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Onoola Silicone Sleeve for Hydro Flask Water Bottles (Multiple Sizes & Colors) (Glow Pink, 32oz)

  • Onoola Silicone Sleeve for Hydro Flask Water Bottles (Multiple Sizes & Colors) (Glow Pink, 32oz)
  • Onoola Silicone Sleeve for Hydro Flask Water Bottles (Multiple Sizes & Colors) (Glow Pink, 32oz)
  • Onoola Silicone Sleeve for Hydro Flask Water Bottles (Multiple Sizes & Colors) (Glow Pink, 32oz)
  • Onoola Silicone Sleeve for Hydro Flask Water Bottles (Multiple Sizes & Colors) (Glow Pink, 32oz)

Onoola Silicone Sleeve for Hydro Flask Water Bottles (Multiple Sizes & Colors) (Glow Pink, 32oz)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • GLOW IN THE DARK: Great for a night out, camping, boating, movies, or any evening activity.
  • FITS 40 OZ FLASKS: Perfectly fits 40oz Hydro Flask type bottles like a glove. Simply slide your flask into the silicone sleeve to use.
  • PREVENT DAMAGE: Prevent everyday dings, dents & scratches. Perfect for the beach, rock climbing, hikes, and everyday usage!
  • SOLID PROTECTION: Sleeve is 5mm thick at the base & 1.8mm thick around the flask, providing optimal protection.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: Rounded square holes all around. The Onoola logo is embossed vertically for easy gripping.
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Customer Reviews

