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Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo Pattern

  • Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo Pattern
  • Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo Pattern
  • Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo Pattern
  • Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo Pattern
  • Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo Pattern

Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Universal Camo Pattern

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Multi mode electroinic switch. Momentary, Full Power, Low Power, ECO and Stobe
  • Beam Distance, 406 m
  • Advanced focus system (adjusts from spot to flood with less than 1/4 turn of the head)
  • Activity Based Function Sets include General, Outdoor, Law Enforcement and Tactical
  • Runtime: High = 16 hrs; Low = 77 hrs; ECO = 117 hrs
  • Multi mode electronic switch. Momentary, Full Power, Low Power, ECO and Strobe
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Two Consecutive Defective Products. Don't waste your money.Two Consecutive Defective Products. A defective switch causes the flashlight to automatically turn off after a few seconds - making the flashlight practically useless.1Runtime Specs Accurate (but off current rather high)Maglite's runtime specs for the 6 D-Cell version are listed as: 71hr - high 73hrs - lowThat seems a bit odd, that "high" is only two hours less than "low".It should understood that Maglite is using the ANSI FL-1 spec that allows runtime to be defined as the amount of time it takes for the initial output (100% brightness) to reach 10%. ALSO, it should be understood that Maglite uses ALKALINE batteries for their runtime tests.With all that in mind, I have indeed verified that their listed runtimes are accurate. Attached are two runtime test, one for "high", and one for "low".To achieve Maglite's runtimes - you MUST use some of the better alkaline batteries, in this case I used Duracell Quantum D cells.The only negative I have for this light is the off current (parasitic drain), which measured 678ua. This current draw is due to the electronic switch, which draws a small amount of current when the light is off. If you aren't going to use this light for several months, I would unscrew the tail cap about a half turn - which breaks the circuit. As a reference, my Zebralight SC700D only draws 34ua.4Awesome large flashlightI use this light primarily for heavyweight camping. It is an awesome light, really lighting up the area. The large size is an advantage when one wants to set the light against a tree, a wall or something similar while freeing both hands. It is not suitable for use when size and weight are detriments. It is sufficiently large and heavy to serve as a club in a pinch. The size and battery capacity contribute to a very long burn time.5One phenomenally good LED flashlight in the traditional 2D style. Highly recommended.Note first of all that there is significant potential for confusion with respect to the different versions of Maglite LED flashlights with two D-cell batteries. To be certain that you know which version you are getting, it is best to go by the lumen rating, which is 524 lumens for this flashlight, the 3rd generation, ML300L.This is an excellent flashlight. There are "tactical" flashlights that use AA or AA cells, that are as bright, possibly brighter. The advantages of the traditional 2D style flashlight are that (1.) the batteries don't run down as quickly while you use the flashlight compared to AA flashlights (2.) the total cost of batteries is only a fraction of what it is for AA flashlights, (3) the flashlight does not get hot like the tactical flashlights, (4.) the 2D size of flashlight is not so large as to be cumbersome. The 3D and larger lights are cumbersome and heavy in my opinion.(REGARDING THE SMALLER, 2-AA MINI MAGLITE PRO AND PRO+ The 2D 524 lumen flashlight is noticeably brighter than the Mini Maglite Pro - 272 lumens - that I also recently purchased, but the difference is not as great as I anticipated. Part of what motivated me to buy the 2D ML300L was the amazing brightness of that Mini Maglite Pro. I recommend either it or the similar Mini Maglite Pro+, for anyone wanting a smaller, 2AA flashlight that is still amazingly bright. The Pro+ provides two settings so that you can select between max brightness vs. longer battery life, which you cannot do with the Pro. But the Pro+ is ever so slightly less bright than the Pro. Not so much that you would likely even notice.)One potential quibble with the ML300L is the sensitivity of the switch/button, which is more of an electronic switch as compared the heavier electrical switch of the old Maglites. But there is a reason for the switch to be this sensitive: it is needed