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Master Lock TUO0105T Tulip Knob Keyed Entry Door Lock Twin Pack Door Knob, Antique Brass

  • Master Lock TUO0105T Tulip Knob Keyed Entry Door Lock Twin Pack Door Knob, Antique Brass

Master Lock TUO0105T Tulip Knob Keyed Entry Door Lock Twin Pack Door Knob, Antique Brass

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Antique brass finish with antibacterial silver bonded finish
  • Six way adjustable latch fits all doors 2-3/8 or 2-3/4 inch backset, square, rounded corners, or drive-in
  • For exterior locking applications
  • ANSI Grade 3 performance
  • Two keyed alike keyed entry locks per pack
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Customer Reviews

it looks sturdy and probably won't be attacked by the casual thief Bought these to replace the locks on my side door. I still had the original locks from when I first rented the place. It's a lock, and it seems to work. As far as I can tell, it looks sturdy and probably won't be attacked by the casual thief. This is a door that I don't even use (in fact, I've placed object inside the house directly in front of the door, as if it's not even there), so I'm glad to have a set of strong locks that I don't have to worry about, since I'll never be actually unlocking them. 5the locking mechanism did not have the masterlock brand stamp like the first doorknob I ordered this set and one of the doorknobs did not lock. On closer inspection, it was clear that somebody else had used the doorknob and sent it back after changing out parts. The second doorknob did not come with bolts, the locking mechanism did not have the masterlock brand stamp like the first doorknob. I had already had one doorknob installed when the faulty doorknob was discovered so then I had to uninstall and replace both to have matching keyed doors. A waste of time and money and unacceptable quality control on Amazon's part. Better to buy parts at your local hardware store. 1Excellent deal, fit deeper door I went to the hardware store to find a matched set with one key and they didn't have them. Even asked the clerk who said I'd need a locksmith to match different packages. Not saving money there!My Dad's front door has the decorative thing that goes around the knob and below. This lock was still deep enough that it would fit with that extra depth so I didn't have to take it off. Though I couldn't see where the screws were going on the back so it took awhile to thread them.It has the anti-jimmy thing on the latch which my Dad's 55-year-old lock didn't have. Hopefully it engaged properly with the strike plate. 5Great look and build quality at a reasonable price After making a trip to the Home Depot to pick up new door knobs for my house, I realized I should probably just check Amazon and see if there are some better options for the price. Needless to say I found this Master Lock set for less than I paid for a Kwikset combo, and I actually prefer the look of it - albeit very similar.The build quality of the Master Lock door knobs is excellent for the price and the antique brass finish is beautiful. It comes with (2) identical exterior knob sets, (2) keys, and all necessary hardware for installation.There are cheaper sets out there like Guard Security and Defiant, but if you want something reliable with a solid build and nice aesthetics, look no further than this set. 5High Quality lock Our old lock broke after more than 10 years of use and I decided to replace it with this one. The product arrived well packaged and all the small parts and accessories were present. A good, well written instruction is also provided.Installation can be either very easy or a little tricky. It will all depend on your particular situation: on whether you will be installing it on the current or a new door, if the holes are pre-drilled or not and so on.In my case it was not as easy as I hoped. I was installing this lock on the old door that already had a main hole from the old lock, but it turned out the hole was a little too small for it. So I had to get some special tools to drill a wider hole. After that everything went smoothly.I have had this lock installed for several months now and I have not had any problems with it. The key works fine (3 keys are included) and the deadbolt is strong and secure. If you are looking for a lock replacement, this would be a good choice. 