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LAMINET Heavy-Duty Deluxe Crystal Clear Vinyl Tablecloth Protector 70" x 108" - Oblong

  • LAMINET Heavy-Duty Deluxe Crystal Clear Vinyl Tablecloth Protector 70" x 108" - Oblong
  • LAMINET Heavy-Duty Deluxe Crystal Clear Vinyl Tablecloth Protector 70" x 108" - Oblong
  • LAMINET Heavy-Duty Deluxe Crystal Clear Vinyl Tablecloth Protector 70" x 108" - Oblong

LAMINET Heavy-Duty Deluxe Crystal Clear Vinyl Tablecloth Protector 70" x 108" - Oblong

€72,00 €43,20 Save: €28,80
€43,20 €72,00 You save: €28,80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MEASURES - 70 x 108" - Oblong
  • HEAVY-DUTY - Hemmed Edges for Clean Finished Look
  • IDEAL USAGE - Protection from Kids, Grandchildren & Pets
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Wipe Clean with Damp Cloth or Sponge
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR - Helps Protect your beautiful tablecloth from spills & stains
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Customer Reviews

Finally...My glass on my dining table is broken on 2 corners and I'm not able to get a new glass at this time. I also like my table decorated but my children are messy eaters so i wanted a clear protector to go over my table that could be easily cleaned and won't rip or tear from the glass's jagged edges.. This does the job & I couldn't be happier! Included one picture of what would've been on my nice white tablecloth without the protector there, and a few items from thanksgiving dinner on the table. Clean up was a breeze! I bought it a size too big length-wise but I'd rather it be too long than not long enough.5Meh.It s very thin, and since it comes packaged folded like most, expect the crease lines. I have a 54x54 table and for whatever reason it s been hard as hell finding one that s SQUARE and 70x70 like my table cloth. Like an idiot, I trusted someone s answer when another asked if it would hang over the table for a 54x54 size table, and they were absolutely WRONG. It isn t even exactly 54x54. It s as if it shrunk just a little (see photos) the price is cheap so this is what you get. I d say this is perfect for those who have kids and just need to cover a space that they don t want getting dirty temporarily.4Not Heavy Duty just Standard I purchased this plastic table cover because it said heavy duty and I need protection for my wood table. Once I took it out of the packaging, I instantly knew that it was cheap/standard. Its really thin and wrinkles. Since its not heavy, it lifts and moves easily. The seams are sewn but the plastic rips if caught on something or if you pull too hard. This wasn't for me. I repurchased one that i got before and highly recommend it (Benson Mills Plastic Tablecloth here on Amazon). The size I purchased was Oblong 60x108. This is ok for light protection. Attached are pictures showing mine (Benson Mills) holding up strong and this one (covers for the home) folding with me holding it. Then I do a side by side. Hope this helps. 2It Does Not Get Any Worse Than This I understand that a table cover is not supposed to be something spectacular or of an amazing quality. It is after all a piece of plastic that protects your tablecloth and table from spills,stains, and life. Honestly I do not believe that this product could get any cheaper than what was delivered to me.For starters it was already so extremely wrinkled and distressed that there was never any hope in making it look decent. I was very upset just by the packaging, and honestly paying $8.00 dollars for this item, is $7.00 dollars too many. It looks like something you purchase from the $.99 cent store.The measurement are off by about an inch in length, and it falls short in covering my tablecloth and it does not stay in place. Anything you place on such as a simple glass, or even an ornamental bowl will leave a mark in the plastic that will not go away.Honestly folks it does not get any worse quality than this, save your money and purchase something that will do its job. You will be happy that you did it. 1Not worth it. Just too thin and shifted around on the table way too much. Also not 90". It was shorter than stated. The lines from the folds were also awful. Returned and purchased vinyl at a craft store that was 12 gauge and they rolled it to cover my table and love it. Holds in place and no lines/folds in it. 1Good Quality, One CautionThis tablecloth cover is well made with medium thick clear vinyl, rounded corners and faux stitching to finish the edges. I'm using the large 108" size on top of my bed to guard against possible cat pee. I