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Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large

  • Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large
  • Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large
  • Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large
  • Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large
  • Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large
  • Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large

Jenaluca Ice Cream Scoop - Cookie Dough and Cupcake Scoop - 18/8 Stainless Steel - Large

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • MULTIPLE USES - Ice cream, gelato, sorbet, large cookies, cupcakes, muffins, Italian meatballs - holds 3 Tablespoon
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - Professional chef choice for baking tools. 18/8 Stainless Steel provides strength and durability
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Disher glides easily without intense pressure on wrist and hand - innovative cog and ratchet scooper
  • BUILT TO LAST - Heavy duty. Won't pit, corrode or rust. Mirror polished. Keeps shine wash after wash. Dishwasher safe.
  • PERFECT GIFTS - Lustrous scoops in plush velvet bags. Elegant gift box for bridal shower, wedding, and housewarming
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Customer Reviews

The Jenaluca cookie scoop makes nice, even cookies each and every time I use it.One of the things that I like to do is to make cookies and then give them away to friends. One of the things that I ve been looking for is a good cookie scoop, one that can hold up to making dozens of cookies at a time. I ve been using the Jenaluca Ice Cream/Cookie Scoop several times a week for the past month and it has been able to stand up to even the chunkiest of cookies I have made. It is easy to operate, just scoop the cookie dough and the squeeze the handle to push the dough out of the scoop. I ve had other cookie scoops and they have wimpy gear in the handle that just doesn t hold up. This one is made of stainless steel and has a sturdy handle system. I am so very happy with the way the Jenaluca Cookie Scoop works. It makes nice, even cookies each and every time I use it.5BeautifulI haven't used my scoop yet but I have to say that the shipping speed was fantastic and the scoop itself and the packaging are beautiful! I can't wait to use it and when I do I will update.UPDATE:Used the scoop for the first time to make cookies. I can't say enough good things about this scoop. It made perfect sized cookies (I have the medium scoop). The handle has a great fit in my hand, very comfortable grip. Not difficult at all to squeeze. And the dough comes right out of the scoop on to the pan. Just all around wonderful. Definitely worth the money. I have a feeling I will have this scoop for years because the quality of this scoop is phenomenal. Thank you Jenaluca!5This is So Easy to Use And Clean!!How did I bake so long without this tool?!! I Love to bake, but now that I am getting older- Ha Ha :0), it s getting harder to muster the energy to want to bake. I had decided to make a couple of different types of cookies for my husband s BD and needed some better cooling racks, when up popped these scoops. Oh My they are Wonderful!! Sometimes filling the baking pan is what seems the most tedious. Not Any More :0)! It was Fast And Cleaning the scoop was a Breeze! I Also Love the box and the pretty velvet bag that they come in!! Guess what gift I ll be giving to my friends who are bakers And for wedding gifts?!! Thank You Jenaluca for making such a Wonderful product!!5Good For Cookie Dough, Bad For Melons! I really wanted to love this scoop, and have had my eye on it for years. I purchased it solely for melon. I thought it would be nice to make little balls, perfect for little people to snack on. Not only did it NOT scoop out pieces in a ball shape like advertised (rather, little messy chunks), but it was so much more time-consuming than just using a chef's knife to cube a melon. It was also difficult to scoop against the sides of the melon, once done with the center.HOWEVER, it is very nice quality! Therefore, I definitely plan to buy the medium size one for cookie dough! I just do not recommend it for fruit. 3This Thing Is A TreasureI had dozens of cookies to finish, so I was anxiously awaiting the post. I ripped the package open and thought with dismay that there was a mistake, as I found a nice jewelry type embossed paste board box inside. I quickly opened it and was further confused by the lovely blue velvet bag inside. But when I opened the bag, there was my scoop! The packaging reflects what the seller thinks of this product, and it's not unearned vanity. I have only made 22 dozen cookies with it so far, but it's perfect for small "two bite" cookies I make at Christmas. Nicely balanced, easy to work on even the coldest dough, and it didn't activate my carpal tunnel which was an added plus. Any mechanical scoop is going to have gears to clean, but there's no hidden crannies on this so it washes up easily and completely. Best yet, it has a lifetime warranty if anything should go wrong. I'm spoiled now! I think I need to get the larger size for standard size cookies and donate my clunker scoop to the thrift shop. Well done!5Wonderful product! This is the best cookie scoop ever! This is the second one I bought - the largest one. I already have the medium sized scoop. I bought another because the first one was so easy to use, no stress on my hand. I can operate it with ease and now it's a pleasure to scoop cookies. Before I got the two Jenaluca scoops, I just dropped cookie dough from a spoon, which can be a bit messy and very time consuming. 