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Gardener's Supply Company Reversible French Door Screen, 72"

  • Gardener's Supply Company Reversible French Door Screen, 72"
  • Gardener's Supply Company Reversible French Door Screen, 72"

Gardener's Supply Company Reversible French Door Screen, 72"

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Made of sturdy fiberglass mesh
  • 60" is adjustable to fit doorways 59-61"
  • 72" is adjustable to fit doorways 70-71"
  • Length adjusts from 78-80" H
  • Screen adjusts to open on either right or left side
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Customer Reviews

Good for low traffic use, but don't expect it to be amazing SO... this is an interesting little piece of work.What I like: Installation is a snap, the "curtain rod" design is one that any average Joe/Jane can handle. The reversible, offset opening slit is a nifty touch in a unit designed for french doors, allowing you to enter or exit with only one door open.Things I am "meh" about: The adhesive tabs that stick to the door frame are a necessary evil, I guess. I worry about how much clean-up will be required when we move out of our rental. Even with the tabs, there is poor contact between the screen and the door frame all the way around the outer edge. The fact that the screen will not hold up to real duress from mosquitoes (as in, at night with the lights on inside) is of note, but not an issue for our current use. We tend to open the door to our bedroom only once the lights are out. But for others, be aware.The thing that irks me: The magnetic "closing system" is pretty much laughable. With only two magnets, it's pretty much doomed to fail, and does so on (literally) every entry or exit. Getting a good "seal" involves stooping to press the upper magnets together, then stooping LOWER to get the ground-level magnets reacquainted with one another. Good news for us: this is on an upstairs door set that opens onto a little-used balcony, so while the door is oft-opened for air movement, we rarely have to use the door for ingress/egress. That said, if your plans are to use this on a door that is going to see heavy traffic, you are likely to be disappointed in how the screen behaves once you've passed through. 3It s a good screen for width 70+ I purchased this item for my double French door. The Item holds well, no issues with the tension rod, the Velcro does remain intake even with the heat in high 90%. the screen itself seems to be made with very good material. My reason for 4 stars is the magnets. there is only one in the center and Yes it does work- when I purchased this item I also purchased 3 more smaller size from another company- Magnetic Screen Door Heavy Duty Reinforced Mesh & FULL FRAME VELCRO Fits Doors Up to 34"x82" MegaMesh for my 32-inch doorways. and although there s did not come with a tension rod (which I door like the Velcro and the tacks they provided are great, in addition the magnet goes all through the middle slip and assures the screen to close behind you this I like a lot! there item does come with a 12 Month Warranty and also, I like there screen better. it seems to have a nice sleek look in my doorway. So, about the item Bug Off 72R by 80 Instant Screen - Reversible... yes, it s a good screen since I needed one width 70+ it does what it needs to. I just want to note if you need the size for a 32-inch doorway. I would recommend the other brand I mention. 4Overpriced and underwhelmed. Specifically bought this because it said it would fit French doors. Unfortunately, this is not really the case. The screen is much more like hanging a curtain than anything else on the market. The screen goes on a rod, and you can put it through one of two tunnels for the screen to hang. I have a standard 80" high door. Even on the bottom rung and installing the adjustable tension rod as high as possible, the screen still drags on the floor and therefore doesn't close properly. Add the fact that this product only has two magnet that must connect one on top of the other, as opposed to snapping in side by side, and this makes for a poor, sloppy design. In order to make this fit a 'standard French door frame' I would have to become a seamstress and make the length shorter, the width narrower and install better magnets. Also putting the rod through the lower tunnel leaves additional material that is squished up against the frame and just looks sloppy. For the price I paid, it simply isn't worth all the hassle of adjustments to make to get this screen to sit properly. 2FANTASTIC!!! Can't find one thing not to love about this. We purchased this for our double door - walkout basement where we hosted a 65 person birthday party. We had severe thunder-storms throughout the day, therefore people moved between the protected patio and the finished basement for 12-13 hours (it was a great party). This screen door fit so perfectly and automatically closed like it was automated.This screen not only held up, but was so perfect to keep bugs out, but let all those people in and out easily. I don't think a sliding screen door would have survived, especially with the range of age from toddlers pushing on the screen, to some fairly intoxicated adults going in to get to the bar. Wow, would I recommend this to anyone. I'm an engineer, and I can't believe how perfect this worked. Can't think of one thing that would really improve it. 5Buy this!! This is FANTASTIC! My husband and I are kicking ourselves for not getting this sooner! We let our pups in and out through the French doors and after work are so tired and too lazy to get up and down a million times to let the pups in and out to play all night so we just left the door propped open and would get tons of bugs in the house in the summer time. Well this is worked wonders! Easy to install and once installed right, works perfect (be sure to use the center support and Velcro the sides to the door frame as the instructions say so it hangs right - once hung right, works perfect! Closes itself after the come in or out.) highly recommend! 