Stripped the colorReally like the case until it stripped the color from my Hyrdroflask when I left it on the shelf for a few months. It defeats the purpose if it damages it in a different way. 2TAKEYA 40oz Approved!Ordered this sleeve hoping it would fit my TAKEYA 40oz Container and YES IT FITS! Not all the way to the neck (reason for theback4 stars) but for the most part. I recommend you turn the sleeve inside out, place it at the bottom and carefully pull just don't pull too much or you get a bulge at the bottom*Dents and scratches are prior to getting the sleeve... Reason why I ordered it 4A+ product!I m giving this a solid five star review across the board. Not only does it make your Hydro flask easier to hold onto, but it protects it from all bumps and scratches. It is a very tight fit so you do have to spend a little time putting it on but once it s on there s no reason to take it off. I have a very pale robins egg blue color Hydro flask with a black Top and I went with this sleeve because it is a trans parent gray and over all the colors look beautiful together. The Hydro flask was pretty expensive so this is a worthwhile investment to protect it! 5Fits my 32oz Hydro Flask great. Love the grip it addsFits my 32oz Hydro Flask great. Love the grip it adds. The blue color is beautiful. Now they just need to make more in other sizes to fit more of my hydro flasks! 5Shipping issue but GREAT product!I was in a hurry to receive this sleeve because my Hydro Flask gets bumped around quite a bit at work (I work on a ship). I paid the extra $$ for one day shipping so when it didn't show the next day I was a little bothered.. When it finally arrived my anger was quickly turned into happiness as this thing is AWESOME and well worth the money and 5 star rating! It's really tough and It's glow literally lights up my small stateroom (lights off) on the ship! I highly recommend it! 5Functional, but with a notable flawThis caused an odd reaction with my Hydroflask (see pictures). It will not wash off with scrubbing or cleaning solutions. I first noticed it about a month after putting it on my bottle. I had the bottle less than a week before purchasing this sleeve, and it stays on my bottle unless I'm cleaning it.Otherwise it works well, and I'll continue to use it. It's goes on the bottle easily, and has a thick bottom to prevent clanging. I love that it glows in the dark, and it stays bright for quite a while. I've had it for around 8 months, and I take it off regularly to clean my bottle. I haven't noticed any stretching or warping of the sleeve.I'd give it a higher rating, but I really can't ignore what it did to my bottle. I bought this mainly to protect it from damage. But hey, atleast it's not scratched, lol. 3Awesome grip sleeve for people with small handsThe sleeve fits great. I bought it in white glow for my 40 oz bottle, and it really helps to hold on to the bottle and drink one handed. It also seems like it will protect my bottle really well, especially the bottom. It's reinforced with extra material on the bottom that will definitely help protect against dents.My minor naggle is that during the day, the white is not very white. It's definitely that gross glow yellowy-green color. It doesn't look the best on my Tangelo colored bottle, but the brightness of the glow makes it worth it. This thing can almost light up a room. It's awesome. 4Wrap your Hydroflask in Love, Protect it from Death!I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I Upgraded from a 32 to a 40 ox Hydroflask (brand) 98% for the extra oz, but 2% because the Onoola sleeve in pink was only available in the 40! I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I got the sleeve! Hear me out on WHY you MUST get the sleeve! I had my 32oz for about 8 months with no "protection". I dropped it like 3 times, each time it got an owiee. Dented, scratched, or I would bust the cap. I even had co-workers drop it on the pool deck (I worked at a YMCA pool). Then, I dropped it on pavement and it broke a seal and I got a warranty replacement. It is awesome to have the replacement for life promise, but I felt that if I could have something that could SAVE my bottle from dings, dents, and possible DEATH, why would I NOT get it? So I searched the vast wasteland of amazon for such a product and I found Onoola!! I ordered my sleeve even before I could get my 40 oz Hydroflask in stock! It came nearly a month before I could order!So, Then I got my new Hydroflask, I slid it on (I warn you, it is a bit tough) and I was in awe at the beauty and simplicity. At first I was put off by the weight, but then after a few days, I couldn't get over how awesome the GRIP was on this thing! On my 32 with no sleeve, I was always losing grip and that was part of why I would drop it. Even with the loop on the cap, I would hold it in the crook of my elbow, or in my hand around the bottle... and they are big bottles! They also are a bit smooth and even though they don't sweat, they can be slippery when you are also dry. So, I found that I was no longer dropping my new bottle because I was "stuck" to it when I was holding it in ways other than the cap loop. Then, on those few rare occasions I did drop it, I noticed two things... The first was the best. There was no giant earth shattering clatter! If you have ever dropped an unprotected Hydroflask, it is like crashing a car into a building at 40 mph. You turn every head in a 100 mile radius. it is more than loud. It wakes the freaking dead. Not with the skin. Even with 8 more oz of heft. It is just an awkward little thud. It is a sound of beauty in comparison. It turns maybe 3 heads if they are bored and nosy. The second thing concerning drops is that it comes out virtually unscathed. Before, you risked death. Now, the bottle is protected in its silicone cocoon. While I won't try it, I could probably drop it off a small cliff and it would happily bounce while singing jazz hits from the '40's, only to lose its lid in the process, maybe sustaining some cuts to its skin.... Ok, so a bit melodramatic.... In all seriousness... Literally the only thing to worry about it the cap, and that is also protected under lifetime warranty by Hydroflask. A small price to pay. Also, I have so many lids, and they are cheap enough that I won't cry if I sacrifice a lid to the Onoola god.... (I imagine he is a peaceful god who watches over all the Hydroflasks and jugs of same size and creation).This is seriously the only protective skin that anyone with a flask of this shape/size/footprint should ever even consider for their investment, especially if a full priced brand name Hydroflask. Any other sling, cover, paracord thingy is just a wast of money as it is not like the airbag/cocoon/force field that this skin is. 5Just buy it already!This silicone sleeve is amazing! I'm really clumsy and hard on my water bottles since I carry them with me everywhere. So when I purchased a new hydroflask, I knew I had to find something that would prevent it from getting dinged up or compromise the seal. Well this little beauty has saved my booty numerous times. I've dropped it more times then I can count, on pavement, concrete, tile, from my lifted jeep, and not one single scratch. Nada! The real test is when I fell down my staircase and broke my ankle. I was half asleep carrying my hydroflask and somehow I missed a step, down I went like a sack of potatoes and so did my hydroflask. It landed on the tile floor without a scratch and the silicone prevented my tile from being cracked as well. I wish I could've said the same thing about myself though. Lol. Didn't I tell you I was clumsy?! Anyways, after that incident I went back and bought two more as back-ups. I purchased my first one in 2016 and it still looks brand new. Even better, I purchased the glow pink and it still glows to this day. Also, I live in Vegas so weather can get into the triple digits during the summer months and I've left my flask all day in the car without any issues. I read a review of someone saying that the silicone sleeve had some kind of chemical reaction that caused discoloration to their hydroflask but I never had that issue and my Hydro is black. I only handwash it in warm soapy water and it slips right off with soap. 5Great - Love mine - Need to buy more in RED, NAVY BLUE and other solid colors not just basic black/white & NeonLove this cover for my Hydra flask. However, when I went back to buy two more for gifts, one in RED the other in NAVY, they were gone and only Black, white, grey, and neon colors were left. Already bought the Flask for a birthday, now waiting to find a similar product with the same quality as the Onoola Silicone Sleeve I got for mine. I actually wanted to get another color for me, as well. They had Navy I put it in my cart, phone rang, went back to check out and the Navy was gone. Replaced by other colors that I did not like at all. But, the sleeve itself (if you like the colors they offer), I personally think they are great. I'd buy more in a heart beat if they offer SOLID - RED, PURPLE, NAVY BLUE, DEEP FORREST GREEN, and maybe CAMO for ladies in the PINKS, PURPLES or RED (that would be cool too, as an extra sleeve, but not multi colored, just different shades of the pink, purple and red in the Camo suggestion). PLEASE bring in RED and NAVY a.s.a.p. I need for birthday gifts. One Birthday next Monday, the another in 2 months. I've seen the others advertised but they don't look as thick or look like the same quality of the Onoola Sleeve. But, will have to go that route if I can't get the Onoola soon. Maybe someplace other than Amazon, but not sure they are available elsewhere... Would highly recommend. Have had no problem with mine, I use every day all day long, helps with the grip. However, I have not dropped mine, like a lot of people have, but that's because the Onoola helps you to hold on with a secure grip..... 5
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