5Wish I had this gadget a lot sooner!!I am the gadget girl: I have more gadgets in my kitchen than anyone I know. How then did I ever miss this handy little cookie scoop?The scoop made getting the cookie dough onto the baking sheet faster and easier than by a plain spoon. My cookies baked evenly because they're finally all the same size. The scoop itself worked with ease, even in my very petite hand, and left no dough behind, releasing each scoopful with one smooth motion. It also came beautifully boxed and in a velvet bag. What more could a girl ask?5This time for a friend - ordered another "large"I really should of ordered the large since I like a good size drop cookies but I am sure I will find uses for the medium scoop when I do all my holiday cookie baking. I was so impressed with this item that I immediately showed it to my neighbor who also ordered it. I then ordered the large. If you use the medium and making is a heaping scoop, then the cookies are larger but I rather have the correct size for certain drop cookies I make. My half moon cookies need to be a good size and I am sure the large scoop will be perfect. This a great gift idea for any bakers you know.5Can you love a scoop this much?I can't say enough great things about this brand of scoops. I have 2 in different sizes now.First thing you will notice is how well packaged it is, lovely velvet cloth in a cute box that I would not hesitate to give this as a gift.Secondly you will notice, the entire thing is made of quality stainless steel and that it's well made. There are no thin scary edges that you will cut yourself on.Finally, there is no "spring" mechanism to rust or deteriorate over time. This may be the single biggest reason to get this scoop.I use this small one mainly for filling ravioli and scooping out cookie dough. It makes super easy to have even consistency for each cookie and ravioli. I plan on making some chocolate truffles with it soon.5Different (and better) than the restThis has a different closure system (see the part at the handle) than the ones I found in the grocery store and all the other ones I've looked at. I had gone through three of the other type, breaking each one within months due to using it for stiff biscuit dough rather than just for more fluid cookie dough. The jenaluca one has stood up to my biscuit dough for (when I did I get this? several batches and way more months) a long time now. I'm very happy with it. I'd get the largest size for my muffin dough only I have a large size of the other type of closure system and since my muffin batter isn't as stiff as my biscuit dough, it hasn't broken yet. So I can't justify getting a Jenaluca version. Yet. I also like that it comes in that pretty velvet bag. I keep it in that to distinguish it from the other one. (Yes, the ball size is different. And no, I can't tell unless I hold them side by side, until I start dipping out batter, in which case I've now gotten the wrong one dirty.) Speaking of dirty, I run my Jenaluca scoop through the dishwasher (top shelf only) and it's been doing just fine.5Finally After years of trying to use 2 spoons or just my fingers, I finally gave in and bought a scoop for my cookie dough. This makes my baking process much easier! No longer any sticky mess and cookies of different sizes (which therefore don't bake evenly). You bakers out there know that this is indeed a Big Deal. I should have bought this a long time ago. And how elegant -- the scoop arrived in a blue velvet bag! Make sure to register for the lifetime guarantee (instructions enclosed with the product). 5Weak and inefficient for scooping ganache trufflesI was looking for a size 100 scoop for scooping chocolate ganache to make truffles. I tried four scoops: The Vollrath 47161 S/S Size 100 Squeeze Disher Scoop, the Jenaluca Mini Cookie Scoop, the Norpro 675 1.5 tsp scoop, and the Norpro 701 Grip-EZ 2 tsp scoop.The upshot: Of these four scoops I preferred the Norpro 701 Grip-EZ 2 tsp scoop. It had the strongest mechanism, was the right size, and was the best able to handle scooping thick ganache. The Jenaluca (this one) was able to scoop the ganache, but its mechanism was weaker and less efficient.(1) Vollrath 47161 S/S Size 100 Squeeze Disher Scoop (one star). This scoop turned out to be flimsy. It had a weak cog-and-ratchet mechanism which could not handle the stiffness of the ganache I was trying to scoop. When the scoop s flange encountered the ganache the cog would jump several holes, and the flange would become misaligned. The flange s resting point would be outside the bowl, and when I squeezed the handles together it would only travel partway across the back of the bowl. I was able to fix it by manually pushing the cog back into the correct hole, but this misalignment happened on my first, second, and third use of this scoop. The scoop was useless on ganache. I returned it. For more detail, see my specific review on this scoop.