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Retro 51 Tiki Tissue Box Holder

  • Retro 51 Tiki Tissue Box Holder

Retro 51 Tiki Tissue Box Holder

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Too cool for any retro dcor here is Rudy, the Tikihead tissue box holder
  • A fun gift and definite conversation starter
  • Truly great for the person who has everything
  • Textured resin face with a big honkin' nose
  • Fits a standard sized rectangular tissue box
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Customer Reviews

I like this tissue holderI like this tissue holder, and it's definitely fun, but it's not without it's problems - or at least issues you should be aware of. 1) you have to be sure to get the correct type of tissue box to place inside. All the boxes I had at home were too deep for this holder, so I went to buy the shorter style (though less economical box.) When I got home I realized that I had purchased tissues that are just laid one on top of the other, rather than folded into each other - which you need if you want the next tissue to pop out. Issue #2) when I purchased this, the color listed was gray. It's not. The item received was a muted green with purple sponged over it. Not what I would have selected and I'd rather have just a true gray. I can live it but it does make the item look less stone-like and just painted. Overall, still a fun little item. 4Fun addition to Hawaiian themeI get many compliments on this tissue holder. It works well and is decent quality. The tissues are somewhat difficult to get out - you have to dig your finger around. It is top heavy so once the tissue box is nearing empty it tends to fall over. Other than that we love it! It has held up for over a year so far. 4Really wanted to love this...It s a cover so I am not sure why the top and bottom are basically cut out. You see the kleenex box then which is the exact thing we are trying to hide. Does not fit on a Kleenex 120-2ply with lotion box. Not really knowledgable on tissue box sizes but this seems pretty standard to me. Hanging hardware is an absolute joke and now reading the reviews it looks like most ppl had to create their own. Buyer beware but I am returning. 3Very funny. The thing itself is attractiveVery funny. The thing itself is attractive, kind of rustically elegant, which just makes what it is all the funnier. Cons: 1. I had to glue the face back on; the glue on the inside arrived broken. Used shoe-goo and that worked fine. 2. The packaging could be improved: it completely hides the dark-brown/black tissue box portion under a cardboard bamboo-print box (though the top is good, clear plastic) - but the dark box is part of what makes it look elegant. So I actually cut the box halfway down most of the way around so that the logos/descriptions were still visible but you could see the dark tissue box most of the way around. It looked way better. This was for a Secret Santa so I wanted it to look good. It was a hit :) 4Great for KidsI use this in my preschool classroom. For some reason, kids always want to wipe their nose and shove the dirty tissue back in the box. This guy has completely solved that problem!. He hangs directly above the trashcan and they can't shove a tissue back up his nose, even if they wanted to. I've had no problems with the hook. It works fine for me. The only negative to report is that the tissues sometimes shred if they aren't pulled from the right angle. The first tissue shreds and the second 'tug' results in a lump of mangled tissues. Not pretty, but the lump still gets the job done. Ultimately, any annoyance from shredded tissues is far outweighed by not having a contaminated tissue box. 4It Took Some Tinkering, but I Love the Result- See My Photos!I saw one of these tissue boxes at my optometrist's office and it was so kitschy, I just had to get one. After finding it on Amazon and reading the reviews, it sounded like there have been a few different versions of this box that have gone out over the years it's been available. Mine arrived with the face detached from the box (poor gluing job) and a flimsy mounting hook included that was not long enough to reach a wall stud and not strong enough to hold up the weight of the box.I really wanted to display this upright on the wall of my guest bathroom, so I came up with a way to mount it securely using a loop of self-adhesive fuzzy Velcro with a punched hole to hang on a strong picture hook. Once I glued the face back onto the box and finished the mounting attachments, I wanted to hide the picture hook and Velcro loop. I got the idea from another reviewer to attach leaves to the top of the box. I used fake palm leaves that I found at Michael's craft store, which worked perfectly and looks great with the stone head.The result is even cuter/funnier than I anticipated and I love it! Check the photos I added to see what it looks like. It's a little tricky to get the tissues to dispense smoothly from the giant uni-nostril but I think having this mounted on the wall makes it work a little better because of the downward angle of pull.The reason I am rating this only 4 stars is because of the condition the tissue box arrived in and all the tinkering I had to do to get it just right. Still, I would recommend it to anyone with a sense of humor who likes whimsical objects around their home. 4Absolutely hilarious, guests do want to steal, but you actually have to pick his nose for tissuesThe only down-side to this (other than the price) is that you really have to go spelunking up his nose to get the tissues out. It s almost impossible to extract an untorn tissue from this guy, although I have to admit it s so amusing nobody seems to care. I will have to see if a little minor surgery on his nostrils will fix this problem. He s very hard plastic, so I will probably have to file it. But it s really funny just going on with your day, needing a tissue, and then having to really work your finger up his nose to get the last half of the tissue you need! It goes from ho-hum to an entertaining extraction most adults are pretty rusty at. 5great conversation piece that is also usefulI love this! I had one for many years from another source. When I moved last spring, it got broken in that move. I was sad. Then I saw it available via Amazon. Hooray! This new Tiki Schnoz comes with a much better hanging system than my previous one. At the time, I had 2 twenty-something nieces. I bought each of them a tiki and put $20.00 in each nostril for a gift. They were thrilled. It's fun to twirl the tissue so it looks like a mustache. Unique product.Pat 5Cute and short!My husband is of Chilean descent, so while some view these as Tikis, in actuality they are miniature replicas of the large statues found on Easter Island, known as Moai. They stand about 13 feet high and weigh 14 tons, human heads-on-torsos carved in the male form from rough hardened volcanic ash. They have puzzled ethnographers, archaeologists, and visitors to the island since the first European explorers arrived in 1722, and will delight your friends and family! While this tissue box is an excellent facsimile, and will illicit many giggles from both young and old, it falls short in size. I am not sure what "standard" tissue box size is, but it's fallen short on any tissue box I have purchased. I don't buy name-brand tissue, but the box is too small to cover an entire box of Target brand tissue. Even with this obvious defect -- after all, it's a decorative tissue box COVER -- I would still purchase the box. Add some art and whimsy to an otherwise mundane part of life. Have fun and enjoy your Moai tissue cover box! 4Great conversation piece, with a few caveatsI have it hanging on bedroom wall above my bed and it looks great and comes in handy when a tissue is needed during the night. The only issues I have with it is today's standard tissue boxes don't fit and even the flat boxes which it claims to work with are a bit too wide so need be crushed a bit as you place it inside. It is also heavier than anticpated so be sure to secure it well if you are hanging it. 4
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