noticed they left my sofa and armchair alone after I added clear vinyl covers, which gave me the idea for the bed. I had been using mattress covers that leaked, and also wanted to be able to see my colorful bedding. A good solution.UPDATE: One star off because the plastic has a very strong vinyl odor that wouldn't go well with food. I don't know how long it may take for the odor to fade, but I'm letting it air outdoors..... Later: A day and a night outdoors made a big difference. I was able to keep it in the bedroom overnight and was not bothered by the slight odor.4Perfect SolutionPerfect Solution To Protect My Tablecloth - And Table!The heavy duty vinyl tablecloth protector is a perfect solution to protect my tablecloth. I wanted something that would allow the beauty of my tablecloth to show through while making sure that any liquid would not stain or damage my beautiful tablecloths. This tablecloth protector did the trick! I also have used it on my actual table, without a tablecloth underneath it, and it makes clean up so easy. It's sturdy enough to be a tablecover all on it's own.The white hem border is attractive and makes it easy to see the edges of the clear tablecover. I am very impressed with the clarity and sturdiness of the vinyl - unlike other products that literally pull apart. If you are looking for clear protection for tables or tablecloths - the heavy duty vinyl tablecover is right product. I have a smaller table that I am going to buy another one for. I bet it saves at least one of my tablecloths every year!5wonderf for my wood tablePut this bad boy on my wood table and used blue taped to tuck it underneath. It s awesome!! I have 5 kids it s wonderful for wood tables to still see my beautiful table.5It is clearly tranparent, so you can show your beautiful tabel cloth and keep them cleanI purchase a beautiful table cloth for my dinning table last Christmas and I want to keep it on table year long, but it is hard to keep it clean for long time, so I am looking for things can protect my table cloth but easy to clean. I tried quite few product and finally found this one, it is crystal clear and very easy to clean, not too light but not too heavy neither, just a perfectly feed my needs.5Love these 'cloths'This is my second time buying these plastic table cloths. They last a long time before too many cups of hot coffee permanently form rings on them. Keep them clean and they'll shine for a couple of yrs (at lest mine do!). With 4 kids with a 10 yr range between them I put table decorations under them so the table was always decorated but nothing could be spilled on them :) and the kids could see their art work. Love these 'cloths'.5LOVE!I'm using these to cover all the scratchable and scratched wooden surfaces in my home. I know that sounds nuts. I'm like Marie on Everybody Loves Raymond! But, between belt buckles and cat claws, our wooden furniture gets scratched all to hell. I already have all the furniture slipcovered. We can't have nice things! But, that's O.K. Nice things cost a lot!5Great Cover I have beautiful tablecloths that belonged to my mother but was reluctant to use them because I worried about stains. Now I don't have that worry. The vinyl tablecloth fits well, is the right thickness, and.looks very nice. 5All Wrinkled!This was poorly packaged and totally scrunched up and wrinkled. Seller suggested putting into the DRYER for 30 seconds. This did not work and, if on a hotter setting, would have melted the material! As is, it did stick together a bit more and I had to pry it apart. This was unusable for the table, as it was NOT like the nicely unwrinkled one shown in the picture. Maybe one could try steaming it...but this was for a funeral and there was no time to start experimenting.1Simple Clear TableclothI was trying to find a nice clear plastic tablecloth for my roll-able wooden kitchen island. It's real wood on top and not the type where if you spill something it's easy to wipe off; in fact, it'd probably stain the wood (it's not finished). I wanted to cover it; yet I didn't want to hide the wood. This was way too big, but it didn't come any smaller; so I just folded it in half. I tucked the sides underneath the folding part of the island. It may look a little ghetto but it's a lot better than my blue plastic party tablecloth my mom bought. It's quite wrinkly; but, it works for me. If you want something nicer, this probably wouldn't be your thing. The picture shown, doesn't even have a crease (not the case when you buy this).Overall, this worked for my needs.4
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