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Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat With Measures, As Shown

  • Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat With Measures, As Shown
  • Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat With Measures, As Shown
  • Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat With Measures, As Shown
  • Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat With Measures, As Shown
  • Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat With Measures, As Shown

Norpro Silicone Pastry Mat With Measures, As Shown

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Mat measures: 19.5" x 15.5" / 49.5cm x 38cm. Measures dough or crusts from 6" to 15" / 15cm x 38cm.
  • Marked with easy to read measurements, this mat helps to roll out pastry dough and fondant.
  • Flexible, nonstick silicone offers instant, easy release without the use of grease. Keeps moisture in food and won't retain odors.
  • Doubles as a baking liner and promotes even heating.
  • Silicone is high heat resistant to 450F / 235C. FDA approved and Dishwasher safe.
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Customer Reviews

Great gift for bakers! I love this mat. It makes pie making a breeze. I lay my pie plate on top of it, upside down, make note of its size, and then roll out my pie to one line larger than the pie pan.I also use it as the base for kneading, cookie cutting, etc. because it's so much easier to clean the mat in the sink than to clean the kitchen counter.If you bake, this is a good buy. I also bought one for a friend, who also bakes. 5Smells really bad Bought this, was so excited to try it, opened today and the smell was so bad it triggered a migraine! Smells like some petroleum based chemical. Immediately threw it in a tub of hot soapy water and let it soak a few minutes, washed well, was rinsing it and the smell was not only still there but gets worse with heat! Tossed in the trash. No way am I going to let food touch that piece of contaminated crap. I don't usually write bad reviews but the smell is really that bad and I'm not the only one in the house that smelled it. 1Strong rubber smell! I ordered this because i hate rolling dough on bare surfaces. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was the strong rubber smell. I washed the mat before using but the smell did not go away so I figured it was normal. I made my pie crust on the mat and much to my dismay, the crust tasted like the rubber smell!! :( I really liked how easy it was to clean up so I've washed it several times and let it air out which seems to take the smell away. I'm hoping my next recipe will taste better 3Works Perfectly I've had this mat for a little while now, and gone through some various baking jobs on it. This mat is intended to make clean-up easier, give you a guide when rolling out pastry, and cut down on the amount of flour wasted during working of dough.Have some sense, and do NOT USE something this thin and lightweight to do any cutting on. Why that would be in the product description on this page is beyond me. I've noticed that sometimes product descriptions on Amazon are mixed up between products, but that's another story.Now I have to say something about the creases. Guess what. If you wash the thing in HOT soapy water, then rinse it in HOT water after, then hang it to dry, NO MORE CREASES! Took me all of 3 min to get the creases out, and I wasn't even trying.Here is why I love this mat so much. First of all, I can thoroughly wash, rinse, then hang to dry giving me a CLEAN work area for baking. The "non-stick" surface is really a minimal stick surface. Before when kneading bread or rolling out a pie crust, I would have to use upwards of almost 1/4 flour, and much of that was wasted on the counter. With this mat, I only have to do a light sprinkle, using a LOT less four than working pastries previously. I've rolled butter pastries, lard crust, and various types of breads using different types of flours, and it works every time. I've also noticed that my breads and pastries come out with a little moister texture, because I don't have to use as much flour.Pie crust, whether it is lard or butter crust, are really what this thing is made for. If you're making a 9" pie, roll out your bottom layer, then place the pie pan upside down over the dough, then flip the whole thing over. Gently press the bottom layer into the pan by using the mat, and BAM! Perfect bottom layer with no cracks, tears, or finger dents. When doing the top shell, this thing makes is SOOOOO easy. I have even laid out a basket weave on the mat before placing it on the pie. Just lift the entire mat, place the edge of the crust on the pan, then roll it over the top of your pie. See, easy as pie.So if you want that little extra hand in the kitchen, and wish to keep things a little cleaner, this is definitely the product for you. If you're looking for a mat which is a do everything mat where you can use it as a cutting board prep station as well as a pastry mat, look elsewhere.This mat is great for doing pastries and breads on. It is not for cutting veggies. 