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Knape & Vogt Vogt Kt-0134-1212Sn Decorative Corner Glass Shelf Kit L X 12 in W, 12 x 12"

  • Knape & Vogt Vogt Kt-0134-1212Sn Decorative Corner Glass Shelf Kit L X 12 in W, 12 x 12"
  • Knape & Vogt Vogt Kt-0134-1212Sn Decorative Corner Glass Shelf Kit L X 12 in W, 12 x 12"
  • Knape & Vogt Vogt Kt-0134-1212Sn Decorative Corner Glass Shelf Kit L X 12 in W, 12 x 12"
  • Knape & Vogt Vogt Kt-0134-1212Sn Decorative Corner Glass Shelf Kit L X 12 in W, 12 x 12"

Knape & Vogt Vogt Kt-0134-1212Sn Decorative Corner Glass Shelf Kit L X 12 in W, 12 x 12"

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Tempered glass for strength and safety
  • Small brackets for a sleek almost floating look
  • Holds up to 25 lbs. when installed into studs
  • Hardware included
  • Easy to install
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Customer Reviews

Look nice. Does the job. Buy some good drywall anchors. The shelves look really nice on the wall, however the wall anchors (drywall anchors) that come with them are a very poor quality. Recommend buying some better quality drywall anchors and not even bothering to use the ones that come with the shelves. Beyond that once I got them secured to the wall properly they look nice and are secure enough to hold several liquor bottles each. Because I had a problem with the wall anchors I had a little bit of a challenge keeping them level. I had to get creative and add another anchor to the back corner of each shelf to hold it securely, it is hidden by the contents of the shelf so you don't see it and after doing so the shelves are very strong. 4Nice shelf for the money. This is a shelf that looks and functions just as it appears in online photos.The mounting hardware factory counters could stand improvement - I received twice as many screws and drywall screws as needed, but only one steel plate (as opposed to two).This shelf does not mount well to cheap drywall - the panel is heavy, and may lean forward from the wall (towards the floor) because the pelican clips will sag - there should be two screws per clip, though there is only one.There was mild wear (packing/shipping?) to the metal finish on the pelican clips in the unit I received. Depending on where/what someone was using this shelf for and how meticulous about appearances he/she is, such wear could be an annoyance. 4Great for small bathrooms Installed in my newly remodeled bathroom. Tiny space next to toilet, it fits and looks great. One of the shelves does wobble a bit when you touch it, but these are pretty inexpensive so I think it's fine. I have to take off a star because it was missing a screw when it arrived, but the contractor made it work; someone else might have returned it. 4You get what you pay for... This is one of those times where you really do get what you pay for. The finish on the 2 metal mounting brackets is very poorly done. It is not completely smooth and looks like someone just roughly polished it with a mechanical polisher. The shelf also does not sit perfectly level. It slants ever so slightly forward so that if you put something on it that is round it will surely roll off. The installation/mounting of the shelf is pretty straight forward, although there are some small pieces that have to go between the bracket and the wall that were hard to get in the correct position. My bathroom (where I mounted this shelf) has tile up to about 4' on the walls and because of the way you have to access screws in the bottom of the brackets... I couldn't mount it exactly where I wanted. You have to have enough room directly below the bracket to get a screw driver into the mounting screws so it ended up being about 5" higher than I really wanted. 3Solution for loose glass This is a very pretty and contemporary shelf. A number of the reviewers mentioned that the glass shelf was loose on top of the brackets. I was a little hesitant about the purchase for this exact point since there can always be a careless moment when you bump into the shelf and the thing comes sailing off.I solved that issue with a glass clamp that I had left over from another project. these are the most common glass clamps that you can probably get for cheap at any HD/Lowe's etc.. You can likely also find them on Amazon. I placed it in the diagonal part of the shelf (nothing to put on that part anyway) and it now holds the shelf securely in place.This way, problem solved and I can enjoy this beautiful shelf without any worries.The montage was a little bit clumsy since you have to mount one shelf bracket, then place the glass on it, while holding the other side of the shelf. Place the second (not yet secured) shelf bracket underneath that other side and then hold the shelf/that bracket with one hand. Place a level on the top glass plate and mark the drill holes for the second bracket, ensuring the