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Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White

  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White
  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White
  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White
  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White
  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White
  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White
  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White
  • Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White

Qualizzi LED String Lights on Copper Wire w/Remote. 66 Ft, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 🌟 Fairy Lights - Stunning Christmas Lights! The Qualizzi Starry Lights Remote Control/Dimmer box is equipped with an IR sensor, that enables you to control the color, brightness, temperature & features of your string LED wire lights from anywhere in the room. Dome Glass Not Included!
  • 🌟 New Generation of Remote control with 24 Keys for multipple dimming and flash, strobe, blinking effects. Make bohemian lamps!
  • 🌟 66 feet long copper wire with 200 Micro LEDs, warm whit color with electrical dual plug, that can be used abroad.
  • 🌟 Hanging lights to use all year around on your patio, trees, or at your bedroom, or table top for a romantic dinner. Use on your children's bedroom, for a pijama party or on teepees, just have so much fun with these lights and your family!
  • 🌟 MAINLY FOR INDOOR USE. Our starry lights can be used outdoors as copper wire and LEDs are water-resistant, provided that the extensions and power cord connections, and the plug are isolated with waterproof material, as the plug is not waterproof "per-se". If needed we can provide instructions for garden installation by email.
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Customer Reviews

Love them I love these lights so far! And these have so many possibilities..... I stuffed mine in a glass head to use as a night light.. The lowest setting is fairly bright (but not overly bright) and the brightest setting almost lights up the entire bedroom like a 60watt bulb would. The fact that these have a remote with all the dimming and flashing (or constant on setting) options is awesome. Just keep in mind that the little receiver on the cord for the remote needs to be visible in order for the remote to control it. I'm ordering more for the rest of the house:) (btw, my pics don't really do these lights justice..they put off a beautiful warm light) 5Beautiful. I LOVE these. They are really quite beautiful. The copper wire that the lights are on is as beautiful as the lights themselves. The remote comes with tones of options - you can have the brightness anywhere between 10% and 100%, you can have them gradually brighten and dim over 5, 10, 15, 20 seconds, or flash - but basically I just leave it on 10% steady light and enjoy the remote for turning them on and off so I don't have to go over and unplug them. One strand covers the length of my 6.5' rug, up to the little bookshelf and makes a little pile there. If you stretch it out you could cover more area but the lights are only about every 4 inches. 5These are perfect. The super thin copper wire that the lights ... These are perfect.The super thin copper wire that the lights are strung on gives these a very artsy look, and is cool because you can coil and bend the wire around things to make them stay where you want them. I twisted and attached them along the perimeter of of curtains/curtain rod of my 3 large windows in my living room and it's beautiful. The lights themselves are tiny and whimsical. Love that there is a remote to turn them on/off, set the brightness, flashing, etc, but I pretty much just leave it on a medium brightness and have them on 24/7. Great mood lighting at night when all the other lights are turned off so we don't bump into stuff while getting up in the middle of night to feed the baby.Don't like the flashing options, so I just don't use those. Very annoying flashing haha.They are also very long! 33 feet can reach a long way. 5Turned out better than expectedI ordered two sets of lights for my teenage daughters' bedrooms and they are perfect. My girls love the remotes and I liked how easy they were to put up. Way better than trying to use Christmas lights or anything like that.5perfect packaged The product arrived and was perfectly packaged with no possibility of coming pre-tangled. The copper wire is very thin (18/20 gauge maybe) and looks very easy to break. I bought it because I didn't want to see a wire and the 3 copper lines disappear in the dark. I carefully installed using tape hook fasteners for wires and turned it on. All the lights worked. The coloring is off from warm white on a few bulbs but not really noticeable. It had the right effect. My wife came into our bedroom and said she felt like a fairy princess. The remote is garbage and has way too many buttons. The dimming below 50% is pointless (or too subtle for me to notice) but it doesn't really matter. I mounted them on the window frame behind our bed and they give a nice, warm glow to light up our bed and most of our very large (26 x 24') bedroom. Not enough to read by but a pleasant evening glow just right for cuddling. 5Well made, like the white cord The only thing that would be better is if it had a twinkle effect (cycling the level of the LEDs independently of each other), but I'm sure that's much harder to achieve. This product works really well, though be aware the remote requires line of sight to a little sensor on the power module. (Partial obstruction doesn't seem to bother it much if you're close.) 