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IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit

  • IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit
  • IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit
  • IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit
  • IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit
  • IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit
  • IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit
  • IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light (As Seen On Shark Tank) Motion Activated, Multi-Color, Universal Fit

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Toilet night light: Illumibowl will illuminate the inner bowl of the toilet and provide a soft glow any time you walk into your bathroom in the dark. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.
  • Motion-activated: Features a motion sensor and built-in light detector that turn itself on and off. This innovative toilet night light only works in the dark allowing for efficient battery use.
  • Adjust color & brightness: 9 different color settings. Set to your favorite color (8 single colors) or color-cycle with the touch of a button. Adjust the brightness using the 3-stage dimmer.
  • Perfect fit: The strong hold design allows you to custom fit the flexible never-fall arm to any toilet. No need for tools or adapters, just hook over the rim of the toilet bowl and you are all set.
  • Functional & Convenient: No more blinding midnight lights, stumbling around or trying to aim in the dark causing an unpleasant mess. The Illumibowl is also an ideal tool for potty training.
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Customer Reviews

Short Life This item I wanted to love it failed in the end. While it worked this item worked great.I didn't have to deal with the blinding lights at night and the bowl was very nightly light up. 1 month afterwards the light barely illuminates at all. I've tried new batteries but it has not changed the brightness at all. It is barely noticeable at night. I'm was hopeful and thought it was something cool when i saw the show shark tank about this but I feel they missed the mark. I don't know if this was just a quality issue but unfortunately it didn't work for me. 2You may be lucky, I wasn't. When it works as designed, this is an excellent addition to any bathroom. When it stops working, fixating on one color, it's still useful. When the batteries must needs be replaced after eight days it's as useless as handles on a snowball.Post Script: I reported my problem to the company. After satisfying their requirements for a replacement (digital camera required) and $4.00 for postage I received a new unit. It soon focused on one color, but it was usable. Unfortunately, after two months it stopped working entirely. 1Buy This and You Too Will Be Pee-ved Well, I waited as long as I could to finally review this, but here it goes.My long toilet bowl night light nightmare began back in July of 2016 when I purchased an off brand (aka not the official Illumibowl Shark Tank brand). It was wonderful and the perpetual puddle of pee next to the toilet bowl from my young boys getting up to pee at night and aiming for the general direction of the toilet bowl seemed to disappear, but one of my kids kept throwing it into the toilet. It soldiered on bravely after quite a few trips into the toilet bowl and then into a bagful of rice to dry out, but it sadly and unsurprisingly gave up the ghost after a couple months. I got a replacement which I taped down, but that one didn't last. So I tried another off brand (The first was GDEALER, and the second brand was iTaoBest). These would last for a few weeks, then get really dim and maybe only work with the red color. I'd replace the batteries, but it just stayed barely lit and only red or didn't work at all.Finally, I bought the Illumibowl on March 11 of 2017. That lasted about one month, taped down with Gorilla Tape, so it never took a urine bath, but then the light just stopped working. New batteries, but nothing. I contact Amazon, they send a replacement, which lasted about 3 weeks.No problem. It says lifetime warranty right on the box, so I emailed them (Illumibowl) and they sent out a free replacement without even asking me to send back the defective one.That one works great for a couple weeks, then it's the same thing.I email them and they are all, "No problem, pee happy, we'll send a new one!" and that one works great for a few weeks. Now listen, I know it's not the batteries; I would put fresh ones in and go into a pitch black room and there was nothing but a tiny faint glow.The bottom line is these things are all cheap Chinese junk. There is no difference between brands, and the iTaoBest actually worked better than the Illumibowl. They are supposed to be splash resistant I think (they are clinging to the side of a toilet bowl, for heaven sakes), but I theorize that they cannot handle the steam from showers. And if that is the case, then what's the point?I could contact Ilumibowl again and they would send me a fifth one, but I am as confident as I have ever been in anything that it would last no more than a month. So what does lifetime warranty mean? it means "We'll keep sending you free replacements until you get sick of the hassle."I just don't want to deal with it anymore.There is a happy ending here, though; I bought a motion-activated, battery powered LED strip that sticks anywhere (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010Y1U1JO/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1), and I stuck it to the side of the vanity right under the lip of the sink next to the toilet, and when the little monsters meander in to pee at 2 a.m., they have plenty of light because the LED flashes on and they can see the entire toilet. And in this case, it is not touching the toilet, so it doesn't have a yellow urine film on the light and, so far, none of my precious little angels have thrown it into the toilet, even though I haven't Gorilla taped it down. It doesn't come on when the lights are on, so it saves batteries.So my advice to you is to completely forego the toilet night light product, no matter what brand. This one is certainly not any better than the imitators.It's a cool concept, but really, did anyone really think that an electronic device attached to a toilet bowl in a house of 5 males was going to be effective? I guess I did, but now you don't have to make the same mistake I did. And the ironic thing is I think it was my wife's long, luxurious, steamy showers that terminated each unit.As Trump would say, #BiglySad. 