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Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count

  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count
  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count
  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count
  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count
  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count
  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count
  • Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count

Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens 12 count

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Ballpoint pen with bold 1.4 millimeter point helps you confidently communicate your thoughts
  • Soft grip for comfortable everyday writing
  • Reliably vivid ink brightens up your notes
  • Convenient retractable design and color matching barrels
  • 12 vivid blue ballpoint pens bring your handwriting to life
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Customer Reviews

The pens are fine. As expectedThe pens are fine. As expected. However they arrived in terrible disarray. Though I'm not sure who is to blame for that. The box was smashed and the pens were falling out. All except for maybe two of the pens had been clicked open, and the protective plastic/rubber tip that is usually on the end to protect them from the ink drying out was not present. Disappointed. 3Will Fight You Over This PenThe headline speaks for itself. These pens are perfect for someone who needs a larger ballpoint size. I press down really hard when I write so smaller ballpoint are useless to me. The grip supplies enough cushion to keep my middle finger from getting sore or callused after using all day. At my office, we all have our own stash hidden in our offices. Although they look the same, we know if someone has our pen. LOL 5My favorite of all paper matesI mean what can I say It's Paper Mate and they are my favorite brand for ink pens but this particular product the Bold ink is my absolute favorite is the one that I will continue to use and have been using for years the ink is so bold it's not Dull it's a beautiful London blue topaz color and the more that you write with it the more vibrant enrich the color is the pain has a good feel to it it's soft it's compact and the thing about it is the ink is refillable you can even put it in another pen just for the sake of having that beautiful ink 5GREAT SMOOTH WRITING INEXPENSIVE BOLD BLUE INK PENSI love these Paper Mate Profile blue ink pens. They are inexpensive but yet they write very smoothly and in a bold legible blue ink. I make it a practice to always sign things in Blue Ink. Why? Because with the high quality of copiers today it is often hard to discern a signed copy from the original. Thus if anyone shows me my signature in black ink, I immediately know that it is a copy not my original signature. When signing papers, the other party often will attempt to hand me a pen but, I always say that I already have one. These pens Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold (1.4mm), Blue, 12 Countare always dependable and legible until they run out of ink and then I just toss them as a disposable pen. I always keep a couple of boxes on hand and have one or two of them in my shirt pocket.Paper Mate Profile Retractable Ballpoint Pens, Bold (1.4mm), Blue, 12 Count 5Great until they run out of inkThe pens feel good in your hand, and they write smooth, but they run out of ink very quickly. I've gone through about half of them already after only a few months, and I don't write a whole lot. It looks like they're still half full of ink, but they stop writing. I've tried all the tricks, but they just stop. This has happened to EVERY ONE of the ones I've used so far. Disappointing. 2INK BEAUTIFULLY DELIVEREDThis Paper Mate Profile is the best performing pen I've ever used. I am old fashioned... I actually enjoy the fading art of ink on paper.I prefer a good medium point bcz it doesn't slip on the paper as a fine point does; especially an issue for me with arthritis.I feel my writing looks much neater, with straighter lines using this pen. Perhaps it's the style of the rubber grip or the engineering of the point. But I would recommend it for anyone who has arthritis and finds their handwriting is not what it used to be. And certainly for anyone who enjoys the beauty of a lovely line on paper. 