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Newpoint International Inc. Microsuede Body Pillow Cover with Double Sided Zippers, Black

  • Newpoint International Inc. Microsuede Body Pillow Cover with Double Sided Zippers, Black

Newpoint International Inc. Microsuede Body Pillow Cover with Double Sided Zippers, Black

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made of super soft microsuede
  • Comes in 10 fashion and basic colors: black, camel, chocolate, grape, ivory, medium blue, navy, red, sage, white
  • Double zippers- one on each side of easy off and on
  • Crafted with care and pride in China
  • Easy Care, machine wash and dry
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Customer Reviews

Newpoint International Inc. Microsuede Body Pillow Cover With Double Sided Zippers, Chocolate Pros: Double Sided Zippers, Perfect for single beds and sizes up for heads or ends, multiple colors, soft, and fair pricing.Cons: The feel is like sticky leathery, but I'm sure it'll die off over time.Additional Notes: Not sure why so many people are complaining about the zippers. The zippers are fine. You're probably breaking them because you're inserting the body pillows incorrectly that's why. Usually, what you do is insert the pillow's head first and then slowly shift it through the other end in a zig zag motion, and if the head side of pillow case starts to curl in, which can bust the zip line, you'll have to unfold it. It's not rocket science. When you twist a rubberband, you can only twist it so much that it'll snap. This is no different for this situation. I guess this is probably the reason why people are complaining. It's their unnecessary roughness and negligence that busts the zippers. 5A Love Hate Relationship This product arrived before the estimated time and was undamaged.It might sound odd, but I enjoy a body pillow when sleeping on my side to aide in preservation of my posture at night. This technique has been a blessing ever since my snowboarding accident years prior (back injury).This product fits my current body pillow well, but I do have a few complaints about it. Though the fabric is soft, it retains body heat to an uncomfortable degree. This might be great for people who like heat at night, but my wife and I enjoy a cool surface when sleeping, so this product unfortunately creates a lot of tossing and turning for us as a result. In addition, the double ended zipper seems like a great idea at first, but I quickly discovered that when tossing and turning, this surface can scratch the face. Keep in mind, this is with the zipper slider concealed in the fabric end, but the zipper chain itself still is dangerous and could easily scratch an eye if rubbed the wrong way at night. My last pillow cover only had one zipper end which I would always place facing towards my feet. However, with this double ended zipper, there is no way to avoid this feature.As a result, the pillow case fits and is quite soft, but for sleeping purposes, it is far from ideal for my wife and I.Please remember that this review is ours alone and thus reflects our opinion of the product. The two star rating is more for potential for scratches and heat retention at night, and might not be as low for everyone. However, my wife is an Optometrist and has seen similar scratches to patient's eyes from similar pillow zipper accidents, so our concern for this product is justified. It is Murphy's law at its best.We hope this review helps. 2zipper is a relative term... It certainly has zippers at both ends as advertised, but...each zipper, rather than opening the entire end of the cover, has about 2 1/2 inches at beginning and end that doesn't open at all, leaving you trying to fit a normal sized body pillow into an abnormally small opening, and you are engaged in this struggle down the entire length of the pillow. Result is predictable: zipper gives way and you have one end of cover that closes, another end that never will again. I have never purchased a body pillow cover with this flaw; makes you wonder if the people who sell it ever actually used one of them. Besides that, it's great. But of course I had washed it and removed the tags before using so can't return it. Too bad; would've earned 5 stars otherwise. 2Take care and it should be fine. Bought for my kid, for the cherished body pillow that is falling apart. Arrived quickly. Had a good "feel" to it. Washed it in cold water, gentle cycle before use. The double zippers work well for getting the pillow into the case. I was concerned about the feel of the zippers, and was afraid they would rip from the stress of putting the pillow in. The zippers don't open as wide as the pillow, so they are stressed when pushing the pillow in. Ours did not rip, but I'm taking a star for the zipper quality. If you buy it, know what you are getting and treat the zippers carefully. The fabric feels good. If I was ambitious, I'd sew new zippers on, but I lack the sewing gene for anything bigger than a button! 