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Generic Dyson DC07 Brush Bar Assembly DY-904174-01

  • Generic Dyson DC07 Brush Bar Assembly DY-904174-01
  • Generic Dyson DC07 Brush Bar Assembly DY-904174-01

Generic Dyson DC07 Brush Bar Assembly DY-904174-01

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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Customer Reviews

My Dyson is like new now! This revamped my older, expensive Dyson Animal into a new machine! I can't believe how much better it works. It was a challenge to install without the special tool, but not impossible and I didn't mind saving the extra money. I'd been thinking abut replacing my Dyson, but am so glad I went this route! 5This is not a Dyson part, but it will work. Brush roller is close, but it is not "genuine". Photo on main page is Dyson, what you get is different. The brush tuft count is less. Also 2 of the tufts will strike the 2 middle sole plate ribs as the roller spins. (I just trimmed them down with sidecutters) As to fitment, the roller was snug and tight. The bearings appear to be adequate. A word of warning! Roller and belt replacement on a Dyson Vac is not an easy job. Dyson does not provide ANY instructions on DIY repairing. 3FAKE FROM ACE VACUUM I received a fake from Ace vacuum today. It was a plastic bar with widely spaced, blue, bristle clusters. This is different from the densely spaced bristles on a rubberized brush bar that I expected from this listing. Beware Ace Vacuum! I can't speak for any other seller... 1Disappointing The "Amazon Choice" item I bought from Vacuum R us (which was fulfilled by Amazon) was a disappointment. The item came in "Home Revolution" packaging and was not eligible for return. The roller did not work for my DC-14 and did not look like the item pictured on the product page. For one, it had fewer brushes. Moreover, the brushes were spaced so that some of them hit the cross pieces on the soleplate (see picture). This made a terrible noise and damaged those brushes during the few minutes it was installed. I removed the roller so it would not damage my vacuum and threw the roller away. 1Buy this brush. Have a very dirty house. Ive got two Dyson Dc07 vacuums. I put this after market brush in one. The other one has an actual dyson brush . The after market brush has shorter bristles and they bend more easily. We had to use the 2nd vacuum cleaner. It has the genuine Dyson brush to clean the house following the after market brush. The Canister on the after market brush picked up hardly anything. The Original Dyson brush picked up a half canister of stuff. Your choice , vacuum and pick up next to nothing. Option two , spend a few extra bucks and have a clean house on the 1st try. I hope this helps someone. 1Clear any debris from the bristle assembly before buying. A good replacement part, but the one I got didn't have a bristle gap(makes a minor noise). Before buying this part I recommend cleaning both filters and taking apart the brush assembly to clear any debris. I cleaned both filters but didn't bother to check the bottom brush assembly before buying this part. It had a lot of debris and I probably didn't need to buy this off of Amazon, but it's an okay part nonetheless. I don't know how long this part will last, so I'll be saving the original just in case this one breaks. 4Misleading How can something be advertised as "genuine" and "generic" at the same time? False advertising I suppose, but it is definitely not a true Dyson part. It fit with a little brute force but I had to cut off six of the bristles that were hitting the center base plate supports, causing a lot of racket and vibration. I have no idea if works any better than the origin which was 15 years old, although it must because the bristles are longer and stiffer. Of course the best part is the price, but if this new one breaks or doesn't perform well, next time I will be sure to pay the up-charge foe a real Dyson part. 2Dust bunnies beware! I recently performed a full overhaul on my girlfriend s 10-year old Dyson DC07 after the clutch went bad, and this brush bar was the last thing to be replaced. I did the math, her old brush bar had literally spun millions of times clawing its way through dirt, dog hair, cheerios, broken glass, sand, Legos (those small clear pieces are hard to see!) and everything else you could imagine. The old brush bar wasn t broken or anything, but I figured since everything else was getting replaced, why stop at the brush bar? The physics of a good-cleaning vacuum cleaner can be broken down into two parts: suction and brush bar. Pretty simple when you think about it.Anyways, this is a genuine, James Dyson approved brush bar that fit the vacuum perfectly. The old brush bar did make a little noise when you spun it, but the new one is whisper quiet. I was curious how much wear-and-tear had taken place on the old bristles over the years so I got out a NASA approved 3rd grade wooden ruler and did some measuring. The new bristles measured about 9mm long and the old bristles were about 6mm. You re probably thinking 3mm doesn t sound like a lot and you d be right if we were talking about hand grenades or horseshoes but Test Subject Y (my girlfriend) says she can tell a noticeable difference in how well it cleans. In addition to restoring bristle length, it s no surprise the new bristles are a little stiffer as well. My girlfriend says she can tell the vacuum pulls harder on the floor I imagine the new brush head transforming her Dyson DC07 into a bloodhound that s clawing at the ground hot on the trail of escaped dust bunny convicts from the local dusty bunny prison. Have you ever seen the inside of a dust bunny prison? It s not a pretty sight.If you re in the market for a new brush bar whether yours is broken, or if you just want to breathe some new life into your old Dyson I think you ll be very happy with this one. Now go out there and wrangle up those dust bunnies, Deputy! 5Not the same as the Dyson replacement part I purchased this brush and installed it myself in less than five minutes. Search you tube for the video, but you don't need the "tool", a screwdriver worked for me. The pick-up on my DC 14 Low Reach was improved with this brush bar, as my original bar was missing 90% of the bristles after 8 years. I think this is because I have carpet, hard wood, and tile flooring. However, it still wasn't picking up larger pieces of crumbs from my floor. I called Dyson support to figure out if it was worth fixing or if I should just buy a new vacuum. After 45 minutes of troubleshooting over the phone, the Dyson representative concluded that this generic replacement bar was not pulling the crumbs into the vacuum appropriately. The suction was good everywhere we tested and it was picking up the smaller crumbs. I do not have the official Dyson brush bar yet, but will update after I try it.Update 4/25/13: This is just not the same as the official Dyson replacement part. There are 80% (32 bristle groups per side versus 40 on the Dyson) of the bristles and they are less stiff. The result is that the generic brush bar did fit into my Dyson, but did not pick up large crumbs even after going over the area five times. I replaced this generic with the official Dyson part, which is only available at Sears Parts Direct unless your Dyson is still under warranty, and my vacuum picked up crumbs the first swipe. The lesson is that if you buy this part, your vacuum will work, but it will not bring it back to the Dyson vacuum you originally purchased. My time is worth more than the cost savings on this brush bar. I don't have time to vacuum five times longer to save $30. My advice is to buy the official Dyson part. I am returning this product. 2False Advertising/Wrong picture It clearly isn't designed correctly to fit a Dyson vacuum stated. The original brushes have a gap designed to rotate around the bottom retainer (see their photo). The one you get does not have the brush gaps so they hit the retained making a load banging sound. Returning mine and expected to pay for return shipping for false advertising. Sad for an Amazon advertised product. 1
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