51.4 mm vs 1.6 mm: BOLD Ballpoint pen reviewWhen writing fiction I go for the 7" x 10" Japanese import notebooks (Apica B5 ruled notebook, Tsubame B5 Ruled notebooks or the Kokuyo Mister notebook B5 or sometimes the more glossy Kokuyo Campus notebooks).Let's face it, for whatever reason, the nature of a notebooks writing surface matters. And the pen we choose might matter even more. But pen choices are as varied as there are tastes. Some like the extra fine ballpoint, some the fine ballpoint while others might fancy the Bold ballpoint pens. All depending on what you want -- thin or thick lined writing. Again, this goes in tandem with the nature of the writing surface which too varies from rough, hard, normal to near-glossy surfaces (like the Kokuyo notebooks).This is a pen review (for a BOLD ballpoint pen at that), so let me stay on point (pun not intended).To give the review a measured context, I'd need to stack different brand pens side by side to give anyone reading this a visual imagery of what a 1.6 mm pen looks like versus another 1.6 mm pen from the same brand but of a different model version. I also threw in a 1.4 mm ballpoint into the mix.They are: BIC Velocity 1.6 mm RT pen, BIC Atlantis 1.6 mm RT pen and a 1.4 mm Paper Mate Profile. For those not too familiar with what a BOLD 1.6 mm or a 1.4 mm means... it's the width or thickness of a the line drawn by the said pen. Same applies for 1.0 mm, 0.7 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.38 mm.The bigger the size, the wider the bore. Thus there is no way you can exclude the issue of ink blotting, bleeding, or even streaking (these do not streak). Though this is relative to the kind of paper you write on i.e. rough, smooth or gloss.I used 2 types of writing surfaces to demonstrate how the ink of the 3 brands appear (see pics). One is from a Japanese import paper MUJI Notebook (tan/beige color) the other is the bleached white of MEAD two ring business notebook.IMPRESSIONS:COLOR -- In terms of vivid BOLD blue color, I give it to the BIC brands.They are ahead of the Paper mate Profile. Not to say the PP is bad. No. It's been my go-to pen for story telling/writing up until now.FLOW -- In terms of the smoothness of writing ... it's pretty damn close. I would give Atlantis a very marginal edge over the other 2, with the Paper Mate Profile & BIC Velocity a near dead even draw. None of them skips or stutters or "scratchy feeling" when they're going.STAIN/BLOT: This is where, as I earlier mentioned lies the "curse" in the midst of the blessing. The larger the ballpoint, the more likely to blotch. Now the paper mate at 1.4 mm does not blotch. So, I give it to the PP brand on that one. But at a "huge" 1.6 mm ... something had to give (I'm sure if PP had a 1.6 mm model it would blotch too). Now, it's not as bad as it sounds. I only notice this for Atlantis and Velocity when the pen makes first contact with the paper. Once you get to scribbling along it's smooth sailing. SUGGESTION: To mitigate against this, just wipe tip with a paper towel before writing. But if this is something that'll bother you then I suggest you stick with the Paper Mate Profile.Or alternatively you go down a notch to Medium 1.0 mm or Fine 0.7 mm ballpoint pens.The Atlantis -- from my own impressions is the most blotch prone when compared to Velocity. Paper Mate Profile is the least prone and thus takes this one for the win.These are a definite recommend. But it will come down to individual needs when choosing.Like I mentioned, I included pics (please overlook the bad handwriting).Hope you found this review helpful.UPDATE: 1/22/18The blotch is enough to cause some frustrations when using the 1.6mm pens on very smooth or glossy paper. So, I'll take Paper Mate Profile over the other 2.UPDATE: 04/14/17:Just bought my 3rd packet of Paper Mate Profile 1.4mm RT pen. Thta tells you how good this pen is. 'Nuff said. 5Superb ProductGreat pens. They always work and do so smoothly without ever leaking. Have a good many very expensive pens and pen and pencil sets that I have received as gifts or purchased over many years of big time law practice. Despite the prestige of their hoity-toity manufacturers, none of them work as well as these, which I adopted after initially finding them on my local bank's counters. Always carry only these pens and if I lose them along the way, which I often do, it's no big deal. 5You Can NEVER Have Too Many Pens!As a lefty I can tell you that finding a smooth-writing and reliable pen that doesn't smear as I write is nearly impossible. That is, unless you are willing to spend an arm and a leg...which I am not. These pens come in three different colors and claim to be the"World's Smoothest Pen"....and after using them I have to say that I agree! They write like gel, but without the smearing and without the hefty price tag. Not to mention they have an ergonomic grip that makes it super comfy when writing for extended periods of time.The Other Stuff: Order arrived quickly as promised, packaging was good, and the product arrived in tact. 5these didn't last long!Update: The ink ran out on all of them with light use. Changing from three to two stars.I'm guessing these have sat in storage a long time. The box was dented in around the edges. They wouldn't write at first as if the ball was stuck. I took each pen out and vigorously drew in all directions to get the ink flowing. I've used one pen to test for about a month and it's fine. Three stars were for the box issue, knowing these are older, and wondering if the ink inside will hold up since I'm not using all pens everyday.Love the thick line and blue color that no other pens have. 1
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