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Rabbit Champagne and Wine Sealer (Velvet Black)

  • Rabbit Champagne and Wine Sealer (Velvet Black)
  • Rabbit Champagne and Wine Sealer (Velvet Black)
  • Rabbit Champagne and Wine Sealer (Velvet Black)
  • Rabbit Champagne and Wine Sealer (Velvet Black)

Rabbit Champagne and Wine Sealer (Velvet Black)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Keep wine fresh with this champagne and wine sealer.
  • Simply place the sealer on top of a bottle and twist to seal.
  • Easy to grip with a velvety black finish, this sealer keeps wine fresh for up to 2 weeks.
  • Champagne and other sparkling wines stay bubbly.
  • Designed to fit a variety of sizes, seal even wide mouth bottles.
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Customer Reviews

I love these. I bought a few as gifts for ... I love these. I bought a few as gifts for Christmas because I love mine so much. Please never re-cork again- I found that recorked wine always tasted like vinegar within 48 hours. What a waste. I have found that the wine still tastes how it should for up to a week. I have used it for more than a week, and it's still good drinkable wine, but not as perfect. I have never found anything better. My first one I used every single day (a glass a day) for about 8 months before it broke. I just kept screwing it and something popped. I bought another immediately- would recommend to everyone. And yes I have also used them for champagne- it preserves the flavor and the bubbles- Oh and one more important thing. Currently I have it on a big bottle of wine in my fridge which is laying on it's side. I do this often and NO leaks. Yeah I love this thing. 5A key for all wine drinkers. I can not stress enough how incredible these are at preserving wine. Please, please get rid of the vacuum sealers. Even if you're not a wine nut like I am, it's still worth it not letting the wine go to waste. I bought my first Metrokane almost two years ago, then bought four more. I am able to drink 2-3 bottles of wine over the course of a week with no spoilage whatsoever. The bigger/more tannic wines that are more suitable for aging will obviously go longer (used a Metrokane on half of a Bordeaux-style blend from CA and the wine didn't spoil after 10 days - I forgot about it before going on vacation and it was still good when I came back!). However, these sealers will work well with all wines. Buy now, buy a lot. Great gifts as well. 5Dissatisfied with Company, not product "Velvet Wine/Champagne Sealer by Metrokane" AND "Metrokane Velvet Champagne and Wine Sealer" (I bought both). THEY ARE THE SAME, they even come wrapped the same. The only difference is the company selling "Velvet Wine\Champagne Sealer charged so much more. The picture does not show it packaged and the wording for the product is different. I thought perhaps that the one more expensive was better quality. I FEEL MISLED!The actual product does work great and it is very useful for all carbonated and non carbonated drinks in a bottle. 1Not recommended; cool design but poor implementation It's difficult to tell if you are over-tightening until it is too late and something inside snaps. At first I thought this snap was by design, much like the vacuum bottle sealer that snaps when the vacuum is correct. But in this case, it seems to damage the sealer. Now the top seems loose since it sets above the bottom with a " gap. Pity, but I thought this was a great product so I stupidly bought three. I'll still use them, but I cannot recommend them. 2This product allows you to open a good bottle of wine on Monday A must have to anyone that loves wine, and hates wasting it! This product allows you to open a good bottle of wine on Monday, but not feel guilty for only having a glass of it! Use this product and your great bottle of wine will taste just as good on Friday when you get back to it! Have a glass of wine at home guilt free or with over consumption (just not to waste it) with this product!!!! Works as it says it should. I would order two or three, you know...just in case!!! 5Perfect for champagne when you only want one glass As the only wine drinker in my family, I seldom have champagne at home because no cork can keep the bubbles, until this one. It was made by another company (Metrolane) and I got a couple about 2 years ago, but can't remember the place. I can keep a champagne bottle bubbly for a week with this cork!. Looking for a replacement, I could not find them at a liquor store or home store. Finally googled and found them at Amazon!! It looks as though Rabbit bought out Metrolane, though their name is still on the corks. I ordered several for gifts. An example where Amazon excels, in finding odd things immediately instead of driving to multiple stores around town! 5BRILLIANT device. Best of all I've tried. NOTHING gets a 5-star review, but this device is brilliant. My alcoholic beverage of choice is bubbly, but my partner's is not, so I typically have an open bottle for up to a week. This sealer makes it seem like it's hardly been opened. Of course the more times you open a bottle, the fewer bubbles contained, but that's to be expected. What makes it best of all is that there's no fuss (no pump, no assembly) to use it. 5Works well but becareful how you store the bottle!!! they work very well to preserve champange but DO NOT lay the bottles down with these in them they will either shoot out in the fridge or shot off like a cannon when you go to re open ... keep them right side up when in place 5Great for Keeping Champagne Fresh and Sparkling This champagne keeper works very well for our usage. It certainly keeps a bottle fresh at least for a few hours, or even over night. I don't think we have tried using it to keep a bottle much longer than a day, maybe two at the most, but it always works to keep the champagne fresh and sparkling. The mechanism is very easy to use, just make sure it is loosened and then insert and tighten to the right until it is good and snug. We have had ours for over a year now and it still works perfectly. We have tried a few other types and this works this best by far.In the interest of full disclosure, our champagne habits are pretty narrow. We typically drink Korbel or Moet and just go through a few bottles for mimosas on a Sunday for brunch, or for a special occasion. I suspect we use this device no more than a couple of times a month on average, except for maybe around the holidays so YMMV. 5THESE JUST DON't WORK FOR VERY LONG....like a flashy race horse.... great start, but don't stay in the long stretch. I have bought several of these over the years. I don't know if the quality has degraded, or what, but if they are over tightened, or turn in the counter clock wise position too much they will stop working. You can't twist them to do anything and there is nothing that you can do to fix them.....just throw them in the trash. I'm so disappointed.....I really liked the way they sealed, but after several intense uses they are useless.I hope the manafurturer reads this review, and can see that they didn't last me a year. 1
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