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Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)

  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)
  • Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)

Pentel Twist-Erase III Mechanical Pencil ,0.5mm , Black Barrel, 12 Pack (QE515A)

€120,00 €72,00 Save: €48,00
€72,00 €120,00 You save: €48,00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Protective tip design stabilizes lead to reduce lead breakage
  • Comfortable, extra-soft latex-free grip for less writing fatigue
  • Frequent mistakes are no match for the larger than ordinary and long lasting twist-up eraser
  • Pre-loaded with Pentel Super Hi-Polymer HB lead; never needs sharpening, is super strong and produces a clear dark line
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Customer Reviews

This is the good pencilYou've probably found this page because you're diligently weighing your options, trying to find one pencil that won't crap out on you. You can stop looking. This is the pencil. I bought it close to two years ago, at the end of my first year of medical school, tired of making do with wood pencils that ran out or mechanical pencils that broke. With this pencil, I wrote down a substantial fraction of all human knowledge on pathophysiology, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and psychiatry. I filled fully three notebooks reviewing for the biggest test of my life. I doodled incessantly in the margins, and sheepishly erased it. I buy lead, I buy erasers, but the pencil does not fail. If current trends continue, I will be a practicing physician who still uses this same freaking pencil.At one time or another, I have regretted many, perhaps most, of the major decisions of my life. I have never regretted buying this pencil.5The BEST mechanical pencil out thereI've been a big fan of Pentel's mechanical pencils since High School and loved one in particular so much that I kept it throughout my four years, even buying an extra set of two for convenience. However, one of the pencils broke, one went missing, another has been having issues, and the last one is showing signs of wear, so I decided to look for new pencils for my first year of college. I tried out two Paper Mate pencils and Pilot's G2 pencil and was pretty disappointed with the feel and quality. I decided that I might as well stick with what I know and buy another set of my old favorite Pentels, but I couldn't find them anywhere on Amazon. While looking, however, I stumbled upon these and thought they looked good enough to give them a try. After all, they were still Pentels.WOW. I never expected to be so impressed by a $5 pack of 2 pencils, but I was when I used these for the first time. They feel incredible in your hand, with a great weight and a grip both large and textile. The eraser is definitely the best I have ever come across in a mechanical pencil, and the twist feature really is easy and useful (I've never been one to buy into names and marketing, but this pencil is aptly named). However, the best feature has to be the long nib that allows for control and precision unlike that of any pencil I've ever used before. My handwriting has become much smoother, faster, and more legible because of how long the narrow part of the tip is, which allows me to see much more of the paper when I am writing as well as hold the pencil with my fingers at a more comfortable distance away from the paper. I haven't had these for more than a week, but already know that they will be my favorite writing tool for a long time.5Assorted Colors = Worst Colors5 stars for Pentel, 1 star for this seller. I have bought these pencils in the past and have always loved to write with them. The photos and description indicate that the "assorted colors" are a 2 pack of pencils that can be "Black/Blue" or "Black/Red" or "Blue/Red." I would have been satisfied with any of those options, or even two of any of those colors.Instead of Black/Blue/Red, I was sent these horrendous pastel-green and hot-pink colors. They do not look professional, and I do not want to be caught using them by my peers. I would not have a problem if I had received a "Black/Pink" or "Black/Green" variety pack, but to receive BOTH pastel-green AND hot-pink in the same pack is just frustrating.1High Quality at an Affordable PriceGreat Little pencils that have changed the way I see mechanical pencils. Back in high school I figured buying 20 pencils for 10$ must be better than buying 2 nice pencils for 12$. Boy was I wrong, since high school I have easily spent 100$ on non-reusible mechanical pencils with terrible lead and a bad eraser.These pencils grip very comfortably in my hand, have a very common lead size that is easy to see and feels very luxurious to write with. I also can't stress enough how much I appreciate having a reliable eraser on my pencil. All of these parts are modular so theoretically these could be the last two mechanical pencils I buy for my college career. Two quarters in and they have shown no sign of wear and tear after several refills.In this case quality really does make the difference. Pencils like these show that you can have a reliable pencil that you can take care of and it can last you for years and that is far too rare these days.5Never thought I'd be reviewing a pencilBy far the best mechanical pencil I've used. I prefer mechanical pencils over regular pencils and pens, but most mechanical pencils are poorly designed. Not these... I bought the 0.9mm version and it's perfect for my writing style. It doesn't write too bold, and the lead has never broken (I tend to use