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NEX 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack Nonslip Length Adjustable with Chopstick Holder (Double Sink)

  • NEX 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack Nonslip Length Adjustable with Chopstick Holder (Double Sink)
  • NEX 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack Nonslip Length Adjustable with Chopstick Holder (Double Sink)
  • NEX 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack Nonslip Length Adjustable with Chopstick Holder (Double Sink)
  • NEX 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack Nonslip Length Adjustable with Chopstick Holder (Double Sink)

NEX 2-Tier Stainless Steel Dish Rack Nonslip Length Adjustable with Chopstick Holder (Double Sink)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Compared to the ordinary over the sink dish drying rack, it features upgraded 2 tier design, which makes it have enough space for daily kitchen use.
  • Stainless steel material, polishing and welding process, prevent from rusting. Two layer dish rack with height adjustment, sturdy, durable and more effective to storage
  • Easy to assemble, over-the-sink would save much more space in kitchen
  • 35.0/37.2 (L) x 9.8 (W) x 31.0 (H) inches inside(Please carefully measure the size of your sink and the height before making a choice)
  • Adjustable pads, removable hooks, special water pans for chopsticks, modern style dish drainer gives you interesting look to your kitchen
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Customer Reviews

Buy six of these now! Are you a millennial? Did society set you with for the lowest earning power in generations and combined it with crippling student debt and a sense of unwarranted entitlement? Well say no more, because that has all added up to you being the loser you are living in a tiny apartment with no counter space and speaking in hashtags. There's no helping you with the latter, but the former is a problem you can buy your way right out of.BEHOLD COUNTER SPACE THAT LITERALLY ROLLS INTO EXISTENCE. This here Chinese sorcery is of the type you can just flourish over your sink anytime you need to chops, kneed, dry, or rinse off fruits, body parts, legumes, or edible veggies.Second to birth control, this is the greatest thing I have ever purchased in my adult career and I highly recommend it to other millennials. 5In love I love love love this. I don't have a lot of counter shape in my kitchen. So one day I was fed up and spent all day trying to find a new dish drying rack that wouldn't take up 1/2 my counter space. I got the big one bc not only do I do a lot of baking. It also fit in front of my window in front of your sink. I have a single sink so there is some overlay. ( which I was so excited about this product is didn't think about until I put it in its place.) But I ordered 2 small microfiber drying mat some (6inch 15inch) to put on both sides. 5Great concept, great use of space, great price, but hooks have a tendency to slip Overall good, and very good for the price. Great concept. Lots of space to dry and/or store various dishes. Accessory baskets and hooks are handy for silverware, measuring cups, sponges, soap dispensers, more. Metal construction throughout. Easy to keep clean.Not quite as solid as I would like, but it is adequate to hold reliably even when loaded everywhere with dishes. The included instructions are badly broken English, but it was not hard to figure out.Includes four drying racks that can be placed across the horizontal bars of the frame. They hang from hinged hooks on the racks. These hooks have a tendency to slip off the bars, especially if any part of the rack is lifted (if bumped, or any part of a dish catches while being removed). This can result in everything on the rack falling, which is the only serious problem I have. We have learned to be careful, but it is annoying.The drying racks are four different styles:* Simple rectangular wire grid, good for small pieces* Rows of raised arches for holding plates/saucers* Ranks of flat arches, for bowls, in two sizes** Two rows for smaller bowls** Single row for larger bowls 4This item was better than expected This item was better than expected. It lights up our sink area and was a great addition to out kitchen. It freed up alot of space in the cabinets for other things. Only reason I give it 4stars is because when I received it some srews and rubber washers were missing. I almost returned it but I ran over to Lowe's to get replacements. As u can see work out ok and Amazon reimbursed me for the scews with a gift card. It item itself is a 5star all the way...Very easy to install... A real eye catcher... 4The best rack organizer Excellent product I hope is doesn't going to get rust ,It was a lifesaver because it emptied the space in my counter ,I'm so happy with this product. 5Worth it! Perfect for my kitchen! Love it! Organizes my stuff nicely! Worth my money 5Now - after a week of using it daily I must admit not only am I head-over-heels in love with this product I admit I was skeptical about this purchase, but I needed a solution to my problem and there was a chance this 2-Tier dish rack would be able to solve it. Now - after a week of using it daily I must admit not only am I head-over-heels in love with this product... but I am so obsessed I ordered three more as gifts for family and friends. The warranty is respectable, the quality is excellent, the features are amazing and I would highly recommend this purchase. The water does not pool around the sides or back of the sink as dishes dry - rather, it all falls back into the sink! It's awesome. Be sure to measure your sink space if you get the largest version. 5Busy Gals Best Friend! Thought it was insanely huge and ugly at first, but this things absolutely the only way to wash and store dishes. My big fat husband, Mr Randall Rhodes, had been bellyaching over having to bend over to get plates out of the bottom cabinet, and one day suddenly decree'd they be kept on my very limited counterspace. Since he only eats, and never cooks, let alone wash, he had no clue (nor cared) how big a problem this was causing me. Out of desperation, I took a chance and bought this. What a dream! It's not only gotten the plates off the counter, but it's eliminated the dry and put away time completely. Everything is stored right there for easy access, so now his lordship has one less reason to whine and bitch, or get anything even close to resembling exercise.. -Mrs Peggy Thomas 5A life changing product that will alter your reality and make you want to tell the world (according to my wife.....) My wife loves this thing. We live in a very small house with a very small kitchen and space is limited. This helps tremendously. My wife loves this thing so much she will stop people in the the store that are buying dish drainers and tell them about this one. It was easy for me to assemble and very easy to customize. We decided just to have all of our dishes on this full time, thus no moving dishes twice - and we don't have a lot of dishes anyway. It is a sturdy unit and I haven't found it to be unstable so no danger of tippage.And to those that gave this a low rating because a screw was missing I just have to say - Really? You can't take one screw to the hardware store and get one just like it? I didn't have that issue, all parts were there. But I have had that issue with other products or had to modify something to work for my project. This is a good product that goes above and beyond expectations and should not have a bad rating for any reason. 5Looks and fits great, but with some concerns. I just received and assembled the rack today. First impression is that it looks quite sleek and leaves your counter space for more useful things. It fits perfectly over my double sink and even comes with a water trap for under the silverware basket to protect your counters.Concerns are the fact that some of my shelves came warped and the screws keep turning even after they're already in. Which could easily lead to stripping and loosening of the bars, which could then lead to water inside the tubing and rust. The shelves warping I believe was caused by how it was packed. All of the shelves and baskets were intertwined in a single stack. I had to untangle them very carefully in order to assemble. Assembly itself though was a breeze and didn't really require instructions, though they were included. I also appreciated that the instructions were in diagram form, rather than step by step which made it easy to check my work.For the most part, I'm happy enough with the purchase and have already started loading dishes on it. I really like the look and overall feel of it and it matches well with my kitchen.Update: Ivan from e-topus has been fantastic in trying to fix everything for me. I didn't even have to reach out, they reached out to me. What wonderful customer service! 4
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