4Very nice - with update This is a very nice pillow case. The material is sturdy, and smartly designed. The outer texture is soft, like velvet, which feels great against the skin. The inner texture is more silky, which makes it easy to get the pillow in and out. They did a great job on this case, especially for the price. I bought 2, and they're both of high quality. I don't know why they built in a zipper for each end, or for what use this would have. I guess if one fails down the line, you can use the other one.UpdateAfter just 2 or 3 washes in delicate cycle and cool temp, the zippers are getting very hard to move. I'm quite sure they're going to break at some point soon, which is a shame, because the case would be almost perfect otherwise. They should have spent the extra 12 cents for a quality zipper. 4very soft and well made prodct contrary to some of the negative reviews I ordered the cases anyway.....I don't understand why some people did not score these a 5 star rating due to the fact that they are very good pillow covers easy to place onto pillow and very nice material well made & the color choices are fantastic I bought 2 of them and they are everything they say they are, I find that the value is great no better than great, found the same cases in a high end store priced outrageously and yet made up of the same materials and two sided zippers are a plus the high end store cases had only one zipper...so needless to say these are a great buy & wow what a value.I just ordered two more.. tyvm for putting out a great product at such a low price. 5Body pillow cover I purchased this cover for the Embrace Memory Foam Body Pillow. It was difficult to get it on. The zippers do not extend all the way to the end. At first I thought it would never go on. You need to be very patient and push a little bit at a time and keep rolling the pillow over as you go. When you get half of the pillow in start slipping the other end of the cover over the pillow and carefully push and roll it in to place. Good luck! It may be helpful to have someone assist you. I was able to get it on and did not damage the zippers. It is a perfect fit although I would not advise ever removing it. The micro suede material is wonderful soft and does not slip through your legs or off the bed. I use this pillow to keep my hips aligned while sleeping on my side. When I wake up it is right where it was when I went to sleep. I would have given an extra star if the zippers extended to to ends of the cover. 4Microsuede pillow case is almost as soft as my old teddy bear and is easy to put on When I was a little girl, I always slept holding a large teddy bear. When I greewup, I switched to a body pillow. I am just more comfortable when using the body pillow because your limbs align better and there is less pull on the spine, etc.As important as the body pillow is to a good night's sleep for me, the pillow case I use on it is equally important. When the zipper broke on my old one last year, I ran out to a local Bed, Bath and Beyond and bought the only thing they had. The pillow case I got there proved to be rough and wrinkly even when I pulled straight from the dryer. Fabric softener doesn't seem to help that case at all.I finally ordered a new one from Amazon and chose the Newpoint International Inc. Microsuede Body Pillow Cover With Double Sided Zippers. It arrived last week and I'm already planning to order a spare one.The Microsuede material is almost as soft as my old teddy bear was and it looks very nice. I chose the Camel color and it looks really good - more of a caramel color to me.It washed very well, and did fine in the dryer.I especially appreciate the double zippers. You can unzip both, and reach in from one end to pull the pillow into the case, then zip up both ends. The zippers tuck inside the seam so they don't scratch or irritate you while you are using the pillow.I highly recommend this body pillow case. 5Awesome. I got this Newpoint International Inc. Microsuede Body Pillow Cover With Double Sided Zippers, Black, to go with my black and white zebra themed bedding. I already had cotton covers, and even a zebra striped faux fur cover, and though the black microsuede would be a nice additional different texture to add. I love it. It fits over my body pillow easily and sips to be completely covered. No unsightly pillow sticking out the side of the case with this product. The feel is lovely and comfortable to cuddle with. Care is easy and it is machine wash and dry safe. I wish it were a bit shorter, or maybe that I had a longer body pillow as it does not fit very tight and is a bit loose for my liking. But that is better than too large, and will possibly shrink after first wash, not sure, as I have not washed it yet. Happy with this purchase. 5Soft and comfortable material I have a bright green body pillow from my undergraduate dorm days and didn't want to get rid of it just because of the tacky color. So when I found these covers in neutral colors for cheap I ordered one immediately. I got the dark brown color which matched my living room decor perfectly.I haven't had any problems with the zipper, but I pretty much took the cover out of the packaging, put the pillow in it, zipped it up and haven't touched the zipper since. Maybe I should have washed it? It didn't smell or anything so I didn't feel the need to.Anyway, I'm happy with my purchase and if I ever change the color scheme in my living room I'd buy another one of these covers. 5
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