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Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 2 Ounce, 4-Pack

  • Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 2 Ounce, 4-Pack
  • Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 2 Ounce, 4-Pack
  • Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 2 Ounce, 4-Pack

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle, 2 Ounce, 4-Pack

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Vent system eliminates negative pressure and air bubbles to help reduce colic, spit up, burping and gas
  • Fully vented bottle design provides vacuum free feeding similar to breastfeeding
  • Helps maintain vitamins C, A and E plus lipids
  • BPA free
  • Includes 4 2 ounce bottles
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Customer Reviews

Started out great, then not so muchWe had heard these are pretty much the gold standard of bottles, so I was excited to get them for our new baby. I'd already read all the reviews saying there were lots of parts to wash, but my baby ended up being pretty gassy, and possibly has reflux, so it was worth it to me to try them. We've been using them about a month now, and they were definitely our go to bottles. I have 3 other popular styles, but these were always the first ones we grabbed. Until we realized they leak! There is always milk coming out from between the nipple and the ring. We tried different angles, or tightening them more or less but after nights of having to wake up a sleepy baby after a dream feed because her shirt is soaked, we tossed them. On top of that, my breast milk is precious, and I couldn't bear to see it wasted like that. Majorly let down in the end. We are trying other bottles now but I wish the Dr Browns had worked. :(2Nice slow flow but leak too muchI breastfeed and pump with some formula supplementation. These bottles have a nice slow flow and are easy for baby to latch on to. I don't mind the extra parts since they slow the flow. BUT these bottles leak. I had dealt with a little minor leakage a couple times and was willing to overlook it. However today was the second time one of these leaked most of the contents into the diaper bag. While I was cleaning up in the store, my mom (the person who does the most bottle feeding) told me she hates these bottles because they constantly leak while she is feeding baby. A woman right next to us with a newborn said hers always leak too and she never had that problem with a different brand with her other child. I'm really disappointed and will be trying other brands.2If your baby is extra fussy or has colic, TRY THESE!!!!!I LOVE Dr. Brown's bottles and so does my 2 month old son!!! I wish I had purchased them sooner. My son is almost exclusively breast fed, but I pump so my husband can give him the occasional bottle to give me a break. Unfortunately my son get's very gassy and has colic. We started with the Avent natural bottles, then tried the Lansinoh bottles, which we liked a bit better than the Avent. Our pediatrician recommended the Dr. Browns and we love them. Our son is MUCH less gassy, can drink a whole bottle and only be burped at the end of his feeding (rather than needing burped multiple times during a feeding with the other bottles). There are a few more pieces than traditional bottles (Which many reviewers have complained about), but seriously people, these are still simple bottles and if they make your child feel better how lazy can you be to complain about 2 extra pieces.5MUST HAVE for babies that spit up.I don't even know where to start. These bottles are a GAME CHANGER, at first the nipple flow was a little slow for my aggressive eater but she quickly got adjusted to them. My baby is 7 months old and has spit up everything she eats since she was born. Milk, baby food, cereal, water you name it. Sometimes instantly most the time HOURS after. We had to change her clothes and bed sheets several times a day. Laundry was every day of full loads. Within two weeks on consistently using these bottles she rarely spits up and when she does it's almost nothing. I wish I would've used this from the start. I have a much happier baby, saving water with not having to do laundry all the time and find myself much less stressed. I recommend these bottles to everyone. They are a life saver.5No leaks, no nipple confusion, work perfect for us!I received these at the hospital to use with my premie and I loved them so much I bought more. I'm having to pump and bottle feed to ensure baby is getting enough milk and she's having no problem switching back and forth between latching onto these and the breast. I haven't experienced any leaks with these (we use the old style 4 oz size) and no problems with spit up so far. Our baby just takes her bottle and goes right to sleep, no fussiness or colic at all. The only time she gets gassy is when she gulps too fast. There are a lot of parts to wash compared to some of the other brands, but it really isn't any more difficult than washing any other bottles. Overall I'd highly recommend these. They work great for us!5Not authentic Dr. Brown's bottles, but they work.They came in Dr. Brown boxes, and had Dr. Brown instructions, but the blue center tube was a different color and width than the Dr Browns that I bought at Babies R Us and Walmart. The authentic ones are a lighter blue with a wider straw type tip and are made with thicker blue plastic. So, this leads me to believe that the products are not authentic. They still work, and I didn't return them because I needed them right away, but I do feel these are not originals and it is unfair to market these as Dr Brown's. This happened when I ordered the 4 oz and 8 oz sizes.2Bottles leak!I bought the Dr. Brown newborn feeding set and those bottles worked perfectly fine for me. In fact, both my husband and mother in law preferred these bottles so much that I needed additional 4 oz bottles for them to use. However, every single bottle from this purchase has leaked while feeding. Even though we double check the seal to make sure everything is on straight and tight, the bottles always leak. In addition, the nipples that came with the bottles are not any definition of slow flow. After a frustrating night feed, I refilled the bottle with water and watched as it came out as a steady stream when tilted down or pressed. Oh, and it still leaked. Even if I was ok with wasting my limited amount of breastmilk, when your baby is fussing because s/he didn t get enough and you have to warm up additional milk in the middle of the night so that s/he can go to sleep, it becomes unacceptable.UPDATE: