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Magnolia Organics Estate Collection Sheet Set - Full, White

  • Magnolia Organics Estate Collection Sheet Set - Full, White
  • Magnolia Organics Estate Collection Sheet Set - Full, White
  • Magnolia Organics Estate Collection Sheet Set - Full, White

Magnolia Organics Estate Collection Sheet Set - Full, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Responsibly and ethically made in India, third-party certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Machine washable in warm water; tumble dry with low heat
  • Full Size - 81x96-in flat sheet, 54x76x15-in fitted sheet, and two 20x30-in pillowcases
  • 550 Thread Count
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Customer Reviews

Very pleased so far About a year ago, I bought a cheaply priced 220 thread count organic cotton sheet set from another company. About a week ago, I saw a tear in the fitted sheet (in an odd spot) after I washed it. I decided to try Magnolia Organics 550 thread count sheet set this time.The sheet set arrived inside a cotton carry bag (which I will use as a grocery bag in the future), and the carry bag was covered with a biodegradable plastic to prevent outside contamination during shipping. The sheet set is a lovely light brown color, and the fabric felt thick--like it'd last well. The stitching also looked like it'd last a long time.After a wash and dry, the sheets still felt stiff (which doesn't bother me), yet the texture of the fabric was pleasant. The dryer lint from the sheets was less than the size of a quarter--much less that the handful I'd always get from my old sheets.The fitted sheet fit nicely on my full bed: I could put the fitted sheet on without a struggle but it still was firmly held in place. The top sheet wasn't as wide as I'm used too--maybe a few inches shorter in width--but it's not a problem for me. Just different. The sheets are also a little warmer to sleep under than I'm used to, which isn't surprising. These sheets are very comfortable to sleep on and didn't have any "chemical" smell. So far, I'm very pleased.Update: I've been using these sheets for about a year now, and I'm still very pleased with them. They don't show any signs of wear (in terms of no obvious thinning or fading). The stiffness was gone after a few washes. They are very comfortable sheets. The only point that might be a drawback is the width of the sheets. I don't share a bed, so it doesn't matter to me. However, if you sleep with a sheet-hog, the shorter-than-normal width of the sheets would leave you in the cold (assuming the current product is still like this). 5The Only Sheets I Want on my Bed I bought these sheets a few years ago, and continue to be impressed with these sheets,So when a different sheet set had to get tossed, I ended up digging through years of Amazon purchases to find these sheets again.The sheets I bough a few years ago are practically in as good a shape as this new sheet set I ordered! While the thread count isn't super high, nor are the sheets "silky", you'll be able to tell the first time you put these on the bed that these sheets are made well. They're not flimsy, and they'll last a good while.If you care about super high thread count, soft sily sheets, you likely won't be happy with these. But if you want well-made, high quality, organic sheets, then get these.These are my favorite sheets. Now I have two sets. And with the quality what it is, I really don't know how long it will be until these sheets wear out. It'll be a long time, to be sure. 5Soft and satiny and substantial This is the second set of "Estate" organic sheets I've purchased from Magnolia Organics, after a frustrating few years of trying other brands that were flimsy, thin, permanently wrinkled, etc. These sheets are fantastic! They are the heaviest sheets I've ever owned. The first set I bought has been through a number of washings. They feel substantial, and like they will last forever.This green set I just purchased is just beautiful....soft and satiny, and a nice weight. Very happy I found these. 5High Quality Sheets Worth Every Penny Absolutely love these sheets! Washed them three times before using, however, due to other reviews describing a rough quality until washed a few times. Also used the extra low setting on the dryer. It was notable that there was hardly any lint in the lint screen. My first night using them was heavenly. Love the fact that they are organic cotton, and the quality, crispness, thickness, fit and feel of these substantial sheets. They are what I expect when getting new sheets and are not a disappointment as most of my past sheet purchases have been. I don't usually write reviews, but these sheets really stand out! Also love the canvas bag they came in and appreciated the biodegradable plastic bag used for packaging. The price is very reasonable compared to other organic high thread count sheets on the market. This company pays a great deal of attention to the details and exceeded my expectations. 5Better quality for the price than Pottery Barn These are the only organic sheets I've purchased outside of Pottery barn and I'm truly impressed with the quality. The sheets hare more generously cut and heavier weight yet cost less than the set from Pottery Barn. These also came wrapped in a lovely organic tote bag with wooden buttons that was a nice surprise. I will buy these again. 5Reminds me of the fancier hotels I have stayed in A lot of sheets probably claim what is described in the title but these actually deliver. You can feel the heft and quality of the sheets and while they seemed like they might be too stiff as a result of that, they are extremely soft and are now the only sheets I want to use on the bed. The deep pockets worked great on a california king mattress and I can't say enough about the quality and feel of the material. I was skeptical of difference in quality of the cotton but everything else feels cheap and scratchy in comparison now and I was much happier knowing that the manufacturer takes pride in the source material. 