a lot of pressure when writing).Pros:- Nice big eraser that's retractable and easily replaceable- Metal clip (plastic ones give out pretty quickly)- Wide grip (but not too wide) that allows me to write continuously for long periods of time without my hand cramping- Lead doesn't break easily and is also replaceable- Clips onto my sketchbooks perfectly- Outperforms more expensive, fancier mechanical pencilsCons:- May be too wide for some cloth pencil-holsters found in backpacks and the like5Best mechanical pencilsI now have four of these and they are great. The barrel is better for me because it's a more comfortable grip than the skinnier mechanical pencils. The eraser is great, doesn't tear paper, erases better than the pink erasers on the other mechanical pencils. Also my 1st grader can grip it with no problem of breaking the lead as often as the 0.5mm & 0.7mm lead pencils. I'm teaching him to take it easy and he won't have that problem as often. I think he's getting the hang of it. However, I remember purchasing this same brand 10+ years ago and it was made in Japan, I loved those because I think the grip was wider. This in not as wide as those and I've tried to find the other ones but I can't do I'll just stick with these, I still really like them.5The best layman's mechanical pencil you can buyI am a writer, have done mechanical drafting, and am an artist. I prefer to do all of these activities using a mechanical pencil. These are the only mechanical pencils I will buy. (Yes, the mechanical drafting pencils are probably better, but I don't like their feel, their usability isn't great for me, nor do I like their price.) These even work despite my severe carpal tunnel!This pencil is the closest I have seen to perfection for a mechanical pencil. Its eraser is even large enough for folks like me who constantly make mistakes and want to change what they wrote, in addition to being easily replaceable. The lead is protected for writing, thus it isn't always braking, unlike other pencils with this sized lead. The lead holder is sturdy, thus the pencil doesn't break at the tip after only an hour or two of writing.Really, these pencils are so good that I have purchased well over two hundred of this model since they came out about 25 years ago! (Mostly I loose them, but a few have stopped working after 5-10 years. I haven't figured out why those stopped working, but that's a decent run for a pencil.)For the longest time my husband refused to use mechanical pencils because they always break. After using one of these once, he now steals them all the time and I keep having to buy even more of them. In addition I have noticed that more and more of my friends have started using these after borrowing one from me for a short use.5The Champion We DeserveThe king of lead pencils. The ones that draftsman and engineers seem to flock to. I just purchased this because it had high reviews and was affordable. Little did I know I was buying the champion of all lead pencils. My father in law is a draftsmen and saw me holding this pencil and said "Well that looks familiar". I didn't realize it was THAT well known. Lets break it down:Quality:1) Its light but feels well thought out. Plastic, but firm and doesn't feel like your going to break anything2) The top easy twist eraser is super basic and makes it very easy to use3) The top lifts off and makes adding lead a snap- Whoever thought of this design understood the term "simplicity". Its a pencil, dont complicate it.Usability:1) Very comfortable and nice to write with. No complaints.Eraser:1) Its a beast and lasts a long time2) Erases very well and really pulls the lead off the paper3) Easily replaceable on amazon along with the lead, so you can keep using this pencil for years to comeValue:1) Its $3.50 for 1 pencil that's loved by basically everyone that comes with a massive eraser2) Unbeatable value, the other trash pack of 20 lead pencils you buy hold nothing compared to this. Stop buying them and just get this.But if you dont believe me, check out the other reviewers who have used these for years and years. Very impressive tool.5On the mechanical pencils that I liked, I constantly was struggling with erasers being used ...One might think that pencils are all over the place and what will make this pencil special. Well, I am a student that is majoring in Accounting and pencils are very important. Before I found this company, I went through all sorts of pencils. I bought the once that I had to sharpen and different mechanical pencils. On the mechanical pencils that I liked, I constantly was struggling with erasers being used up. In addition, since I use pencils for long period of times, I needed a comfortable grip.This pencil has it all. It feels great in my hands and eraser is extremely long. So far, I used it for two months and I am nowhere near the end of the eraser. I would definitely recommend that you purchase this pencil and let it be the end of your struggles.If you found that this review helped you, please press "helpful" so I will know if my reviews help or they just waist of my time.5Best Mechanical PencilsThese are the most comfortable writing mechanical pencils. They have a great weight unlike the disposable mechanical pencils. A coworker who was an accounting executive always used them and I've loved them ever since. I thought it was fun that they came in multiple colors, a surprise what colors you get (can't choose I don't think) but it was fun because in the office stores they just come in basic colors. Very pleased with these, the twist up eraser rocks!5
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