4Worked as expected. Worked as expected. My handy-man brother installed without problems. I like that the oval shaped keys are a little larger than most keys. Came with 3 keys, made 2 extra copies. The local Ace Hardware had blank keys similar to the MASTER LOCK keys, but there was a $1 extra cost due to the large key size. I think the larger key size makes it easier to handle and would recommend to a person with arthritis in hands or wearing heavy gloves. I think I would have preferred the inside door knob to unlock by turning the door knob instead of turning the lock before opening the door, but the design has its merits.I would recommend and buy again if needed.UPDATE: I bought another set as my brother misplaced his keys and were found by a friend of his. I was told this person could not be trusted and could have made copies. We put an old lock on the door and I ordered this lock the next day. I can confirm that the new lock has a different key code as the previous lock. I went to Ace Hardware to make copies as before, but Ace no longer had the specialty keys as they had a new automated key cutter. I guess I could go to a locksmith that I'm sure has specialty keys but more expensive. 5Highly recommend! I just bought a house and so wanted to change a few of the older door locks by myself, these locks were so easy to install and they came with keys and clear instructions. The look and feel was also very good. 5Smooth lock, not so smooth install Nice set. I found the dead bolt very difficult to screw in tightly. I had to torque an electric screw driver to get it in right. Now that it's installed it has a smooth and well machined feel. It is a shade darker than the picture appears. Hopefully it will be a good secure lock for years to come. Trustable brand name. Works nicely once installed. Install not as smooth as I hoped. Took about an hour because of the difficulty I had with the deadbolt screws - just very hard to torque in all the way and line up right. Saying that though, that sucker is not going anywhere, it's on there tight. 5Doesn't fit all doors as advertised Okay - I needed to replace the deadbolt and doorknob on my front door and this looked like the perfect replacement.First of all, the lock and deadbolt are solid and I don't have any complaints about the locks and mechanisms. My big complaint is that these do not fit all sized doors as stated. In my case, when I took off the old door knob to put the new one on, the hole in the door to accept the new knob mechanism was too small for this knob. The knob cover on the key side of the mechanism has a lip on the inside that faces the door hole. You can't see it in the product photo because it faces away from you in the photo. It sticks out about 1/8-inches. The door hole has to be at least 2-inches in diameter to accept this lip or the keyhole cover won't fit flush to the door. My door had a 1.5-inch keyhole so the knob cover lip would not go into the hole. The lock mechanism fit in fine, but the cover would not come up flush but stood out from the door a good 1/8 inch. I did not have a keyhole bit for my drill that was 2-inches in diameter, so I had to hire someone with the right tools to come and drill the hole out and install the product.The deadbolt cover did not have that lip on the inside, so it fit the old 1.5-inch deadbolt key hole in the door just fine.Once the hole in the hole was widened, the doorknob fit fine and works fine and I have no complaints about it's operation. It just cost me an extra $20 to have someone with the right tool come over to my house and make the hole bigger. This is just a warning to all to make sure your door has at least a 2-inch key hole in order to accommodate this knob and mechanism. 4Easy To Install If You Know What You Are Doing . . . . For anyone who knows how to install a lock, these are very easy to install. If you need the directions, however, I'm not sure how easy installation would be. The instructions are cluttered and in different languages. I only glanced at them, which is why I did not pay attention to the different faces for the backset piece. On the first door, I should have used the rectangular one, but it really made no difference, except in looks. I also had no idea whatsoever what the "drive in collars" are for.The only real installation problem I had with the first door was I failed to extend the adjustable backset piece. The backset measurement was 2-3/4, but the backset piece seemed to fit fine not extended. The knobs and everything else fit fine, too. But when opening and closing the door, the latch plunger appeared to be too short for the strike plate, with no locking possible. Hence, I took the knobs off, extended the backset piece and the door locked really well.The second door should have been a breeze, but the knob hole was actually not cut exactly right, and I had to saw out a little on the left side of it to get the extended backset piece to fit. I didn't even try it unextended, because of what happened with the first door. In addition, the strike plate was so hard to remove, I left it, and this Master lock fortunately worked fine with it. There were two matching keys included with these two entry locks. The warranty is 25 years for mechanical and five years for the finish. Save your invoice! 5
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