in order for the flashlight to have the different settings that you select by how many times you rapidly click the button. Nevertheless, it is very easy for the ML300L to turn on accidentally, in the glove box or wherever. This leads me to another notable difference between the new and old Maglites. The cap at the base of the older lights is difficult to screw back on once removed, owing to the stiffness of the steel spring. The spring is not nearly so stiff in the newer ML300L, which is good from several standpoints. For one thing, it is not the least bit of a hassle to simply turn one of the two batteries around the other direction, to prevent the flashlight from coming on accidentally. This is something that I've always done with flashlights, and is one reason that I will not buy any flashlight with 3 cells. When there are an even number of cells and half of them are turned the opposite direction, the voltages cancel and no current flows.There are three brightness settings that you control via the number times you quickly tap the button. If you tap it once and release, you get full brightness; two quick taps gives low, and three gives "eco". But no matter how many times you tap, the light comes on instantly, so you always get the brightest setting for the first fraction of a second. This is a bit annoying, because if you aren't careful you can temporarily blind yourself. This is probably my only significant quibble: it would be better if you had to tap three times to get the brightest setting.Additionally there are four separate modes, one of which is the mode I just described, where you get three brightness settings. The other two modes offer other combinations of functions, i.e., functions associated with single-tap, double-tap and triple-tap. To change the mode, you unscrew the base far enough so that the flashlight does not come on (less than 1/4 turn), then, while holding down the button, you screw the cap back in fully and continue to hold down the button. While you hold it down, the flashlight blinks once then pauses for a few seconds, then blinks twice then pauses for a few seconds, then does this again with three blinks and finally with four blinks. You release the button during one of the pauses, and thereby select one of the four modes. The default mode, Home, gives you the three power settings. In the Outdoor mode, the eco power setting is replaced by the strobe setting, where the led flashes at a rate of 12 blinks per second. In Law Enforcement mode and also Tactical mode, the 1-click operation is replaced by momentary operation, i.e., the light is on only while you hold down the button. The 2-click operation in Law Enforcement and Tactical is the full power setting. In Law Enforcement mode, the 3-click operation is the eco power setting, while in Tactical mode, the 3-click operation is the strobe.All in all, this is an excellent flashlight, with a lot to like and very little to grip about. Without question it is one of the best flashlights you can purchase today. You can go spend a hundred dollars or even two hundred dollars on a little 2AA or 4AA tactical flashlight, but if you actually use it, you are going to be buying a lot of AA batteries. I spent some time researching the other lights, including the other Maglites, and I concluded that this is best all around. After playing around with the flashlight, I went back and read up more on "tactical" flashlights, and I am even more convinced that the 2D ML300L was the best choice. Just be careful about the potential to blind yourself when you first turn it on. And when leaving the flashlight in the glove box or trunk or wherever, either remove the batteries, or turn one of them around, or put a piece of cardboard or plastic between the battery and the spring. (Don't use tape for this - the glue will leave a residue.)5WOW! Powerful Surprise! I was totally taken aback by how bright this is and the distance it covers. I had a handheld 1,000,000 candlewatt power lantern and the batteries gave out on it and I could not find a replacement battery pack anywhere so I bought this. I figured if it put out half the light that it would be good enough for what I needed it for and replacing the batteries would be no problem of course. Wish this had been available a long time ago as I am happier with this than that lantern. It is dang close to the amount of light it throws and being a much whiter light in my opinion it is better than what I had. I use the setting it came with from the factory where you can just dim down the light to save on the batteries but if I need more light it is definitely there. Well worth the money!Maglite ML300L LED 3-Cell D Flashlight, Silver 5Maglite reinvents itself. I used to be a cop back when the 6D Maglite "Baton" flashlight was available for purchase and of course I had