1Worked great... Until it didnt This product was AWESOME at first. The light is just bright enough to be able to see around the bathroom late at night without waking you up too much. This worked great for my peanut sized bladder (thanks to being pregnant) and having to pee a few times a night. I was always able to get right back to sleep since I didn't have to turn on any lights! After about 5 months of use the color light we chose randomly changed to red and stayed there. At that point I tried changing the batteries to see if that would make a difference. It worked about half the time for 2 weeks and when it was on the light was really dim or flashed. Now it's completely stopped working. Changing batteries does nothing and it is now useless. Tried to find a way to contact the seller to no avail. Don't waste your money, purchase from a different brand. 1Cool idea but flawed The concept is cool - but with kids this light doesn't stay put. When you get it you need to bend the arm to fit the bowl, but you know when kids sit at the potty they move their legs, get up and down over and over, and so all of this movement affects how well this light does, or does not, stay put. It is a little gross to have to take it out and keep bending the arm since aim isn't always the best (I will say it has NOT stopped working like other people have complained about which is good). It also took us a few attempts to get the color to stay on just one rather than rotating. I wish the sensors were on the side of the little box (both sides) - but the sensor is on the front. Due to sensor placement you really do have to have this sitting more towards the front of bowl for it to pick up motion to then turn on the light which is why with kids its tough to get it to stay put. 3I want to love these things I want to love these things, but they have had multiple simply quit working. I invested when they were on kickstarter and waited a year to get the first 2 I ordered. They were great but within the first 2-3 months they both quit working. Waited a year or two and bought 6 of the new versions, which are much improved (got rid of the suction cups and now hang with a stiff light cord), however 2 of these 6 already failed within 2 months. They are kept clean and do not get wet. I change the batteries and nothing. Very disappointing. 3Don't buy! LED's burn out within a month in normal use. I've tried 4 of these and all 4 have had their LED lights start to flicker and eventually burn out one color at a time within a month. This is absolutely the worst product I've ever purchased on Amazon. I REALLY wanted these to work out--I even tried running them at the lowest brightness setting, but every one of them has failed the same way. I was able to exchange the first one I bought, and when the replacement seemed to be working okay for a couple of weeks, I ordered 2 more. Now 6 weeks later all of them are down to a single dim flickering color--all with new batteries. 1Stopped working after only several months........ The concept is great and when its working, the light is great. However, after 3 moths the device is dead.1. The instructions with how to set the light color and intensity sound simple but the application of the steps for the settings is poor. I struggled to get the settings I desired. When I finally had the settings I desired, the settings eventually faded to something different.2. First set of fresh batteries died after only 1 month. I suspect this is because the light sensor often didn't work and the light stayed on even when no movement3. After 3 months, the device is dead. 2Gimmick ??? NO WAY Awesome Needed to buy toilet seat with children option, dual use seat about $50.00. Looked on Amazon and to my surprise seen toilet seats with night lights incorporated into the seat. WOW GREAT IDEA however I always read reviews and read reviews that said urine and liquid would rust the battery compartment and actually ruin the battery compartment.So I seen this night light that attached to the bowl area of the toilet and thought well at this price buy it and try it.( I read reviews too) It's cheaper then the toilet seat w/light combo and and if rusted I'm out minimal $$$$. I purchased it.The reviews never mentioned that rust got into the battery compartment and I got it delivered very fast and I can't believe how awesome this item is. I bought a adult/child toilet seat combo too. The night light wire is incased in a bendable strong led wire that bends over the bowl and lights up with motion.I'm very pleased with it, its long enough to bend over my ADA oblong bowl.One thing I want to pass on to parents or anyone with small children that have the growing up issues of a child that's scared of the dark (like my grandson) I found out my grandson stopped being scared of my dark bathroom because of the night light with the motion detector. He stopped talking about "Papa turn on the light" that issue stopped the day I installed the night light. He can go into the bathroom the light turns on then he turns on the bathroom light by himself. Excellent Excellent unintended Bonus of this item.Definitely recommend this item.Thank You for readingReviews help consumers 5Lousy product - Bad CS .. Keep way .. get a different product. I bought one about a year ago .. so impressed I bought another one within a week of the first. In the first few weeks one of the colors got burnt. Sent email via Amazon. Got a reply about a month later that they do not check mails from Amazon and I should submit via their website. Got busy with other stuff so did not submit via their website. Now just before a year is over - most of the colors are burnt. Both units are no longer functional. Further the unit takes 3 AAA batteries - and they get used up in about 4 months. Wha..... LED does not consume much power so why are the batteries getting drained. I feel that this is lousy product.Warranty is only for 90 days .. so I am out of luck. 1
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