(2) Jenaluca Mini Cookie Scoop (three stars). This scoop had a similar cog-and-ratchet design as the Vollrath, but had a little metal overhang that largely kept the cog from skipping holes. It was stronger than the Vollrath, and was overall a better scoop. It was able to scoop the ganache and release it most of the time without becoming misaligned. However, it had some issues: (a) it DID become misaligned once despite the metal overhang, the cog did skip holes, though I was able to manually fix it. (b) The return spring was sometimes not strong enough to push the flange back through the thick ganache, with the result that I had to pry the handles apart with my fingers to get the flange back to its start position. Lastly, (c) there was a relatively large gap (about 1/16+ inch) between the flange and the back of the bowl, which led to a thick coating of ganache on the back of the bowl, and either that gap, or the ganache coating it left behind, interfered with the release of subsequent scoops. I d frequently get only a torn half of my ganache truffle out, while the remainder would be stuck to the flange or the back of the bowl. I d have to dig the remainder out with my fingers and stick it on to the first half. So while I was able to scoop my ganache, it was a hassle, and involved struggling with the scoop and repairing a lot of my truffles. So, while I really wanted to like this scoop (due to the glowing reviews and the nice box and velvet bag), I returned it.(3) The Norpro 675 1.5 tsp (four stars). This is a good quality scoop, with a strong spring and solid mechanism, but the 675 was too small for my needs. Scoop sizing can be kind of hard to figure out Norpro does not put an official size on its scoop packaging. But this Norpro 675 scoop was noticeably smaller than the Vollrath and the Jenaluca size 100 scoops. Doing some research, I found that a size 100 scoop has about a 2 tsp capacity, while this Norpro 675 scoop had about a 1.5 tsp capacity. The 675 has "110" is inscribed on its flange, so I think this probably indicates it is a size 110. So, it was too small for me. I kept it, however, as it is a good solid scoop and the postage to return it was almost as much as the scoop was worth.(4) The Norpro 701 Grip-EZ 2 tsp scoop (five stars). This is a strong, sturdy, simple scoop. It is heavy in the hand and its mechanism feels smooth and powerful. Its cog mechanism is slightly different than the Jenaluca s and the Vollrath s: instead of a cog that runs along a metal strip with holes in it, it has a cog that runs along the edge of a metal strip with rectangular teeth on it. A metal tab prevents the cog from skipping teeth. The Norpro 701 is almost certainly a size 100 (though this size is not listed on the packaging). But its two teaspoon capacity is consistent with a size 100, and it has the number "100" inscribed on the flange. When I tried this scoop on stiff ganache, the cog never skipped, so it never became misaligned. Next, the spring that pushes the flange back to its start position is more powerful than the Jenaluca s. The vast majority of the time the spring was strong enough to propel the flange back through the ganache. Occasionally it would take a second to go back through, but only once or twice did I have to pry the handles apart. Lastly, the flange is positioned so that it sweeps very close to the back of the bowl, which means less interference with the release of subsequent portions. The scoops release with relative ease, either dropping out on their own or requiring only a gentle touch of a finger to finish the release. This scoop produced a whole tray of half-sphere portions of ganache, uniform in size and shape, which was just what I wanted. I have found my scoop!So, of these four scoops, I preferred the Norpro 701 Grip-EZ 2 tsp scoop for scooping chocolate ganache centers for truffles.3Superb customer service!I purchased the medium size scoop to use for meatballs. Unfortunately, the scoop that arrived did not work well, so I returned it. To my surprise, I received a call from a Jenaluca representative seeking feedback on the reason for returning the product. I explained that the scoop was sticky, and I was afraid it would not release the meat properly. Turns out the scoop I received was defective, and the gentleman offered to send a replacement scoop at no charge. I had forgotten about the conversation until today, when a box arrived in the mail. In it was not 1 but 2 scoops (different sizes), with a very nice thank you note from the Jenaluca representative. I was astonished to say the least--what remarkable customer service! The new scoops release smoothly--I can't wait to use them to make meatballs. I plan to order the large size for jumbo cookies. It is certainly a rarity to see a company that fully stands behind its products and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.5
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