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Paper Mate Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen, Extra-Fine Tip, 12-Pack, Blue (31003BH)

  • Paper Mate Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen, Extra-Fine Tip, 12-Pack, Blue (31003BH)
  • Paper Mate Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen, Extra-Fine Tip, 12-Pack, Blue (31003BH)
  • Paper Mate Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen, Extra-Fine Tip, 12-Pack, Blue (31003BH)
  • Paper Mate Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen, Extra-Fine Tip, 12-Pack, Blue (31003BH)

Paper Mate Liquid Flair Porous-Point Pen, Extra-Fine Tip, 12-Pack, Blue (31003BH)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Unique liquid ink system provides even flow and smooth marking. Mimics the smooth writing experience of a fountain pen.
  • Quick-drying ink prevents smearing and your writing won't bleed through paper.
  • Free-flowing pen is ideal for use at school, work, home offices or businesses.
  • Translucent barrel provides a window for monitoring the ink supply, so you can easily replace it before it runs out.
  • Extra-fine nylon points. Set of 12 blue ink pens.
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Customer Reviews

Great pen for writers crampsThese are my favorite everyday pens! First one in a while that I ve actually repurchased a pack (black, not fashion colors). I get writers cramps, the felt tip makes it much easier on the wrist, and the lines are clean enough that it makes a good pen for scribbling down notes. I must have gone through 3-4 bullet journals with these pens. I do have to knock off a star for the caps, which can self destruct. I ve gotten pretty careful about not dropping them or forcing the cap on too tight and not putting it on the back of the pen, and that s pretty well fixed it, but you shouldn t have to be that precious with a regular pen IMO. Still 100% worth it, this pen makes it possible for me to write comfortably for a lot longer than any others and still looks good on the page. 4Beautiful colors.... but....I absolutely love colored pens! And I used one of these at work and fell in love with it so I bought the pack. The colors are vivid and the pens write really well! My only concern with these pens is that the caps of the pen are extremely easy to crack which then cause the pens to dry out. And obviously, once they dry out you can't use them anymore. I wish PaperMate would fix the cap issues because otherwise these pens would be a 5 star. But at this point, I wouldn't spend the money to purchase a pack. 2The Best Writing Pens Ever!These pens are the best writing pens I've ever used. I am very picky when it comes to pens, but these are as close to perfect as I can find. Very smooth lines, although they will smear. The package says extra fine, but the lines are actually rather bold to me. This isn't a problem to me because I like bold. I wish they were easier to find in my area because I feel a little silly ordering pens from Amazon. Great buy though! 5will buy more :)This was my first time purchasing these pens. I have used the Papermate Flair pens before and I liked those. After reading reviews about the decreasing qualities and more people had good things to say abouut the Liquid Flair, so I decided to buy them. Shipping was super fast (thanks to Prime). I feel that the price is fair especially for the quality and quantity that you get. They come in a array of colors that I love. Since I was a little girl, I've always had an obsession with notebooks, paper, pens, and writing. And what would always draw me in to a pen was the colors, the shape, how many, and more important how do they writet! Well once receiving these pens, I felt a little girl all over again. I only wanted to write with pretty pins in my pretty notebook. They write so smoothly and vibrant. They don't bleed or smudge and I just love ALL the colors. I'm a handwriting enthusiast I love writing and perfecting my handwriting, so these pens allow me to do just that with a little flair :) 5paper mate liquid expresso are back!These are my all-time favorite pens. Used to be called paper mate liquid expresso, they've been renamed but are exactly the same. They write ULTRA smoothly, are a perfect dark black, don't bleed through paper like a sharpie, and write on more surfaces than a ballpoint or gel.The only downside is they will dry up if you don't keep the cap on, and the caps have a tendency to crack after a while, usually far before the pen is used up. The crack is usually at the mouth, preventing it from staying tightly clipped onto the pen and allowing it to dry up more quickly. I'm careful with them (only use them at my desk) so it's not from abuse. I can only guess that the plastic they use isn't up to the task of being replaced over and over. It's the only downside and one I'm willing to live with since I love the pen so much. 5About as good as the original ExpressoHonestly, I cannot tell if this pen has been discontinued or not, but when searching for Liquid Expresso, the only pen I have ever liked using, Paper Mate claimed to have the original formula - redesigned. In the old days, writing was something I did more frequently and if I did not have an Expresso around, I would not write; plain and simple. The flair tipped pen wrote extremely smooth, did not smear, felt natural and did not cause my hand to cramp. If you have never written with one, then you've missed out. But, I am not sure sure that Paper Mate was the original owner of the pen.This pen is "almost" there. It has slightly more friction when in contact with the paper. The barrel feels right, application is not as smooth. We don't write as much in the digital age, so some folks won't feel this is a big deal. But there are times when writing is a requirement, and presentation of your work will be shown to others. With the former pen, my penmanship looked pretty darn good to others. This pen feels like my hand is going to get tired of writing after a certain point, but it will last in my hand longer, that's for sure. Ballpoint pens are out for me, so this will be the next best pen I've found next to the original deal. I'm glad I found them, and hope that there is enough interest to keep it around and to make improvements based on public opinion. 4Favorite pens to useFavorite pens to use. I love the fine tip and feel like it just glides along the page when I'm writing. Biggest flaw, however, is that they do tend to smear if you don't let the ink dry for a second, but I enjoy the feeling when I write with it so much that the drying doesn't bother me. Will purchase these again. 5Pop! goes the cap.I like these pens, as pens. Especially the purple, red, black and blue colors. The ligher colors are very light, and not that useful. The tips seem to work better than the usual Flair pen, cleaner lines. The reason for the two star review is the caps. Every single one, after a few days of regular use, develops a crack in the cap, and pops off on it's own. They will stay on for a few seconds, and then shoot the top off. It doesn't just become loose, it actually shoots off, and ends up 2 inches away from the pen on my desk. So, they dry out. I've tried taping the tops (since they are cracked) and the cap still pops off. 2Great pen but...The ink isn't rich enough. I had this pen in blue, loved the way it wrote, so I decided to get a multicolored pack. I was very disappointed. The ink isn't as vibrant as the other Paper Mate colored pens. The ink is too light. Only the black, purple, red, and blue show up well on paper, while the others have a highlighter type quality. Love the pen, I'll just stick to the basics for writing. 3Meh - not bad, not what I hoped.I didn't pay too close attention to reviewers on this one, should have. My work bought the XFine Red, Blue and Black versions and so I thought 'Yay, colors!' with this set. Unfortunately, while the basic three are strong colors, and the purple is nice and dark, but the teal, orange, green and pink are neon. Not what I would call 'vivid' like it says on the package. I'll still use the heck out of these, but the neon colors will be much less useful for notes and such.Honestly, I don't see much difference between the XFine and the Medium tips. XFine is more like a traditional Sharpie tip, where the medium is more of a marker looking tip. But they write pretty much the same. Think there is a little more control with the fine, but, could be my imagination. Forgive the sloppy writing - some of us don't fare well without lines. :)Likely wouldn't repurchase these again - not going to be in my go-to lineup. I'm a little bit of a hoarder/collector of pens. When I find something that I love, I keep going back for more (Pilot Varsity or even Staples OptiFlow for example). 3
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