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HOOVER T-Series WindTunnel Bagless Upright Filters Kit - Includes 2 Washable 303173001, and 2 HEPA Cartridge 303172002 Filters

  • HOOVER T-Series WindTunnel Bagless Upright Filters Kit - Includes 2 Washable 303173001, and 2 HEPA Cartridge 303172002 Filters

HOOVER T-Series WindTunnel Bagless Upright Filters Kit - Includes 2 Washable 303173001, and 2 HEPA Cartridge 303172002 Filters

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Includes 2 Genuine Primary Filters and 2 Genuine Exhaust HEPA Filters
  • Filter Kit for Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Bagless Uprights,
  • Includes 2 Blue Washable 303173001, and 2 HEPA Cartridge 303172002 Filters
  • Fits All T-Series Bagless Models Including: UH30300, UH70100, UH70105, UH70106, UH70107
  • UH70110, UH70115, UH70116, UH70120, UH70130, UH70200, UH70205, and UH70212
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Customer Reviews

Exactly what I needed These were an exact replacement for the filters in my Hoover vacuum. Replacing the old ones has made my vacuum behave like a brand new one. Like the originals, the bottom filter cannot be cleaned and must be replaced every year or so. 5Doesn't fit the same as official parts and pretty much the same price It works, but it was a pain to install as it doesn't fit exactly right like the official parts. It doesn't have the label that the official parts do. It's even missing the label in the product picture, but I didn't notice that until I was replacing my current ones and noticed the difference. So I believe the people who say that this is an official part are wrong.If you look at the picture on Hoover's Web site you can see the missing label on the front on this product:[...]One can get the official parts for $14.23 directly from Hoover at the moment, and this is currently $13.77 on Amazon. I wish Amazon would sell the official parts. It isn't worth $0.46 to not get official parts. 2Bring Your Vac Back To Life We don't really think of this kind of stuff: replacing the vacuum filters.It is worth it to enhance the performance of the machine...and a lot cheaper than doling out $300+ on a new one (and why is it that a Dyson, for $500 doesn't have a handy built-in cord return? Huh.) Our Hoover Windtunnel had started out doing a great job, and slowly got less and less happy with loving my carpet. I had cleaned and washed the top, blue, filter a few times, and admittedly, forgetting about the other filter. It got so clogged that it was suffocating the machine. So, lo and behold, here's the filters in a nice affordable bundle.They came quickly, albeit, poorly packed (literally tossed in a box 4x the needed size, with a couple of those air bags in there for good measure--I can't think of any other reason they were in there, as they didn't "pad" anything), and seconds later, the filters were changed.Now the machine works great. Literally, like brand new.Definitely worth it. 5Replace filters & belt = Vacuum is like new I ve had my Windtunnel UH70120 for almost three years now. Over the last few weeks, I noticed a burning smell when the vacuum was turned on and was worried that the filters where clogged and the motor was starting to burn out. After finding the user manual online, I saw that one of the common problems was a smoky/burning smell and the solution was a new belt. The smell seemed to come from inside the unit (even with my nose right by the belt), so I was a bit skeptical that a replacement belt and filters would work.Hoping to keep another plastic vacuum cleaner out of a landfill, I ordered the washable filter/Hepa filter kit and new agitator belts. Astonishingly, everything worked and fit perfectly. Seriously, the thing now performs like new.- Rinsable filter: Fits perfect and works great. Nice.- Hepa filter: There are quite a few comments saying that this part doesn t fit correctly. I had no problems at all. The Hepa information is printed on the front so it looks exactly like the original, genuine part. I did have to give it a small wack to push it all the way in, but it fits perfectly.- Agitator Belt: When you replace your old belt you ll notice how much it has stretched compared to the new one. You ll need to stretch the new one as you put the brushroll back on, so a few ladies out there might want an extra hand with that. The best thing No more burnt smell! Woohoo! Problem solved.Overall, each of these replacement parts fit and work like new. Keep these items in good working order and you ll love your vacuum again. 5Fits perfect Vacuum is about 10 years old. Never changed the filter. After changing, the vacuum is new again. Stronger suction. 5Perfect kit to revive my vacuum cleaner My vacuum cleaner had been left out in the rain on our back deck a few times (oops). The water caused a lot of build-up and smell (mixed with dog hair -- lovely!!). I had to fully clean out my vacuum cleaner, piece by piece, and get out all the gunk. The smell still lingered. I know the filter can be rinsed, but I figured the smell would never leave. So to help rid it of its wet dog hair smell, I bought a new filter kit. It took forever to ship, but the seller was very kind and informative in their explanation of where my product was. When it finally arrived, it fit fine and helped clear up the smell. (I still had more cleaning to do unfortunately--the gunk was everywhere.) I would recommend! 5This kit does not include the Black Carbon exhaust filter! Had I done better research, instead of going with the link that had the most reviews and trying to save a few bucks, I'd have noticed that this filter kit does not come with the black carbon exhaust filter that fits over the hepa filter and would have ordered a different kit. Only when I went to replace the hepa filter did I notice that it looked different than the OEM one that I was replacing. Thankfully, I was able to clean the carbon filter, to a degree, and replace it over the hepa filter. That said, even though the listing says "Genuine OEM" I have no idea if it truly is. My original tank filter was blue. This one is black and not quite as dense.Both filters came in an unmarked plastic bag with no visible part numbers. While they fit and seem to be "okay" I'll order the whole kit from another vendor next time. If you order this kit, be sure to remove the black carbon filter from your old hepa filter and replace it under the rubber tabs. 35 stars with a slight modification/alteration. The foam washable filter was perfect and fit like a glove just like the OEM it replaced. The Hepa filter and bracket was another matter. It repeatedly ejected itself when vacuuming. So i decided to look at it logically and fix it. Underneath the bracket/filter holder are two rectangular plastic squares attached at the front and back to the bracket/filter holder. Since it had slight tabs on it, i sumised they were too shallow to catch and hold it inside the vacuum assembly . So i unattached each rectangular square at the front attachment point(leaving it still attached at the rear point ). Front means the attachment points closest to the front of the machine. Once the attachment points are cut position them to hang down slightly. Once you achieve this, when you push the filter holder/bracket back into the machine, your now slightly hanging rectangular pieces will lock the filter into the machine. Problem solved. I will try to post pictures, but hopefully this is as easy for you as it seemed for me. 5No more pet smell On my T-series vacuum, with the washable filter on top, it's easy to forget to change the HEPA filter on the bottom. Would prefer more of a snap fit on the HEPA, but great price for genuine Hoover parts! ps I had washed & dried the canister and hose as part of the "no more pet smell" overhaul. 5***THESE FILTERS WORKED FOR ME*** I must admit, I was kind of leary these compatible parts (303173001 and 303172002) wouldn't fit because it wasn't the actual part numbers for my Hoover T-Series Wind Tunnel but to my amazement it was truly compatible.....My vacuum cleaner is approximately 4 yrs-old and it started to release dust particles while I was vacuuming....NOT ANY LONGER!!!!. I am definitely satisfied I purchased this filter kit in order for my cleaner to operate well. No doubt, I will be updating some other parts in the near future so my vacuum cleaner can be at its best again..... 5
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