5Beautiful sheets and worth every penny! These sheets are absolutely fabulous - I've had them for 4 months now. I have owned high quality percale sheets for many years and spent a fortune on them. This is the first time I bought high quality organic cotton sheets and were they ever worth every penny! You really do get what you pay for in my opinion. I bought white sheets, put them in the wash on normal, added some downy, and did a fluff dry - after seeing some other reviewers talk about high heat and possibly shrinking the sheets I didn't want to risk it. They came out beautiful. With a very busy business I am not one who has time to iron sheets, so I simply put them on the bed warm and smoothed out the sheets by hand for a minute. Good enough for me. The fitted sheet's deep pockets are really nice as I have a queen mattress that needs more than average sized sheets or they won't fit. I would highly recommend these sheets to anyone looking for exceptional quality sheets. What a luxury to sleep with. 5Khaki feeling in the beginning but if you miss the old bedsheets quality, this is it! Another reviewer mentioned his disappointment with how these sheets did not feel very soft and had a khaki feeling. I could not agree more.I do hope that I am judging too fast but for the time being, I am not feeling satisfied.But first, lets go back to the beginning.Do I care about organic sheets? Yes, but I am not sensitive (I think) to chemical products.Do I care about thread count? Not as much as the resulting quality and feel.Will I wash these sheets at the river and hang them out to dry? Ahahaha... Living in an apartment, in a residence, I do not think so. I washed and dried them as my normal linens and clothes.So what did I expect with these sheets?- Quality. The set is visibly of high quality. The packaging impressed me although I have no clue what to do with the canvas bag. The thickness and stiffness reminds me of my youth, when poor quality sheets did not exist as much and the linens were kept for almost a lifetime. I am pleased with these. 5/5- Color. I understand that with organic pigments one may not have the same color choice as with non-organic but hold on... What about the Tibetans who are using brightly colored clothes. Do not tell me they are not using organic pigments. So I think the color choice is not satisfactory. I ordered Silver snow... My first comment was: "Silver snow, like snow that has gone dirty, I guess"Since I had the choice, I will not rate this.- Softness. This is where I am far from being satisfied. I received the sheets, washed them and dried them immediately to use them the same night. Coincidence or not, I have not been able to sleep in my bed the first night. I was turning and tossing, really feeling the sheets grate against my skin.Some reviewers here must have a very thick skin to believe these sheets soft.I realize that most of my previous sheets must have been microfibers but now I am used to the softness of these sheets. Since then, I have been able to sleep but this morning, I was feeling debris in the bed. Is it my dead skin or the cotton that is "peeling"? I don't know and I will return to this review to amend it if it improves but I am not happy about high quality uncomfortable sheets.So three stars for the time being.Edit 03/19/13I have had these sheets for about a month now. I must have washed them about 4 times now. I have increased the rating by one more star because the rough feeling is pretty much gone. I would not go as far as giving them 5 stars though because of the choice of colors and the fact that my most expensive sheets (these ones) are not the softest.Other thoughts: Last week was fairly hot in Atlanta, even at night. I usually end up sweating sometimes to the point of really having a wet pillow and/or sheets. Not with this set. There was a hint of humidity that I could feel but the sheets did a great job of keeping me dry. That's a great point!Now give me the same in flashy colors and I may give it 5 stars.Edit 08/08/2014I feel tempted to increase these bed sheets to 5 stars rating, considering that they have become my favorite and that I tend to just wash them and put them back... My spouse love them too. The only reason why I am not giving them the max score is that the upper sheet feels a bit tight on my queen size bed. My spouse is wondering if I was not given a smaller size than Queen, I tend to think that it may be due to some shrinkage since I dry them up with some heat. In any case, I would definitely buy them again...Edit 12/16/2015It is time to come back and change once again my review to 5 stars. The reason is simple: althought there may have been some shrinkage with the time, these have remained solid, undamaged after now having been used for at least two years almost in a row, just taking the time to wash them and put them back on. I have also tried some 300 threads from the same seller but they do not even come close in feel to the 550 TC ones. I am going to buy a new set in King size, mostly for the upper sheet as the fitting one still fits my queen size bed.I really came to love the feeling of these sheets and the fact that they are soft but have this ironed bedsheet feel (without ironing), due certainly to their weight and density. No other bedsheet I own are coming close to these in feeling. Lastly, the color grew on me and I am actually perfectly fine with it. 5Don't buy these sheets! Unfortunately, I bought 2 sets of these sheets -- one for my bed and one for the guest bed. I washed them multiple times, hoping that would soften them. No luck. First I threw out the set for my bed -- I couldn't sleep on them for even one night. Today, I put the sheets from the guest bed in the trash. These sheets are like sleeping on canvas -- rough, thick, hard. I so regret wasting my money! 1I was desperate to find a good sheet, so I paid that price We have had these sheets for almost 3 years now. These sheets have outstanding quality through wash after wash. We had some Ralph Lauren and some JC Penny type sheets that didn't even last a year before they wore through, but these are just as thick and plush as day one. They have the high-quality crispness that so many people prefer. I am so excited to have found a sheet that actually is worth paying for. I paid about the same price for the JC Penny sheets that ended up in the trash after about 10 months. The Ralph Lauren sheets were in the $200 range. I was desperate to find a good sheet, so I paid that price. After 2 months, the Ralph Lauren sheets had worn through where our feet rest at night. Thankfully, the company refunded the money. But now I have finally found a sheet that I love so much that I am going to buy lots of them! Like I said, we are almost to the third year of primarily using these sheets, and they are as satisfying as the day I received them. I have returned to them today to purchase sets for my family members and a set or two more for myself. By the way, they came in the cutest package...a little button satchel sort of thing. So cute. I'm really, incredibly, amazed and satiated by the quality of these sheets. Thank you so much, Magnolia!!! 5
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