly of the secondary filter assembly inside the dishwasher OR a $150 service call. I chose the former and used the savings to buy new glasses. 4Excellent basic wine glass.Love these glasses! They really are dishwasher friendly and have not cracked in our machine despite heavy use. We do take care not to put them in the sink or crowded on the counter with the other dirty dishes to avoid jostling them unnecessarily. For someone like me who isn't so picky as to need a different type for whites, this is the set I'd get to meet all your needs. 5Ideal for everyday useThese are not especially elegant glasses, but they do the job and stand up to daily use. We drink wine almost every day, and over the years, we have broken plenty of wine glasses with long, graceful stems, both in dishwashers and even when washing by hand. Riedel takes a somewhat condescending attitude toward its Ouverture line, describing them as "entry level," but they will serve most wine lovers better than their pricier cousins. The Magnums are perfect for all red wine, with a large, well shaped bowl. The comparatively short stem is what people regard as either a bug or a feature. It is plenty long for holding by the stem, but short enough to be durable. And when the day comes when the family Labrador sweeps two or three off the coffee table with a mighty wag of the tail, you can always replace them at $12 each or less. These glasses hit the sweet spot between price and quality. 5Durable set, great valueEasy to clean, durable and feels light (in a good way). This set survived a move from NYC-CLE in a uhaul and has gone through many rounds in the dishwasher.The glasses look as good as the first day I took them out of the box (about a year ago!). I recommend keeping the box it comes in if you foresee a move in your near future. I have gotten these glasses are gifts for friends and family and everyone loves it. A great deal for the quality! 5Very nice wine glasses, price is rightThe 3 styles of glasses that come with this set (4 larger magnums for red wine; 4 smaller glasses for red or white; and 4 champagne glasses) are all beautiful, feel very nice in your hand and look to be of high quality. For $80 you get 12 glasses, that's less than $7 per glass- cannot beat the price. They don't look cheap at all. To the contrary they look beautiful, the glass is thin but sturdy and we agree that wines taste better in these glasses than they did in our other (cheaper) glasses. Pricing is such that you can feel comfortable using them as your 'every-day' glasses, and they can easily be used for nicer occasions. Also if a glass breaks, your heart won't break because it was only (less than) $7 / glass.A few notes: the magnum has a very short stem, lending itself to cupping the vessel vs. holding the stem- which is a better way to drink a red wine. The magnum has a large opening so you can easily get your nose in there, dramatically enhancing the aroma. If you insist on holding the stem, you may not like this magnum due to the short stem making it a bit challenging to get a grip on it. Red / white wine glass- to me looks like more of a white wine glass but it could definitely double for a red glass (particularly for a lighter, less full-bodied red). Champagne glasses: I love with the larger vessel. It's bold and beautiful. If you prefer a smaller / more dainty vessel, you may not care for these champagne glasses. We bought 1 'pay 8 get 12' box to see if we liked them, and we do. In fact we just bought 2 more boxes.We're glad we bought this non-varietal specific set. We enjoy drinking wine but we're not connoisseurs, and we drink many different varietals. So this was perfect for us. We also entertain a fair bit, so having a full set of 12 glasses that can accommodate all of our wine / champagne needs made more sense than having several smaller sets of the varietal-specific glasses. With that said, some of the varietal-specific sets from Riedel look amazing, so at some point we may by pairs of a few of them for special occasions.The packaging is amazing. We won't be keeping it as we store our glasses in cupboards, but if don't have space to do that or you just like to keep your glassware in boxes, the packaging on this set is really nice. All 12 glasses fit into one box with a small handle on top, and each of the 3 different glass styles comes in their own fold-open 'crate' that you can easily pull out of the box, pull the # of glasses you need, etc. Packaging is designed so that it's quick and easy to take out and replace glasses into the packaging- i.e. no wrap paper, etc. 5Great "everyday" glasses and a decanter to bootLove these glasses. We used them as our everday drinking glasses and they work well for both reds and whites. The bowl is a great size for swirling, and the glasses really have a great feel to them. I like the fact that the stem isn't too long. I find that lots of restaurants and such have gone with really long stems, and for some reason, I just don't like them, so the stems on these are great.Haven't used the decanter that much yet, however I know when we have more friends over, the decanter will be nice to have. When we have used it, it was fine. We went with this because we got the decanter and six glasses which will suit our needs most often. If we want to extend our set, we can simply buy a pair for cheaper than the decanter would have been.Solid quality, delivered well. Not much more to ask for here 5
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