5Works well most of the time Bought this because I had to leave my sliding glass door open for the dogs to go in and out, but it also let the bugs in. So, after reading all the reviews for every product that fit my door I chose this one. Installed it quickly with directions. I thought the tension bar was pretty good quality, and the mesh is heavy weight. It stays in place so far. I couldn't install the center support bracket because my door frame is metal. Maybe I'll get a stronger drill and do it later. Anyway, I have four terriers, and they are slowly learning to go in and out. Sometimes they just stand there and I have to open it a bit for them to get the idea. The magnets work pretty well. I think if it had more magnets it would be harder to open. For my dogs that would be a challenge. The center one usually catches every time, but my door has tracks at the bottom that stand up about 1 1/4 inch so sometimes it prevents the magnet from catching. Even when this happens most of the opening is closed, so it still keeps the flying bugs out. Overall I'm happy with this product and would buy it again. 4... bugs out of my house while trying to stay cool too. What I didn't expect was the ease ... Bug Off 72R by 80 Instant Screen - Reversible Fits French Doors and Sliding Glass DoorsI bought this thinking that anything would help with keeping the bugs out of my house while trying to stay cool too. What I didn't expect was the ease of putting up, how neat they look when they were hung, and the difference it made all around just putting them on the door. I bought two of these and have ordered a third one for my front door.These are made of a good quality material, they are constructed exactly as described, and well worth the money I paid for them. For some reason I didn't realize that the tension rod was included with the purchase. Believe it or not they actually fit my doors too.These are better than the ones you see on TV. These have weight at the bottom of the all the way across. Therefore, they stay in place a lot better and they look a lot neater. I really wish I had started with these instead of the other so called "as seen on TV." If you need screens for your doors, then I highly recommend that you start with these screens. 5Perfect High End Screen to Match! I searched for a very high-end screen for my outward swing French doors. I was going to install a retractable but it wasn't in my budget this year.I had found this instead, and thought I'd give it a try based on the reviews. I wasn't disappointed. The fabric is extremely thick, the curtain rod sits perfectly and stays put you where you place it based on the tension, and it opens and closes and removes/installs with ease. I haven't installed the Velcro onto our new door frame but this unit is heavy enough along the bottom and is weighted enough where it isn't really needed (unless your dogs are sneaking in and out...LOL).Days when it's too hot or too cold, we simply take it down, roll it up and it stashes under the couch perfectly. It was a great buy, took five minutes to install and I'd highly recommend this screen! 5Works for what it is This product works as expected based on the description and other reviews. It was super easy to install (the screen slides onto a tension rod that you put up in your door frame, and the edges can be secured with the included velcro strips). I really like that the entrance is offset so I can keep one of my patio doors closed if I want and am still able to get through the screen.Downsides:- It's still just a little short for my door. This was the closest I could find to a size that would work for my doors, and I really had no idea they are an apparently non-standard size. It's close enough, though, and will keep out all but the most determined creepy crawlies.- There really should be more magnets up and down the screen. There are only two: one at the very bottom and a second about 2.5ft up. That's not enough to close securely without having to adjust it manually.Overall, I'd buy it again, but that's 100% because this seems to be the only one that even comes close to being the right size for my door. 4Very effective but be sure to install the center brace! We installed this in a french door opening just prior to hosting a Brownies campout at our cabin. It being in the deep country and the cabin having the only bright lights for hundreds of yards, you can imagine the mass of insects we draw from mosquitoes, to june bugs, to moths, and everything else.Installation took minutes, literally, which is all we had before the stampede of tennis shoes and sandals arrived. The weights kept it hanging even, and the magnets kept is closed. It was so effective that we kept the french doors open wide the entire day for air circulation. We did not, however, install the center brace at that time, which impacted stability.The only issues were that children under about 7 or 8 do not always have the awareness of surroundings to carefully part the opening when entering and exiting. This had the result of shifting one end of the bar downward, which created a buckle in the fabric at the opening. This would either make an opening that bugs could find, or worse would prevent the magnets from closing the opening. So from time to time we had to push it back up and threaten to make the offenders catch and eject all the bugs they let in.This might have been mitigated with the center bracket, not sure, and we will publish a second review after we get that installed as well. Not having the center bracket definitely allowed the rod to work its way lower over time and probably would have prevented that.UPDATE 07/23/2013We added the center bracket, and it made a significant difference in making sure the rod stayed in place. I will update again after a few more uses.UPDATE 04/14/2019SIX YEARS later and this bad boy is still keeping the bugs out. And yes, you do need the center bracket to keep it from shifting. ;-) 5
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