shelf is leveled.Note that a benefit that the glass shelf is not attached to the bracket is that the brackets can be spaced out at will. Since the average space between studs is 16 inch, one can thus place the brackets in two studs, securing a stronger hold. 5Lasted 2.5 yrs and collapsed today! These held up okay for over 2yrs, but always little shakey. I stored at most two perfume bottles and a small decorative items. It just callapse and I managed to catch it. Had I broke both full bottles of perfumes I would be extremely furious.I learned something, the things usually placed on shelves are much more valuable than the shelf itself. And shelves are typically placed above our heads holding assortment of objects you don t want falling on you. Thus... take shelf installation and stability VERY SERIOUSLY!!I attached pictures of the hardware and it appears the metal gave way. I was able to save the glass shelf part and only broken was the drinking glass I kept on the table below the shelf. I have another shelf in the corner of the bathroom right above the toilette... I am considering removing it so I dont run the risk of it and the contents falling on my head. 1Nice look, worthless mounting hardware Nice look to the shelf when installed - otherwise would have given it only one star.Installation took four times what it should have because the mounting hardware is so ridiculously cheap it took a third do-over using my own components to complete the bracket mounting with anything resembling solid. The plastic hollow-wall plugs were so cheap and soft, you couldn't tighten a screw in them. I finally had to simply drive them through the plasterboard wall, and reverted to the screw-in style hollow-wall anchors purchased from Home Depot. Then, when you could tighten the screws, they pulled right through the metal of the bracket and/or stripped the driving slots. These are not made of suitable metal for this task. There was a second hole provided in the bracket for a wood screw. I used that hole and the screws that came with the hollow-wall anchors, and finally got a secure installation. By the way, there are two screws and wall anchors provided for each bracket, and the instructions only reference using one. ???? If you buy one of these, anticipate more installation time and trouble than you expect due to materials, and count on having your own components made of construction-suitable material. 2Poorly designed, looks great Really wanted this to work, but can't rate it highly. Installation wasn't quite right. The plastic inserts simply could not be inserted into the wall fully (exactly following directions, using the drill bit they request) thus the brackets aren't flush against the wall, and so the shelf rocks slightly. Also, there are two screws and holes per bracket, but instructions clearly say to only drill one hole. A very silly extra sliding tiny square piece adds nothing, and makes installation harder. On the other hand, it looks good, and as long as I don't put anything too heavy on it, seems suitable. Now that this is up, I may be forced to buy a matching ne to put above it, so (sigh) here we go again... 2Better materials used than expected! i had to re position our router but had no spot to put it. the glass is tempered. the metal mounts are solid. it comes with an extra set of screws if you should lose any. do keep the instructions for one reason. the mounts use a proprietary system i have never seen before. once i read the sheet using them was easier than other mount types i've used. the only minor ding, pun intended, was a small scuff mark on one of the mounts where the brushed metal finish had been scratched off. but a tiny spot on the underside so no big deal.a well made shelf that is easy to put up and looks good too. 4Nice looking shelf, awfull quality. Won't last. Look elsewhere for a better quality shelf. I needed to put a mini cable box under my TV in the wall. After a lot of reviews in Amazon, and lots of research I decided to give this shelf a try. Well, it did not last long. At the first time I tried to clean the unit the whole thing came crashing down to the floor. Upon inspection, after the cleanup, it is clear the holes in the supports give way to the small head screws and basically fall out with not much problem. The quality of the parts is really questionable, and I was hoping for it to last longer.Evidently the frailty of the poured metal parts is too weak to hold the screw, consequently the metal gives way making an anchor hole too big for the screw and everything falls to the ground creating a mess. The Chinese made parts are cheap and not precise. If this was done with better quality anchors it is a nice looking piece. Unfortunately there are not enough small shelves to look at, but next one will be better built.Time to look for somethin new. 1
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