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Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)

  • Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)
  • Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)
  • Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)
  • Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)
  • Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)
  • Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)
  • Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)

Prang Thick Core Colored Pencils, 3.3 Millimeter Cores, 7 Inch Length, Assorted Colors, 50 Count (22480)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Smooth core delivers vivid, blendable colors and soft laydown
  • Durable pencils with long lasting core provide bright colors and resist fading
  • 3.3mm break resistant core holds up under pressure
  • Real wood casing ensures consistent, easy sharpening
  • Includes 50 brilliant colors, AP certified non-toxic
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Customer Reviews

Good until sharpening ... leads mostly brokenI just got used to what colors I like in this set (the color names aren't exactly 'spot on') and now that I'm needing to sharpen them, most of the leads are broken so each time I sharpen and start to use, the end falls out. I'm pretty disappointed but for the price I can't complain too much. I was just dabbling around with the designed, more "grown up" coloring books on Amazon so now that I know that I like doing that, I will look for a better set. 3High Quality PencilsI've been using Prang products since I was a kid in elementary school, a lot of fond memories! I saw these on Amazon and had to get them, the quality is still there and maybe they even stepped it up a notch. I love the build of the pencils (high degree of lacquer on the pencil and the color name is right on the barrel), the laydown of color, the vibrancy of the colors and the wide array of colors available. These are perfect if you're using one of the adult coloring books out there and you're tired of having to buy open stock to replace your expensive colored pencils. I've used these along side my expensive artist grade pencils and you can't tell the difference between the makes of the pencils and the price difference between these and my artist grade pencils is huge! You can't go wrong with Prang and they really are superior to their competition. I bought this product with my own money and did not receive a discount or review request from the manufacturer. 5Pencils Aren't LabeledI really enjoy Prang pencils as a low budge set for reasons explained below; however I was initially disappointed the pencils in this pack do not have the color names imprinted. Previously, I had 12 and 36 packs and the pencils in each were. Rather than return them I concluded this will make me work a little harder, creating swatches and devising a system to identify the pencils. But one thing I like about the Prang is that they force me to layer and blend colors to bring out the pencils richness which improves my skill, so an exercise in swatching and labeling will make using this set an even more intimate, albeit a slow start up, experience. Due to the missing color names I would be hesitant to gift this set. 3Comparison of Four BrandsI need a set of 12 colored pencils for marking text. I specifically need pencils that mark easily with not having to press down hard and I also need good contrast between the colors. It was challenging to see a noticeable difference between the light & dark blues and between the light and dark greens. It was almost impossible to get a set of 12 that one of the colors wasn t white, which is useless for my purposes. That being said, I purchased one set each of Sargent, Prismacolor, Prang and Cra-z-art and compared them. Here are my results.Prisma was probably the best quality and had excellent contrast between the two blues and between the two greens. They marked easily with very little pressure and the range of colors was great. However, for my purposes, I really needed a pink. Prisma had peach or flesh-tone instead that is not pink enough for my needs. I didn t choose Prisma for that one reason alone. If my purpose was different, it may have been my first choice.The one I chose was Cra-z-art. There was very good contrast between the two blues and between the two greens, plus it had a very pretty shade of pink. It was the only set that didn t contain white. Instead, there are two reds with good contrast between them as well. They also marked easily with very little pressure.Prang was very similar to the Cra-z-art and was my second choice. The reason it was not number one was because the pink was not as bold as the Cra-z-art and it contained white.Sargent had the best pink. However, it was the hardest of the four and needed more pressure to mark. Also, there was not much contrast between the two blues and between the two greens. 4A traditional school colored pencil at a very good priceIf you're looking for top-notch colored pencils at a "middle-school" price, you can do a lot worse than these Prangs in the box of 50, which costs only a couple of dollars more than the box of 24. About the only criticism I can think of is that the range of color in this book shows a tendency toward earth-tones. But then, the candy or neon colors are the province of the primary grades! 