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Jellycat Bashful Woodland Bunny Stuffed Animal, Medium, 12 inches

  • Jellycat Bashful Woodland Bunny Stuffed Animal, Medium, 12 inches
  • Jellycat Bashful Woodland Bunny Stuffed Animal, Medium, 12 inches
  • Jellycat Bashful Woodland Bunny Stuffed Animal, Medium, 12 inches
  • Jellycat Bashful Woodland Bunny Stuffed Animal, Medium, 12 inches

Jellycat Bashful Woodland Bunny Stuffed Animal, Medium, 12 inches

€102,00 €62,00 Save: €40,00
€62,00 €102,00 You save: €40,00



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Size: 12 inches tall
  • Suitable from birth
  • Made of polyester, plastic pellets/eyes
  • Spot clean only
  • Designed by Jellycat in London, UK
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Customer Reviews

Amazing!! Even for adults!I have never had a jellycat before and I was really skeptical because if the price for the huge size bunny. But let me tell you I'd definitely buy it again. I have really bad anxiety attacks and just general anxiety and I usually cuddle or hold a teddy bear my grandmother gave me before she passed. Unfortunately this poor teddy bear has been through hell and back with me all these years (20 years give or take) and her head started to come off. I decided to put her in a shadow box for safe keeping but when I had anxiety attacks I wanted something big to cuddle and a pillow just didn't feel right. I decided late one night to take the plunge and spend $65(!!!!!) on a stuffed animal that had really good reviews. I'm so glad I did. This bunny is soft and firm but not too firm. The huge size (20 inch) is perfect for an adult and he is a little heavy which I like a lot. And the fabric is SOOO soft. The materials are just all around so much higher quality than any other Walmart or Target stuffed animals I've bought before. If you like stuffed animals for anxiety or depression or anything like that I really recommend this bunny. He is perfect size for me in the huge size. Will definitely be looking to buy more jellycat in the future!! Oh, it also came a day early! Ordered Wednesday night and received it Friday morning. 5Wonderful For Adults Too!I will confess, I am a grown adult and this bunny sleeps with me every night. I was feeling down and just needed a little childhood joy back in my life and I am completely attached to him. He is the softest stuffed animal I have ever felt in my life, adorable face, and unique fur. Love him 5Worth Every Penny: I Love My BunbunAfter much searching, I finally purchased this precious bunbun for myself as something to cuddle during anxiety attacks and PTSD flare-ups / flashbacks. I was at first wary because, well, I couldn't see how a stuffed animal could cost $65. Or, more accurately, why I should spend that kind of money on one, however adorable the picture might be. And more particularly why I should spent that kind of money on one . . . for me, an adult.And then I read the reviews, and fell in love. I used to love bunnies as a child, and haven't had a bunny stufftie in *years*. This was the time to get one, so I did. And I love him so much. Seriously, he's soft but has some weight to him (thanks to the beans) and his floppiness makes him very easy to snuggle up with, since you can flop him however you want.I know this is supposed to be a child's toy, but seriously, it's done me so much good. To my fellow reviewers: Thank you. <3 5Superior to department store Jelly cats...In my hunt for the just right jellycat bunny, I initially ordered from several high-end department stores and even smaller boutiques, with the assumption that the quality and authenticity of the Jellycat brand might be superior to that which is sold by Amazon. After being disappointed by the condition of the department store and boutique jellycats, I ordered from Amazon, making sure that the seller was Featured Apparel, Inc., DBA Hippo Tails , as reviews indicated concerns over the authenticity of other sellers stock. THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It is softer, squishier (not too firm from being overstuffed) and, well...just right.I ordered the huge woodland bunny. In a sitting position, he is 15 inches from head to bum, and is 20.5 inches from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet when laid out. The only slight frustration I experienced was receiving a damaged shipping box that, unfortunately, damaged the contents of the box not the fault of Featured Apparel, Inc., DBA Hippo Tails , at all. The next bunny I received is adorable. I love his round sqaushable belly and super soft fur.He is a wonderful therapy tool. I suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and suffice it to say, after 12 years of *not* being in a dangerous situation, bed is still a scary place. I was shocked to find that this bunny changed the atmosphere significantly!! When I wake up afraid many times during the night, I reach for Bunny. Something in my brain realizes that if bunny is there, my abusive ex-husband is not. Highly recommend this for anyone, child or adult. There is no shame in receiving comfort from a stuffed animal at any age. Had I known the effect, I would have purchased one years ago, however, I only recently learned of Jellycats. I m not sure why, but the stuffed animals I ve had in the past have never helped to this extent.Thank you, Featured Apparel, Inc., DBA Hippo Tails, Amazon, and Jellycat! (I intend to add photos later for size reference.) 