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Pyrex 3-Cup Rectangle Food Storage (Pack of 4 Containers)

  • Pyrex 3-Cup Rectangle Food Storage (Pack of 4 Containers)

Pyrex 3-Cup Rectangle Food Storage (Pack of 4 Containers)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Includes (4) 6-Cup Rectangular Dish with Red Plastic Lid
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Customer Reviews

Very Poor quality compared to my Pyrex bought from TargetWay lower quality than the real Pyrex products that i bought at Target. Compare it to the real thing that you get retail and these lids barley stay snapped on to the base. This is a problem if you want to transport your food anywhere outside your kitchen and not have the contents spill out. The reason for the poor quality? I compared these side by side to my store bought pyrex tubberware. At first glance they appear to be identical, however looking closer the Pyrex ordered from World Kitchen, the glass is noticeably MUCH THINNER on the rim of the glass base, which explains why the lids do not stay on tight. S***ty product. Not the real thing, or maybe they bought a bunch of bad products from Pyrex. 1Nope. The lids don't even come close to matching up. I won't be using these for transporting lunches ever. Super disappointed. And with return shipping not free, I can't even get a full refund. Don't order. 1Works great but lid does not have a good seal. If you will be commuting to work with these make sure container is always flatWhile I love Pyrex, giving these three stars as the seal for the lid is not great. Anything remotely liquid - even if just a small amount of liquid in your packed meal - will leak out in your lunch bag. Thus, you have to make sure this is always sitting flat in your bag. However, these are great for meal prep! Would definitely purchase if you don't have to take them to travel. I take the train to work but if you are driving to work and can keep this container flat in your car, that would work. Otherwise, if not traveling with these containers, they make for great food storage in the refrigerator. I do prefer glass, just need to look for some with a locking/sealable lid 3Useful only as paperweights!In a pinch, these could be used as paperweights but they are worthless as food storage containers because the lids do not fit tightly therefore they leak. I would expect this lack of quality if they had been made in China but they were made in the United States. I am returning them to Amazon.Update 5/24/2016I contacted Pyirex to ask if they are aware of the ill-fitting lids. The representative said they have been aware of it for quite some time and are working with the manufacturer of the lids to fix the problem. One wonders then, why did Pyrex not recall the products so unsuspecting buyers would not be inconvenienced. 1Inexpensive but lids suck compared to other Pyrex purchases.As others have mentioned the lids kind of suck. I premake a few non-liquidy breakfasts and stack these in the fridge so they do fine by me, but I would never take these on the road. The lids do kind of hang on to the container as a nice decoration - enough of a lid visual for me to flatter myself into thinking I ve created a good enough freshness seal for a few days worth of self-prepared yogurt+blueberry+protein powder mush. I haven t noticed any crustiness to my mush or anything, but I had only handwashed these the first time I used them. We have a strict dishwasher safe policy at my household, and I did notice one of the lids come out of the dishwasher kind of warped, but return to its original shape after a couple days. I d say the seal hey provide is about the equivalent to a semi-half-asses aluminum foil wrap job - be highly conscious with it during transport, keep your expectations low, and you ll be fine. I already knew of the lid issue from other reviews so I considered this an okay trade-off for the price (I think I paid around $33 for 6). I got the red lids that say Pyrex on them thinking this might give me a better chance of receiving the real McCoy. Unfortunately, Pyrex label or not, they re just not awesome. 3Don't waste your money, the lids don't workI bought these to use for my work lunches, but the lids are not functional. They do not have a good grip on the container, so any juice will leak out and the lids are quick to fall off. Incredibly disappointing quality. I feel like I wasted my money on this - what's the point in having such a small container without a functional lid? If I could go back, I would not have wasted my money on this and I do not recommend you buy this product. 1Great for storing leftovers and meal preppingI use these to store my meals every day since I started meal prepping. They're sturdy, easy to clean, and well sized for splitting a single day's food into 3-4 portions. They're a bit shallow so if you're trying to fit something bulky in here, its best to slice it up first. Clumsy me has dropped them a few times onto the wood kitchen floor and so far no breaks. I like them more than plastic food storage. Plastic sometimes holds onto odors even if washed perfectly clean. Glass does not. And these can be heated in an oven or toaster oven if you're packing food that doesn't taste good after it's been microwaved, like potatoes. Of course they're heavier than plastic so carrying more than one can be a bit of a hassle. The lids stay on well enough but if you're going to be carrying them in a way that may tip it upside down, like in a backpack or something, then I would suggest looking for the versions with the snap on lids. 4Arrived broken and did not appear to be in original ...Arrived broken and did not appear to be in original packaging as they wrapped in plastic. There were pieces of glass that almost cut me as I opened the package. 1So disappointing. Lids do not seal, so they leakThese do not seal at all, and if there is any liquid in the container it WILL spill. Such a disappointment, especially since I have several friends who have used the same containers with no problems. I wish I had saved the packaging so I could return these, but I had so much faith in Pyrex, which I considered a reliable brand until now, that I threw it out as soon as I received the containers.So disappointing. 1Great size for lunches and meal prep / update 1 yr laterPurchased 3 separate times for meal prep over the course of 1 year. Worth every penny. Arrived unbroken, no chips and super fast. Love that you can buy leakproof lids (Pyrex No-Leak Lids 3 Cup) and replacement lids if needed.UPDATE: These continue to perform superbly a year on and no original red lids are torn, worn thin or warped from microwaving. I use them every week for weekly meal prep: bake, cool, freeze, thaw w/ original red lid and later reheat w/o lid). I write directly on the glass side with a Sharpie marker with contents/date before storing because it scrubs off with a dish scrub rag and soapy water, so no need for freezer tape or labels. I purchased the leak-proof lids, so if I'm taking with me, I replace red lids with that if I feel it will drip in my bag.The size is perfect for half of a full 8-serving casserole recipe. 5
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