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Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)

  • Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)
  • Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)
  • Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)
  • Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)
  • Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)
  • Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)

Perfect Pod EZ-Cup Disposable Paper Filters with Patented Lid Design for Reusable Coffee Pods 4-Pack (200 Filters)

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€62,00 €102,00 You save: €40,00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 14 Days Return

  • Allows the use your own coffee in Single Cup Coffee Brewing Machines
  • EZ-Cup Filters remove oils and sediments
  • Should be used with EZ-Cup and EZ-Cup 2.0 (Sold separately)
  • No more coffee grounds in your freshly made coffee
  • Saves up to 80% over pre-filled single serve capsules
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Customer Reviews

Same as retailer but with convenience of AMZ Not much to say, they are what they are. I've used them for years from BB&B but it's the only thing I go to that store for. It's nice to be able to get them bulk from AMZ for about the same price. I prefer the EZ Cup system with paper filters because it keeps the funk (I don't know what that stuff is called) that gets through the mesh metal pods. I typically don't realize I am at the bottom of my cup of coffee until I take the last swig. I can't stand getting a mouthful of the gritty funk the metal pods have. 5Love these little filters...work very well...and save $$$ These are great little filters for the EZ-Cup. They allow us to use our favorite coffees, and are easy to use once you get the hang of just how much coffee to put into them. The instructions warn you to not overfill them...but don't illustrate just how much you ARE supposed to put it. I overloaded them a few times and they broke open, so my cup had coffee AND the grounds. It's also important to use drip-ground coffee. We grind our own, and I also made the mistake of grinding the coffee too fine. These work better than the permanent filters...they leave no sediment in my cup. We like them so much that we're ready to put them on our subscribed purchase list. Finally, you save a LOT of money filling your own pods. 5The Perfect Solution to Save Money and Use Your Own Coffee with a Keurig Coffee Maker The short story is the EZ-Cup works GREAT for people wanting to use their own coffee and save money. Don't waste your money on any non-paper reusable filters - the coffee will be weak and full of sediment without a paper filter.I considered buying a Keurig coffee maker for over a year. I was getting tired of cleaning all of the coffee pot parts and built in grinder every day; usually in the morning when I really wanted a cup of coffee - fast. I was delighted with how easy and quick the Keurig machine was. I really wanted to use my own coffee and keep my costs down, so I also purchased a reusable filter with a metal mesh type filter. I was SO disappointed. The coffee was weak and full of sediment which you can taste even before you get to the bottom of the cup.After doing some research on Amazon and taking apart a K-Cup, I discovered three things: 1.) A paper filter was the answer (the inside of a K-Cup has a paper filter), 2.) I should grind the coffee to the same consistency as the coffee in a K-Cup and 3.) Don't PACK your coffee tightly into these filters or the water may not be able to infuse the coffee properly and you may have a mess on your hands if the water can't penetrate the pod you are using.The problem with the reusable single cup filters with a metal mesh is the hot water runs through these non-paper filters too quickly and produces a very weak cup of coffee. Also, coffee ground with home grinders creates super fine particles that get through the mesh filters and into your cup. The sediment leaves a bad taste. A paper filter slows the hot water down just enough to strengthen the taste AND it filters out the sediment. I have 3 cups size settings on my Keurig. The middle 7.25 oz setting is perfect for me. The 9.25 oz is always too weak for me.Some people say coffee run through a paper filter is healthier than coffee run through a non-paper filter because it filters out bad things. I do know it tastes MUCH better.I researched all of the paper filters and decided to try the Ez-Cup and Ez-Cup filters based on reviews and because it had Amazon Prime shipping. They cost from around .10 - .125 cents each, which is great. I found it very easy and quick to make up a "pod." Fill the filter to the top with coffee, place it in the Ez-Cup plastic pod, flip the paper filter top across the top, then press the plastic lid down to seal, drop it in the machine and go.I read about one person adjusting the spring lower to get more coffee in the filter for a stronger cup of coffee. After studying the Ez-Cup for awhile, I did not see how it was possible to adjust the spring. I didn't want to ruin my new pod, so I called Ez-Cup customer service and they said I did not need to make any adjustments to get a full filter of coffee. When you place a paper filter in the Ez-Cup, about of it will project above the top of the Ez-Cup. That's okay. Fill the filter all the way to the top of the paper with coffee. You can fill the filter while holding it in your hand or set it in the Ez-cup and fill it all the way to the top. (Ok to shake it to level while filling, but do not tamp it down.) I gently flick any coffee I may have gotten on the outside edges of the filter so there's no coffee between the seal, flip the paper top over, press the lid down and it will compact the filter into the cup against the spring loaded bottom and seal shut.Unlike what some other reviews said, I found it easy to press the plastic lid on. If it's new and a little tight, set it on the counter and press down with the ball of your hand. After one cup, the plastic warms up and is VERY easy to press down for a second cup.If there was a filter breakage issue in the past, there is not now. I went through 200 filters with no problem.I highly recommend the Ez-Cup and Ez-Cup filters! 