5One of the best presents I got this year! This mat saved the day during my marathon baking sessions for Christmas. The mat stayed in place on my clean counter top so I could roll out pie crust and sugar cookies. I used the size guides to press out biscuit dough to the size of the pan before cutting out the circles to make sure I got the most out of each batch and they were uniform in size.The mat was easy to clean, dry off, and fold for storage. I've used Silpat type mats in the past, and they worked well enough, but this mat is a perfect companion with the measurements and the fact that it can be folded to take up less room while leaving me free to use my Silpat mats for baking.This was supposed to be a Christmas present but my husband gave it to me early so I could utilize it and I'm so glad he did! 5LOVE this mat! Works GREAT!!! LOVE this pastry mat! It's large, rolls out easily, and folds just as easily for compact storage in a drawer! The markings on the mat simply make me smile, it's fun to drop the dough into the "center" and then roll it out to the circle representing the diameter of my choice. It seems sturdy and I suspect it's going to last for quite a while. An aspect of this pastry mat that I like is, when lightly dusting the surface before putting the dough on it, the flour spreads more evenly and stays evenly distributed, therefore working better than the pastry marble I used to use. The mat is also far more portable and easier to store than the pastry marble. Plus the marble, in order to work best, needs to be chilled first; this mat probably because its silicone doesn't need to be chilled first. TIP: after cleaning it, I hang it up on a chip-clip on a hook over my sink to dry before folding it for drawer storage. 5A good mat that sticks I love that this sticks to my counter and that alone makes it much better than the plastic version from a kitchen store. I also love all the sizes starting at 6 inches and going to 15 inches in one inch increments. No more guessing! The side measurements are also in inches and on all the sides which is nice.Two things I would like to change. One is that the actual size on this may would be 18 to 20 inches to give room for multiple tasks and a complete 16 inch ring. The 15 inch ring looks like this ( )The other is that the measurements on the sides would make more sense if laid out like a graph, and opposing corners being zero. As it is, the bottom reads left to right while the side reads top to bottom. Odd.Anyway, don't use it for cutting or slicing, just roof and patting! Keep it rolled around your rolling pin for storage, it's a bit floppy and folding may create creases over time. Hope that helps! 4mostly like it, but I have so much trouble getting ... mostly like it, but I have so much trouble getting it clean and managing it between uses, that I don't love it. I'm not sure what would make it work better for me. Maybe some sort of way to hang it on the wall. if you fold it up and put it in a drawer, it just gets smelly. But when I hang it on a hook, it attracts dust. 4Useful Mat; Be Careful When Opening the Package I like this mat and think it's useful. I have only used it a few times. I think it's very useful and I haven't had any of the problems mentioned in reviews from several years ago. Mine also did not have any scent to it that I noticed (and I tend to be very sensitive to such things), so I think it's likely a case that some are newer and stickier than others and I lucked out.I like that it sticks well to the countertop and my dough did not really stick to the mat at all.A few cons or cautions, though:When I opened the package for the first time, the mat stuck to itself pretty strongly on one side. I gently pulled it part, but a small sliver of the mat ripped off and stuck to the other part of the mat. It was such a small sliver that I didn't even realize this had happened until I was using it and noticed that one edge had a little chunk out of it and the other side was a little thick. Then I realized what had happened and peeled that part off and it fit perfectly into the missing part on the other side. I know I'm not describing this well, but just be super careful when opening it the first time. I didn't return it because it wasn't significant enough of a problem for me to bother with that.The mat is sticky to itself, so to prevent the above from happening again, I stored it folded/rolled with a dish towel. I hope the lint from the towel doesn't stick to it.It's a bit difficult to wash only because it is so soft and flexible that I found it hard to hold onto and to rinse off adequately--but not impossible.Overall, though, I like this mat and intend to buy another one for my daughter and possibly also my son who both like to cook and bake. 4Helpful mat I originally purchased this as a Christmas present for my son (who has a newly-discovered talent for baking!), but I liked it so much I purchased one for myself as well. I find this pastry mat very useful - I used to roll dough out directly on my countertops, meaning flour went everywhere and it was a huge mess to clean. I also had to guess on dough size when rolling. Now that I've got this mat, those days are over.We used one of the mats heavily over the holidays and it did not slip. We also didn't have any sticking issues, and there weren't any creases in either of the mats. I didn't notice any transfer of the ink either, but I will keep an eye on that as time goes by.Note that this mat is strictly for pastry making activities - do not use it as a cutting mat, as it will be damaged or even ruined. It's just not made for that. It works well for its intended purpose, though. The measurements on the mat were very helpful and while I did use a tiny bit of flour, I had no sticking at all. Best of all, I could fold it all up when done and avoid the huge counter top messes of the past. I dumped any left-overs on the mat into the trash and then headed for the sink where I washed it. I hung it on an existing rack to dry.I really like this product and my son is quite a fan too. I will buy this again if the need arises. 5
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