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Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A

  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A
  • Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A

Ltgem Case For Dewalt Dpg82 11/Dpg82 21 Goggle, Tailored Hard Storage Carrying Bag With Hand Strap A

€62,00 €38,00 Save: €24,00
€38,00 €62,00 You save: €24,00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Secure Payments

  • 14 Days Return

  • Risk-free Purchase: Totally tailored for your DEWALT DPG82-11/DPG82-21 Goggle and we offer 100% Money back Guarantee If there are quality problems.
  • Safety: Hard EVA Material is Shockproof Dustproof and Waterproof to protect your DEWALT DPG82-11 Goggle from impacts and splashes.
  • Super Convenient: Comes with comfortable hand strap to carry easily and roomy to contain other small accessories.
  • Luxury and Fashionable: Build-in super quality villus reflects superior taste and ensures a long-lasting performance.
  • Considerable Design: Smooth but strong zipper gives you a better using experience. 360 Zip is convenient for you to put your glass in and out the case.
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Customer Reviews

Its just a perfect case andwill keep the goggles free of scratches for years.Perfect! Well done.This is just an excellent product. Well designed and made. The goggles fit in perfectly, a soft perfectly fitted case to keep the goggles good for years, an awesome lanyard with an excellent clip too. Iam very pleased with the quality and perfect fit of the goggles in this case. A product that will last me a lot of years. Just excellent. I was in all types of manufacturing and tool and die works, and this product to me is one of the best designed and made products i have bought in many years. Very happy with this one.5Beautiful! I'm so glad I bought itI am very happy with this case. I was buying prescription swim goggles, and the cases for swim goggles are ridiculously expensive. I happened upon this case because it is for goggles, so it showed up. It was reasonably priced, so I checked it out. It is big. It easily holds two pairs of swim goggles as well as my nose clip and swim cap. I even have my swimsuit wash in there (a small bottle). It is so perfect for my needs that I may never get regular swim goggle cases. It is sturdy and protects very well. It is made well and I expect it to last me a long time. I just put my swimming stuff in there and toss it in my gym bag. I am happy with this purchase. I'm sure it would work well for its intended purpose, too.5Great goggles.Bought for cutting metal. Looks,fit and worked great. Wore with regular glasses, NO PROBLEM. However I did get a " little " moisture-foging after 15 minutes but didnt notice until I was done and took them off. No notice during operation. A complete positive on these. I recommend getting the case for them because they're too nice to be just throwing into tool box. Respect all your tool.!!!5Fits OutdoorMaster OTG Ski GogglesI bought two of these to fit my OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles. (I have the clear and tented goggles) This case is well made, very durable and fits my goggles perfectly. I replaced the metal clip that's on the case the strap attached to, with a circular key ring holder. I have my case hanging from my pants so I have my goggles on hand when needed.5For the Stubborn HusbandMy husband constantly gets stuff in his eyes , I would beg him to wear safety glasses. My husband like most husbands is stubborn and refuses to wear glasses because they fog up on him and he gets irritated. I ordered him these and he loves them , when he does wear them he says they are great and they don t fog up. They protect his eyes better then anything he s worn before. My husband is a plumber so he uses saws , grinders etc... if that helps anyone.5Excellent quality safety goggle case meant for the DeWalt safety goggles.I ended up buying this particular case, mainly because another customer in his review of the prodcut claimed that they offered a perfect fit for the UVEX OTG (Over the glasses) style goggles (Model #19369). But it was not exactly the case, no pun intended. While the case can indeed fit the UVEX OTG style goggles, one actually has to force the zipper just a little in oder for it to close. Even though the photos that the user uploaded made it look like so, it is not quite a perfect fit, since one also has to shove the goggles in to obtain a extremely tight fit. However, I cannot blame this problem on the company, as they are labeled as being tailored for the DeWalt DPG82-11/DPG82-21 goggles, and not the UVEX ones.I guess the lesson learned is that reviews are somewhat just like opinions, so this is my personal feedback, but I suggest reading as many as possible before buying anything.Anyway, when I come to think about it, this is the third case I buy from LTGEM, and just as with the previous ones, I am still happy with the build quality, which is probably why I did not even hesitate when ordering it in conjunction with a pair of UVEX goggles. I seriously think they create better cases than the ones offered by the competitors out there in the market, namely "Hertmitshell", which in all honesty are not bad either, but I find the LTGEM ones to have a better zipper design.Anyway, next time I will try to search for a specific tailored case for whatever product I am shopping for.P.S. - Perhaps this particular case offers a more custom-designed fit for the UVEX Stealth OTG safety