to have one. And there were always a couple 4D Mags floating around. I never particularly cared for them. The metal body is noisy. They weren't particularly bright. They were heavy. The batteries were always dead or weak; always. They rolled around on all surfaces. I figured people bought and used them out of some misguided Made In USA patriotism, or just bought them on name only (ie Harley Davidson).So I hadn't touched a Maglite in close to 15 years. In the interim, LED flashlight technology really took off and I purchased several of the smaller Chinese tactical flashlights. Super bright, super small. But with annoying features like BRIGHT, LOW, STROBE, short battery life and short lifespan due to dropping them on the ground, I ended up wanting something better for serious household/farm use.I purchased an AA LED Maglite, but found it had the same goofy BRIGHT, LOW, STROBE options. The next day I found the AA LED Maglite PRO, which is even brighter with just one function: BRIGHT. I liked that unit so much that I furthered my research and found this D cell. I also bought three more of the AA Mag Pro to keep all around the house and garage.Now, yes this light has BRIGHT, LOW, ECO, STROBE, etc, but the way you choose the settings is configurable and intuitive. Better than the el cheapo AA China lights. Also, for close work, BRIGHT really is too bright, often requiring a lower setting.PROS:RIDICULOUSLY BRIGHT. You can light up the tree tops 1/4 mile away. Deer eyes glow in the dark from .5 mile away. I saw a clearly illuminated owl flying around from the same distance just tonight. I'm sure there are brighter lights, but this is the brightest flashlight I have personally ever seen. Much brighter than the older 12v spotlights you plug into your car. The light's physical size vs light output is absolutely stunning. My how technology has progressed.3D LED far, far, far surpasses the brightness of the 6D incandescent at half the length, half the weight.Battery life is allegedly tremendous, though I haven't had the opportunity to try it.Button is nothing like the old mag lites requiring a fully depressed finger to work. New button is light and easy on the fingers. Much, much better.CONS:Metal body is still noisy. Batteries rattle around inside prompting the judicious use of duct tape wrapped around each battery.Round. Still prone to rolling around. The anti roll product they sell looks goofy and cumbersome.CONCLUSION:Buy it without hesitation. I purchased two. One for home, one for the farm. 5Battery LifeLove my 6 cell Maglite. The only issue over the past 2 years that I've owned the flashlight is the battery life. Battery life appears to be far less than average. I own many, many Maglites but with this 6-cell Maglite and only a few minutes of use 5 times per week, the batteries need replacement every couple of months. I use it to lock some gates at night and it takes 2-3 minutes to accomplish. The flashlight is only turned on during that period of time, so maybe 10-15 minutes maximum per week but that limited amount of usage after a couple of months, the light dims a bit and then all of a sudden shuts down. It doesn't go dim for days and days and then eventually stop, this light goes to slightly dim to complete shut down just that abruptly.Again, I love the construction and durability of the light but do not like having to buy 6 batteries every couple of months to keep the light working.4Bright, Quality, Dimmable Flashlight - Baton Use As a Bonus! This is a very good flashlight if the large size is desirable. If you are reading this review, you know this thing is large and you are OK with that.Pros:Brighter than the Standard Maglite 3 D-cell LED flashlights and can light up objects at a great distance.Three brightness levels... low is perfect for getting around without blinding everyone.Same Maglite ruggedness as always.Beautifully smooth texture Maglite owners love.Large enough you won't lose it as often.Just a touch smaller than the Standard Maglite 3 D-cell LED flashlight.Cons:It's Large and heavy when the 3 D-cells are in it (for me this was a positive because my kids lose all my other flashlights).Too big to just keep in your pocket around the campfire at night.Focus isn't as accurate as I'd expect.It will take awhile to get used to the new "1/4 turn focus" and not the old "unscrew-the-head style focus" that was kind of signature of MagliteNo hanging clip (not really a fault since I knew that when I bought it). But it would be a cool addition to the end cap.It doesn't have the standard "screw off head" like the standard Maglites and the focus is completely different... it's not bad, it's just a nostalgia thing.This flashlight gets 5 stars because it is what I expected and wanted... a super bright LED flashlight that is BIG and HEAVY. It is just a touch