5Best pencils for even triple the price.I bought these for my daughter when I bought her some of those very nice Dover coloring books. I bought myself the biggest PrismaColor Thick Lead Art Pencils, Assorted Colors, 120/Set SAN03602 set a year or so ago-- it's expensive, but they are great pencils.If you know what you're looking for then good pencils are important. For instance, the lead has to be strong and not break throughout the pencil if you drop it. The pencil lead has to be soft enough to get good coverage and must be blendable with other colors. Crayola, for instance, makes really bad brittle pencils. . . if you drop one, the lead is usually broken all the way through the pencil and you'll be sharpening the tip often.Now I didn't want to buy my little one Prismacolors because of the price. But, I didn't want to buy her bad pencils like Crayola or RoseArt just because of the price. I remembered how high quality Prang watercolors were and thought I'd look to see what they made in pencils.These are so excellent. I would say they are AS good as the expensive Prismacolors. no kidding. They are wonderful pencils with beautiful vibrant color, strong-- the lead is the perfect hardness/softness (what would you call this?). And, they are really inexpensive which is a huge surprise.We bought the set of 48 but was sent a set of 50-- the 48 set with 2 bonus pencils.I would recommend these for school and home and, if you are thinking of trying a new pencil for professional work, I'd recommend them for that, too. I am not a colored pencil artist, but I have used pencils professionally and I just cannot see any difference in these and the Prismacolor. And, I can say unequivocally that these are much better than the lesser priced Prismacolor 92805 Prismacolor Scholar Colored Woodcase Pencils, 24 Assorted Colors/Set student pencils or Prismacolor Verithin Colored Art Woodcase Pencils, 24 Assorted Colors/set. 5Great Purchase would recommend !!!!I find myself using these pencils more and more they are better than the Crayola, they have a nice color to them and blend well... I have just started this adult coloring with my mother who is 73 years old to help with her memory and hypertension it something she loves to do and these pencils are the right price... + you get some neon colors it depends on the different pressure you apply to the pencil as to what shade it will come out light / dark etc... the pencils are a hard wax I only wish there were more colors added to Prang in the second pic I used two crayola colors for the brown.. Sand and Cappuccino some gel pen from the dollar general on background and eyes of dog.. I put this up so you can see the difference in color shading.The picture I have put with this review has been done completely with Prang Pencils... the colors are vivid and great for someone who is just wanting to have some fun with this. My mother has arthritis in her hands and finds these pencils easier to use.. 5Not as nice as the Prang set of 24 at the Drug StoreI was very surprised when this set of 50 Prangs came and I tried them - actually when I saw them!! The wood in this set is white and the pencils have harder leads with colors that are of different tones (though names are the same!) than the set of 24 I bought at Rite Aid. I loved the ones from Rite Aid so I bought this set of 50 here on AMAZON, the drug store not carrying the 50 set. Well, I am keeping them all because the colors aren't really the same! BUT, the wood in the set from the store is a reddish color and the pencils themselves have a softer more pigment rich core! WOW....I wish the 50 had been the same sort as my set of 24! I still like Prangs though - a great price for many colors that augment my various other brands including Prismas, Thorntons and Tombow, as well as the Sargent Supremes which are very very nice! ALL the above brands have interesting colors and are fun to use, as are my 100 Crayolas!! HAHAHAHAa......yes, pencils become part of the fun of the coloring book thing. 3Four StarsYou have to put some strength to make the color bright, otherwise it's just very light color. 4Bang for buck.I received my 50 Prang Thick core (3.3mm) colored pencils in a cardboard box. Surprisingly they survived shipping (zero padding was provided ). None of the pencils were boken and all tips were sharp. However, this box will not survive frequent use, so I immediately transferred them to an old makeup tray.Color names are printed in gold in three languages on each pencil. However, color names and tip colors are misleading, so swatch them to see what you are working with.Gradients of each color can be achieved with different pressure and/or hatching techniques.(Scholastic quality so I will compare with Crayola) Color lays down much more evenly than Crayola. Much less pressure is needed to lay down intense color. Points stay sharp through coloring unlike Crayola which requires sharpening every third second. Much less wax bloom than Crayola. I bought this set of 50 for under $8 so even the price was better than Crayola.I will update with the results of blending and layering. Happy coloring!!!Update: I attempted to layer basic primary colors to make new secondary colors. Then I used layers to add depth to a sphere. Compared to Crayola these Prang pencils transition more smoothly and mix more evenly. 4
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