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KidKraft Wooden Two Step Children's Stool with Handles- White

  • KidKraft Wooden Two Step Children's Stool with Handles- White
  • KidKraft Wooden Two Step Children's Stool with Handles- White
  • KidKraft Wooden Two Step Children's Stool with Handles- White
  • KidKraft Wooden Two Step Children's Stool with Handles- White

KidKraft Wooden Two Step Children's Stool with Handles- White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made of wood and MDF
  • The KidKraft wooden two step stool brings kids two steps closer to independence.
  • Sturdy wood construction makes this ideal for kids who like to do things on their own.
  • It can be used to climb up to reach books or toys on a shelf, or it can used as an extra seat.
  • KidKraft Two Step Stool, White
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Customer Reviews

Broken Teeth Waiting To Happen Ouch. Sure wish I had read the numerous negative reviews more thoroughly before purchasing, as it's clear that parents' concerns with this product are legit: 1) SLIPPERY. The glossy paint makes for dangerously slippery steps, and the stool has no grips on the 'feet' of the stool. Immediately after building, we took it to the bathroom to try. My son stepped up and not only slipped (with bare feet, not socks!) on the step, the entire stool shot backward across our tile-floor bathroom! He nearly face-planted against the sink. UGH. 2) CHEAP MATERIALS. It sounds like this product was once (at some point in time time) manufactured with real wood and was of some quality, but not any longer. This is just cheap plyboard and super glossy paint. Very disappointing. They also shorted me one of the l'il wooden pegs. 3) ODD ANGLE. One cannot determine this from the product photography, but the back wall is NOT perpendicular to the ground, but angled into a pyramid-shape. This causes a rather large, dangerous GAP between the stool and whatever furniture the child wishes to reach. We are returning this piece of garbage. Save yourself the hassle! 1Step it up kidkraft! This is not a very functional step stool. Like other reviewers mentioned, it s difficult to put together with inadequate instructions, has no nonskid on the bottom so it s very slick on the floor if not carpeted, and worse is that it s angled so that it doesn t sit flush against the cabinet if you re using it as a toddler step stool to reach the sink. It s terrible to use for kids because the can and almost certainly will slip through the wide space between the cabinet and stool. I wish I hadn t bought this. It s too expensive for what it is. There s not even a storage area under the step like other stools in the same price range. Pretty lousy. 1but that is easy to add (although I haven't gotten around to it) Could use some treads on the steps, but that is easy to add (although I haven't gotten around to it). I wish it would get more flush with the wall/cabinet that it's up against so they don't slip off the front. There is a 2"+ gap. We use this for our kid to reach the bathroom sink and brush her teeth. 5Just what I was looking for I wanted something tall enough so that my 2 1/2 could brush his teeth and wash his hands without me picking him up or putting him on the counter. I bought another stool and it wasn't tall enough for my cabinets. This one is a 2 step stool and is white, which matches my bathroom. (See attached photos). My son has gained more independence with this stool.I assembled this stool in less than 30 mins (and I do not assemble much). So if it was easy for me, than most can do it. The instructions were not intimidating. They were picture instruction. I love that this is wood instead of the cheap plastic.Plus delivery was faster than expected with this heavy product. 5Not Safe Without Modifications. Stool is sturdy, cute and easy to assemble. However it was very slippery for our daughter who is usually in socks because of our travertine floors. ALSO more dangerously, the stool slid back while our daughter was standing on it, because it's also slippery on the bottom. Not sure how it works on tile, or hardwood floors, but I'm imagining it would be just as slippery.Like another reviewer suggested, we added non-slip tape to the steps. We are in the process of finding rubber for he bottom. The legs are so skinny it's been hard to fin ones that fit. The ones we did find (small circular ones) kept falling off. We are looking for ones that screw into the stool. In the meantime we placed the stool on a bathroom mat to prevent sliding. So mixed reviews, we like it but without modifications it can be really dangerous. I would like to see this company add rubber or a nonslip bottom. 3Unsafe It is not safe, my toddler felt twice in the gap. I was holding to her when it happened luckily. The steps are slippery too.I had to put away and buy a new one. The back of the stool is not straight up, when it is against any sink cabinet it creates a gap between the top step.Unfortunate this it is not something that you can see clearly in the product description pictures here, so only when you start to use that you will see.It is to expensive for the quality and design offer. I found many step stools on Amazon and even on TJ Maxx with a better design and quality for much cheaper. 1Safe and good looking step stool Great! I wanted something sleek and streamlined that wouldn't be an eyesore if I left it by the kitchen sink for my toddler, and voila! Inspired by the safety modifications of some other reviewers, I added some clear non-skid shower tape to the steps which reduces slipping, feels gentler on feet, and blends in better with the white version. I also cut some strips to adhere to the underside of the feet, and it does seem to reduce skidding on the floor slightly, although I didn't find it a big problem before honestly. For the record, I think the reason the front edge is angled back instead of sitting flush up against a wall is so that if it is free standing it doesn't topple forward when your kid stands right up on the front edge, like mine does. If it were straight up and down, the weight on that front edge would tilt the whole thing over. The small gap that is left when I do put it up against something isn't big enough to cause problems, and my toddler avoids it intuitively. All around, this is an excellent step stool for kids. 5Great sturdy little stool that gives my 2 year old ... Great sturdy little stool that gives my 2 year old just a little more reach to use the sink. Super slippery though! We added some non-slip tape and now it's great! 4Manufacturing change? Garbage. I bought one of these about 9 months ago and liked it. Solid wood, good hardware, works great for my daughter. So I bought another one for the other bathroom. What I received is not the same product. It is cheap veneer particle board with sharp edges. It looks cheap, feels cheap, and I'm sure it will not hold up to my two small children. Don't waste time with this crap. 1Safety hazard! Wow! People weren't kidding- this stool is slippery! I read the prior reviews and figured it couldn't be that bad... boy was I wrong! Not only is it slippery on the bottom, the tops of the steps are also extremely slippery. The stool is also very heavy. I wanted my child to become more independent w the stool, instead it was a heavy dangerous piece of furniture in my bathroom. I also felt that the steps were too thin. My 3 year olds feet were hanging off. I will be returning for a less attractive plastic stool- at least it will be safe without modifications! 1
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