smaller than the Standard Maglite 3 D-cell LED flashlight. I'm not sure how they did that, but it is. Yet, it is still big and heavy enough that had my wife been carrying this Maglite instead of the two AA style when the tweaker attacked her with a metal stick in front of our garage, he would have ended up in the hospital.So our family values carrying a super bright flashlight that functions like a police baton when going outside at night. If you don't value those things, this isn't the light for you. There are brighter flashlights, smaller flashlights, cheaper flashlights, and much more expensive flashlights. This one is like a happy medium. It's rugged and good quality, a realistic price, bright enough to light up the whole tent or the top of a Giant Sequoia, and has a great run time thanks to three large D batteries.What I want to focus on, though, is the difference between this $40 - $50 ML300L Maglite and the $30 standard 3 D-cell LED flashlight, because if you're even considering this flashlight you probably fell in love with Maglites as a kid like me. So is it worth the extra $10 - $15 to get this one? Yes, I think so. At first I was skeptical, because we own 3 of the regular 3 D-cell LED Maglites. Could it really have that many more lumens than the standard one? So I got them out at night and put fresh batteries in all of them.It's not necessarily the spot focus where this light is better. When focused small, the standard Maglites are plenty bright in that tight area. But it's the surrounding light... the overall light that is brighter. I have included some photos that demonstrate the difference. The first picture is with both flashlights focused as tightly as possible (ML300L on the left). The second is with them focused as wide as possible. You'll notice the ML300L isn't much different. On the Little Caesar's box you don't see much difference... up close like that is where they are the most similar. But look at the flower painting with the flashlight aimed at the ceiling not the painting. The ML300L lights up the whole room noticeably more. I also thought my standard LEDs hit the trees behind my shop pretty well (the dark photos), but you can see the ML300L does a better job at that, also, with a brighter and larger spot. The final photo is just so you can see the slight size difference.In conclusion, I would say that yes, this newer design of the 3 D-cell LED Maglite ML300L is a bit better than the older style. Though I miss the feel of the old button, I appreciate the dimmable settings. Though I miss the way the head used to unscrew, the "hole" in the wide focus is gone. I think it was worth my extra $10 just for the added brightness and dimmable settings. 5Not as heavy duty as the old mag 6D but a very good lightFor almost 100 bucks it should be top of the line quality however this Maglite is lighter and has plastic internal parts in the focusing mechanism which were metal on my 3D ml 300. It has a lighter cheaper feel than old 6D Maglite. The good news is the beam focus works well and it is very bright with a clean white color. It's the best brightness and focusing I've ever seen in any Maglite and the light quality is comparable to a malkoff converted LED Maglite which I put together for about 120 bucks. Other people had problems with the switch so far mine's working. Mag should continue to make heavy solid lights. What they don't realize is that is why people buy their product (for just 10 or 15 bucks you can actually buy a brighter LED these days) mag can only rely on people's love of their older product for so long before we stop buying..4Nice flashlight very impressed Love these flash lights. Mom had a 6 d cell one like 30 years ago at a truck stop and she always talks about it being a security gaurd still. She took one from work for me to fix and it was a 3 C cell indanscent one where the batteries leaked. I got it working but it wasnt very bright but i liked the heavy feeling to it.So i bought one of these LED 3 D ML300L lights... Holy crap man its bright as hell. The beam can go all the way down my street and it lights up my back yard like a flood light almost. Now i know why people buy these. I know smaller lights can be brighter and use AAA or AA batteries but i wanted something i could crack skullz in if i ever had too. Plus this was for my mom anyway since she likes them so much.I went out and bought 4 more. One for my friend, 1 for the house and 1 for both of vehicles. All 5 work fine no issues at all. Great heavy flashlight. The only complaint i noticed is the head of the light seems flimsy it isnt screwed into the flash light i have a feeling if i smack it on something it would break 5Turns of by itself, Extremely unreliableAt first, I was excited, it was sturdy and really bright, but after like 3 days it kept turning off by itself