5Best K-Cup compatible item ever I used to use the reusable cups with the screen built in. Over time I found my coffee getting more and more gritty. Rinsing the grounds out was a pain. Super easy to use. Put filter in cup, fill with grounds, fold flap over top, put cap on, place in brewer. We all know how there are billions of those little plastic cups in the landfills...... with these cups, the filters and coffee grounds can be composted. No Waste. If only more products were designed like this. I used to use the reusable cups with the screen built in. Over time I found my coffee getting more and more gritty. Rinsing the grounds out was a pain. With this type the grounds and filter come right out of the cup after brewing. Just a quick rinse and done ! 5PUT THOSE PLASTIC K-CUPS DOWN! HERE is the answer to your guilt about throwing them away, PLUS you'll save money! We bought one of the Keurig a couple years ago when my husband decided to drink decaf. After a short time, I put it away because I felt so horrible using those expensive (35-50 cents per cup) plastic cups for EVERY cup of coffee and they're too hard to take them apart for recycling?Then, I found E-Cup. I love the fact that the coffee and filter go directly into my compost. Problem one solved.As for the cost of a cup of coffee. I weighed my favorite (expensive) coffee, added the cost of the filter and it comes out to about 6-8 PENNIES PER CUP. Problem two solved.As for the folks that have had them blow out. I occasionally get a few that do it too, but not enough to worry. We use a fine strainer on top of the cup for a bit if one busts through but, like I said, it happens very infrequently. 5Mostly good. Some inherent design and concept flaws. These work fantastic...except:The paper lids on the cups don't puncture easily by the kureg's water needle. Instead, the paper lids just force down into the coffee, pushing grounds up and out of the little basket. The water needle, then pumps in hot water, some of which is retained on top of the paper, and flowing over the edge (water chooses the path of least resistance. This whole thing leads to sometimes weak, and sometimes very messy coffee.I fixed the above problem by either ripping off the paper lid, or pre-puncturing the lid with a meat thermometer (I seriously did this). Then I noticed how not all the water flowed out the bottom, but some came out the top of the grounds basket. There is an inherent reduction of flow when you add a paper filter to a grounds basket. Restricting the flow out the bottom (with paper) means a small amount of the coffee and hot water can flow over the top of the grounds basket and filter (you'll see two or three weak streams coming from your kureg instead of one. Once again: this is a problem inherent to using a paper filter, and NOT the fault of the EZ-Cup Filter, specifically.Overall, though, these cups made clean-up between cups of coffee much faster than if I'd just used the screen basket that came with the EZ-Cup. 4Great idea. I love these. My office isn't near a ready kitchen area and I want to be able to use my own ground coffee in my refillable K-cup. With these little filters, I can pull out the whole filter leaving ZERO coffee grounds. If you compost, you can toss the whole kit & caboodle into your composter. 5Huge money saver No more pods at 57 each . I can buy whatever flavor or just a good ol can of maxwell house and make my own pods. For flavors try door county coffe its excellent. This is easy to use and dispose off just make sure you have the refillable plastic pod for your kuerig and drop this in 5These Work GREAT! But to Get Great Results You HAVE to Use the Pod that They are Made For. These make *terrible* coffee - IF you aren't using the pod they are made for. We originally were trying these with the pods that we already had (these ones: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AUBYMK2/), and the coffee came out so weak that we could see through it. (Those pods do work very well with non-flapped filters though.)These make *FANTASTIC* coffee if you use them with the pod they are made for (this one: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B002YPC2NM/). Now, I know that this seems as if it shouldn't make *that* much of a difference, but it does. That pod has a spring-loaded bottom, and somehow (I suspect dark magic) the darned thing makes a perfect cup, every time, and with half as much coffee! (Read my review of that pod to get the full skinny on that pod, that review is here: https://www.amazon.com/review/RRSS5IDYVHSV7/)So, bottom line, if you are going to spring for these filters, also spring for the springy, spring-loaded pod (see what I did there?) In case the link I put above doesn't work, you can search Amazon for "EZ-cup refillable capsule". 5Works Great in the EZ-Cup Holder - And Others - Rinse Them to Use a 2nd & 3rd Time These work great. I use these in other My K-Cup holders as well as the EZ Cup holder. I also have a K475 2.0 machine that accepts the EZ-Cup after the lid of another Keurig pod is taped to the top. I've used other filters and holders, but these are my favorite. I think I read that someone said theirs seemed thin and tore, allowing grounds in the cup. I've not had that problem at all. I've even rinsed them and used them again with the same great results - cutting costs. 5
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