5Best bunny EVERBest bunny EVER. This bunny is the one my 1yo will not sleep without. Perfectly floppy and soft, perfectly sized, great color, very very well made. Cannot say enough about it. I'll keep it til he's 30 and I'm sure his kids will love it too.Update; My now 3 year old son STILL loves this bunny. It has been washed multiple times and it goes everywhere- park, church, car rides- toted by the ears or neck- The fur is well loved, but the bunny is holding up without falling apart at all- all seems and body parts are still very well attached. 5The cutest bunny I have ever seen! Begs to be snuggled.I got this for my 8 month old, who is still not waking up multiple times a night (aside from the occasional rarity once every month or so, just to get our hopes up.) So my latest theory, what if when she wakes up, the cutest, softest, most snuggly friend is waiting for her cuddles, which is so comforting she falls right back to sleep? (A tired Mommy can dream.) Well so far, it has certainly helped. She still wakes up, but only cries for a minute before snuggling in a new position with her bunny and falling back asleep. And honestly if she didn't like this little guy, I would be happy to take him off her hands. I'm seriously considering getting one for myself too. I did get one of the bashful ponies for my 2 year old, which I must say was softer, but not by much and not enough to make me regret getting the Woodland bunny. The fur is just gorgeous!Update: Four months later and this is still her favorite toy. It is still going strong, has survived the washer and dryer and lots of baby love. Best toy ever. 5very pretty colorSooo cute and soft. I was unsure about the color. The picture here makes it look greenish. But it's not, it's a beautiful mix of browns. Easily my favorite color for jellycat bunnies. And the huge is the perfect size for an adult in my opinion. I also like how there are beans in the butt to help it sit down without leaning on anything. 5My first Jelly, love at first sightAbsolutely love this guy. He is the first jellycat I've ever had and I love him. Fabulous quality and buttery soft. I fell in love with all of the jellycat huge size bunnies recently thanks to this guy and have been on a hunt for all of the cute huge sizes in other animal types and bunny colors I like since then. Yes, I am an adult and yes, I find great comfort in these guys. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety or trouble sleeping that finds comfort in blankets or pillows I highly recommend picking up a huge size Jellycat for yourself! Been going through a very difficult year and my fiance has gotten me quite a few. This one is still my favorite. Picture shows a large size Jellycat bunny with the huge size for comparison, ruler is 12". Pictured with a huge size as well, they sit at about 15" tall when seated (from butt to top of head). 5If it's not as soft as you think it should be... something's wrong.I'll admit it - I'm a 22-year old woman that wanted a Jellycat. Anxiety, stress, and everything else, I just wanted one for comfort. My boyfriend was sweet enough to buy me one, and while I still have him, he's not nearly as soft as Jellycats we have felt in stores are. The material is VERY coarse, has gotten almost matted, and is just not the quality of Jellycat that we both exists. I don't know if its fake, if we got a defective one or what. Slightly disappointing as we stopped to get Christmas cards the other day and found a whole selection of Jellycat bunnies that felt like clouds - not mine. 1Large bunny, one small issue, very happy!So cute! I've wanted a Jellycat for a while and I'm glad I went with a bunny, I can't stop petting the floppy soft ears! I bought this for myself as I've been going through a tough time and wanted to treat myself. I got the large size and placed it next to a tissue box for a size comparison. Perfect size to cuddle as an adult, well weighted and crazy soft. Colors are very pretty! Button eyes that are sunk in/fastened, likely safe for young children. My only complaint is that the arms don't seem to be very stuffed, but it's a small issue. Would order again! 5
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