and the batteries are new so that wasn't the problem. I work night shift and need to inspect things in the dark and this light proved unreliable. For the price, I was expecting more. I am really disappointed with this purchase, it was nothing more than a waste of money.1Great light, just don't the shake it up and downI bought the $90 6 D-cell maglite, the ML300L that's 694 lumens. The flashlight acceded my expectations as far as the design and light focus with the new 1/4 turn focus. The only negative side is I was testing it for different situations and the light cuts on and off when I shake it a little up and down. I don't know why it does that and was a little disappointed because I loved everything else so much. Also after using it for a week my 6 D batteries died. I used it for maybe 7 hours. Idk if it's the flashlight or a bad batch or energizer batteries. I'll update my post if the batteries last longer next time. UPDATE: I bought a really bad batch of energizer batteries, I have since put a set of 6 Rayovac batteries in the flashlight and it has been running fine for over 2 weeks now with no signs of the batteries dying. So if your flashlight dies quickly it's the batteries, not this amazing light. I've also changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars.5Works Awesome With Eneloop Pro Rechargables in 3xAA to 1xD Parallel Adapters! After having owned several of the old-school incandescent Maglites in both the 3 and 4 D Cell versions going back more than two decades now, I finally got around to upgrading to this newer 3 D-Cell ML300L LED. and at the same time I also ordered a pack of Uxcell 3xAA to 1xD Size Parallel Battery Adapters to use with my Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA High Capacity Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries. I felt I was taking a bit of a gamble as I wasn't positive these adapters were going to fit in the Maglite as they do have a very slightly larger outer diameter than a standard D Cell, but it turned out well as they fit just fine with no issues. Works great and is noticeably brighter by a LOT than my old 4xD cell incandescent Maglite with a new replacement Xenon bulb.I'm so glad the 3xAA to 1xD adapters do fit because I really can't stand throwing away money with disposable batteries. Rechargeables are a costly investment but they are so worth it, especially these Eneloops (and AmazonBasics). They outlast any/all disposables runtimes on a single charge and especially so in how long they store a charge when not in use, and can be recharged hundreds and hundreds of times. I didn't want to resort to having to use Eneloops AA to D Cell adapters because they employ just a single AA to D which works fine but at a much reduced runtime. Even though they are rechargeable the less often I have to replace and recharge them the better. These 3xAA-to-D or 4xAAA-to-C adapters are much much better in that regard. 5If you love Maglites, buck up and spend the $$$ on ...This flashlight is incredible. If you love Maglites, buck up and spend the $$$ on a 6 cell. You wont regret it. It is a great defense mechanism, a wonderful conversation piece, and above all; a great flashlight. The LED 6 cell Maglite is a must for a pitch-black-at-night piece of property like mine. I can keep an eye on my dog taking a crap for about 400 yards. He doesn't appreciate it, but neither do intruders trying to steal things from my bedroom at night.5Ehh. This should be a great LED version of the traditional 3-Cell maglite.I love the different settings and intensities. And I love the 'cool white' temperature of the light.The issue is that it "Eats" batteries! It goes through a set of brand new batteries 2-3 times faster than a traditional maglite.Also, when the batteries get low, the flashlight just shuts off. There is no warning or dimming of the light to let you know the batteries are low.I have chosen to convert my standard 3-Cell with an LED bulb and use this one as a spare. 2Big, bright and toughI bought this for some heavy duty use, doing home inspections, so it lives in the bottom of a bag and gets hauled out to go into attics and basements. There are times when you need something big enough to hold onto and not lose, which was the point here. Silver helps too, making it easier to find. The LED gives a nice broad and even light, a big change for anyone who used even a high quality incandescent bulb.As there aren't really rechargeable D cells, I use Panasonic BQ-BS1E4SA eneloop D Size Battery Adapters for Use With eneloop Ni-MH Rechargeable AA Battery Cells, 4 Pack with it. I think the battery life isn't as long, which isn't the flashlight's fault, and with an LED it's just as bright. I think the price to quality ratio for this thing can't be beat.5
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