5Great Lights!These are beautiful little lights that warm up a room but due to their smaller size, they don t make the room too bright!The only concern is getting them untangled out of the box! A little bit of patience and they re wonderful!5LOVE these lights! Love these lights. They do feel like little fairies or fireflies which make the room look so soft and lovely. They are not harsh , bulky bright lights like some xmas lights that are overwhelming. I love the remote control which is small and compact and easy to use. It's an added bonus to be able to adjust the light intensity and the flicker. I'm going to buy some more for my other rooms! You should definitely buy these! Beautiful! 5Beautiful bu.I love the lights. They are so beautiful and amazing. My only issue is that the black font on a navy button of the remote control is impossible for me to read without using a magnifier.5Absolutely wonderful ! I love these lights! I live in a small condo with a big black fireplace, witch I do not use. I have brightened up the "black Hole" by adding a large mirror inside and using the lights to brighten up the place. It looks beautiful! I can use them now as holiday decoration or just to brighten up my home for myself and visitors.Thank you for the wonderful lights! With these lights and mirror, it has transformed the " black hole " into a now beautiful area in my new home!! 5Warm glowing homeI LOVE these! The remote is super cool and has a lot of settings from super dim to a soft fading in and out. Either way, really glad I purchased these!5Very nice light string for delicate applications! Great dimming & effects functions via remote.Very nice easy to string light set. Especially for applications where mini light strands are too bulky. The remote control is a great value add feature allowing you to control brightness and many other functions.5GREAT PURCHASE SOOO happy I bought these lights. While searching for some outdoor patio lights, the picture for this product caught my eye. I'm always looking to add a bit of Christmas lighting and decoration during the holiday season so I bought these and am so happy I did. The string of lights comes wrapped up and is very easy to unravel and plug it. Because the strip itself is so attractive, you can easily but these lights into a bowl or vase and trail the string out to the plug without it looking messy. It does have a white transformer piece that plugs in and allows you to control EVERY aspect of the light - you have 10 options for the brightness, 5 options for the speed of blinking, and 5 options for method of blinking (fade slowly in and out to quickly going off and on) - all managed with a remote control. After purchasing one set, I ordered 3 more for myself, mother and grandmother. In fact, the lights look so nice, we are considering leaving them up year round. 5PERFECT AND EASY TO INSTALLDraped them over clear Command Hooks. I can leave the hooks up all year . Hardly noticeable. At dusk I just stuck my hand out the door with the remote and WALLAH!! Instant lighting until I reversed the process at bedtime.5Starry LightsThese are perfect for the college room to venue ambiance when entertaining! I prefer not having to constantly replace batteries, so purposely chose ones that plug into an outlet, and the remote makes it so easy and functional.5Great lightsLove these lights with remote control. I have a number of strings and no issues5great peoductThe remote is very convenient and easy to use. The lights themselves look and work great!5very nice lights for holiday or other festive lighting. The remote adds versatility. The lights were arrived on time and as advertised.These are great. They're 5V lights that can be attached to a USB charger. I don't know what the power requirement is (haven't looked), so don't know what power rating is needed, or if they can run from a USB in a PC.The remote communicates to the control unit (which can be installed between the light string and the power supply, or omitted if all you want is 100% brightness all the time) and works fairly well. The range is slightly limited and spotty, but works for inside the room.Via the remote, you're able to select a variety of brightness and/or flashing modes. I rarely use anything other than one brightness at a time, but it's nice to know it's available.If I wind up doing lights around my windows, I'll be using these lights.One last thing: the lights are a mix of white and yellow-white. barely noticable, but if you're looking for only solid white, or yellow-white, you should look elsewhere. If not, I think you'll really enjoy these lights. I'll be buying more for next year.Update Nov 2018:I bought the longest strands of these I could find, twisted two together to double the number of lights, and did a permanent installation on the outside of my house. Worked great last year. Unobtrusive and hard to see during the day because they're so small. Look very nice at night. Just did a test for this year: looks great! Saved time and money by using these as a permanent installation!!Note: the plug on the longer exterior lights is NOT USB. It looks like the same plug, but it has the strand permanently wired into it to make it weather resistant. Mine are plugged into an exterior outlet that's out of the weather. 5Wonderful for a child's room!We got these for my 7 year old daughters room at Christmas and strung them up all over the ceiling. We use them in lue of a nightlight and she LOVES them! Our son 11yo wants some for his room and a solar set to make it look like a solar system:)5
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