googles:https://www.amazon.com/COMECASE-Storage-Stealth-Anti-Fog-Anti-Scratch/dp/B07MGWM3BX/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_sims?ie=UTF8#customerReviewsAlthough after reading some of its reviews, this one stood out the most to me: The gray webbing around the two halves of the case scratches the lenses. This material is far to hard and when the goggles move around in the case fine scratches appear on the lens right where this webbing is. Beyond this issue the case is well made and the manufacturer responded immediately and said they would look into remedying this issue. Still is better than nothing. Who knows? Maybe I did get the better case after all, since the interior material on the LTGEM case is soft and does not seem like it could cause any sort of scratches, particularly due to the tight fit that does allow for any sort of movement. I guess Forest Gump s mother knew her stuff when she said, Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you re gonna get. Such an epic phrase. Until the next review, peace out!5Very nice l! The case and glasses are fantastic. I've not used them much yet but seem very high quality for the money. At $8 to are nuts to not use these while grinding. The case does its job but not sure if it is really needed but should help reduce scratches. Going to buy another set for the bench grinder. Why not 5The zipper is broken early in the year. Biggest problem is that the zipper gets a little bit more stuck every day with the lowest possible amount of effort. I carry a bag of tools and this case hangs off the side with the loop clip it comes with and it gets mixed into the bag with all the tools and accessories which can rub against the zipper results in a broken zipper that won't shut or gets stuck in its tracks. AGAIN ALL ZIPPERS ARE LIKE THIS ONE Get a heavy-duty zipper for carpenter's and construction workers. The Dewalt googles are good for dry dessert winds as wind can blow sediment into your eyes to which can make you feel like a good day is spoiled by the sand rubbing against your eyes. Get a set of googles like those that protects your eyes unlike sunglasses that leave your eyes exposed. 4Deceptive advertizingThe product appears to be of good quality, but you have to read the small font description to discover that it is ONLY the case, even though the picture should goggles in the case. The first time I received it, I returned it because it was empty. Only after careful re-study of the item did I notice that the goggles are sold separately. This is deceptive advertizing.2Great fit for the Dewalt goggles. Keeps the dust off and keeps them niceThese were designed for the Dewalt goggles and they fit great. I was using the cardboard box that came with the goggles to protect them. That works ok. I was thinking that a ziplock bag and the box would be good but this is even better.The case is rigid and cannot be easily crushed. I assume if you let a table saw sit on them they will get crushed but anything short of that should be ok. The inside is very soft and nice. I zip mine closed when I remove the goggles to keep out the dust.I have 15 pairs of dollar store safety goggles and I leave them out. They get dusty and when you clean them they end up all scratched up. (they are only a dollar so I just buy more)I'm happy with the case and goggles. So far I used the goggles for exhaust work and they worked great. I will be painting car parts with them in the future. We will see how that works out.5Great Purchased!!!!!!! My husband uses the goggles for work. He is a roofer. His job entails him working with different materials that may cause harm to his eyes. He has told me that the goggles are comfortable to wear as well as having complete blockage from dust, spray materials, shards of debris that can be broken off and can cause damage to the eyes. After all they are safety goggles, right.... He also said that the smoke tint works well against the sun. And having a protective case to store them in is cool and helps him keep up with them. They store perfectly in his bag and he's happy I purchased them for him. 5Great idea to keep your goggles safe Great case for my DeWalt goggles. I was using the original packaging for storage, but saw this as a suggestion while looking at some other tools here on Amazon. Great idea. It's hard enough to keep it safe but light enough to carry around. My only problem was the smell that came from it when I first opened the packaging. It smelled like oil. I left it out and open and after a good week, could barely smell it. 5Protection for ProtectionYou cant invest in such an incredible product like Dewalt Safety Goggles and not protect them while not in use. This tailored hard storage carrying bag fits snug, great quality and well worth it. I am seriously considering getting another set of Goggles and Hard Box as a gift; and one must never forget what Amazon has done for all of us in the world, giving us the ability to seek out the best products, services and overall support! I purchased several other products that just did not work and hence I turned turn Amazon which i should have done first time round.5Great protection for my safety glasses and dust maskI finally broke down and bought a nice dust mask and a pair of over my glasses safety glasses but I knew they would get crushed in the back of my truck by my tools unless I got some kind of protective case. Since my safety glasses are not Dewalt's, there was room for both the glasses and dust mask in this case. I think it is a very nice case at a really good price. I will by another one for my wife who also volunteers for disaster relief construction trips.5
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