I wanted to try to figure out why the new set of bottles leaked while the old ones didn t, so I lined them all up to see if I can spot the parts that were part of my original two and the parts that were part of the new set of four I got. Long story short, I noticed some key differences, detailed below. I am not certain which of these differences is causing the leakage issue, but wanted to show them so others can check if they want to. I know there are other reviews that compare some of these parts, but I tried to take pictures of every component that was different.The most obvious difference is that my old set was made in China while the new one is stamped with USA (picture 1). I don t know if this is due to Dr. Brown s changing their production and the China sets are older/newer, but the USA bottles definitely are defective. The color of the straw is also different (picture 2). The USA set has darker straws that are also wider though it s not obvious from the picture (I dry the straws on the pegs of my Munchkin rack and the lighter straw gets caught higher up on the peg while the darker straws sink lower). The nipple is also different (picture 3) - the USA set s nipples have a flatter base (left in picture) and the China set has a wavy base (right in picture). Picture 4 shows the neck of the two bottles (the USA set on the right has more of a taper at the two ends of the threads) and picture 5 shows the ring (the USA set is on the right and the threads on the bottom seem to be a little further apart from the base). I wonder if the differences in the threads in both the neck and ring of the USA bottles cause the seal to be less than airtight.I should also point out that the China set was sent in a Dr. Brown packaged box while the USA set was sent in a plain brown cardboard box. Amazon is sending me a replacement set - we will see if they are the same bottles. If so, I will be returning again.1Rejects...Bottoms not flatThe functionality of the Dr. Brown's system can't be beat. They are truly terrific at preventing excess gas during feedings. Yes, they require a little more work in the bottle washing department, but well worth it when I have a happy baby with no gas pains. The bottle tops and internal parts work perfectly as designed and when screwed on tightly, do not leak like other brands (Avent). My only issue with these bottles is that these ones do not have flat bottoms and kind of tip-over. It's like the plastic was molded incorrectly and the bottom part comes out instead of going into the bottom of the bottle. The bottles are still functional, but I have to be extra careful not to spill when filling them and never use the defective ones when preparing nighttime feeds in low-lighting with my eyes still halfway shut. Not sure if these were the factory rejects? I purchased a single bottle from Babies R Us and it does not have the same isssue.3BOTTLE LEAKS BADLY!!! PLEASE READ!!!I'm not sure why Dr. Brown bottles in this condition are still being sold. I bought these bottles ignoring all the negative reviews about it leaking and all the parts that need to be washed. I liked that it was slimmer than most other bottles..hence easy for the baby to hold and the fact that it could help with colic (although at that time my baby had no issues with that)..I went ahead and bought both the 4oz and the 8oz bottles mostly because it also works with the nipples given from the hospital as my baby had a lot of difficulty using the silicone nipples the bottles come with. These bottles leak terribly!!! I tried to ignore the fact several times but honestly it became soo frustrating when feeding your baby and the milk is leaking all over your body. My husband also packs my son's bottles to take to day care and by the time he gets to daycare milk would have poured everywhere in the bag. There is however a stopper that you can use to help with the leaks but why do we need additional parts to make the bottles work?? I'm sorry these have been the worst bottles I've used and I need them to fix their design!! It has to do with the threading..I'm an engineer and these bottles are not designed well at all..why should it leak and for that to be normal??? Absolutely wrong..I'm highly highly disappointed with Dr. Brown!!! I use avent bottles and they work much much better! No more leaks! Problems solved!!1Excellent ventilation; "compatible" with the Mam nipples which our baby prefers; leak when tossed around too muchMy son has decided he only likes one type of bottle nipple... and it isn't Dr. Brown's. We found he'll only use the Mam brand nipples (MAM Slow Flow Nipples, Level 1, 0+ Months, 2-Count).However, Mam brand nipples will work with the Dr. Brown's wide mouth bottles. We already had some of these as part of our assortment of desperate baby-feeding attempts. Once we found he took the Mam nipple, and then learned they would work with Dr. Browns bottles, I did some experimenting and some field testing of the combinations.I found that the Mam bottle was not nearly as good at ventilation as Dr. Brown's. While feeding the baby with the Mam bottle, he was frequently getting a vacuum, causing him to not get as much milk as he drank and forcing him to unlatch in frustration after a few sucks. My manual testing with some water in the bottles held upside down as well as sucking on the nipples yielded similar results. It could have been due to my own misuse of the Mam bottle (some bottles don't respond to being screwed too tight, or too loose, etc.), but after several different tries at different levels of tightness, I decided it wasn't worth it- if I can't consistently get good ventilation from the Mam when I'm really trying, then I wasn't likely to when I needed to feed a hungry baby.So, we're solidly on the Mam + Dr. Brown combo, and never have any ventilation problems.I won't subtract a star because my kid doesn't like the nipple- plenty of babies like the Dr. Brown nipple just fine. But I am subtracting a star for two reasons:- It's tougher to clean (more parts)- Bottles tend to leak if they get flipped around too much. This is because milk goes up into the ventilation chamber and out the sides of the bottle (where air would normally come in while the baby is feeding. The bottles include little plastic disks that are designed to keep this from happening, and those are fine when you know you're gonna be traveling and tossing bags around etc., but it's still a problem when the baby's at daycare now and they toss a nearly (but not entirely) finished bottle into our bag and it leaks. It would be nice if there were a way to lock the collar down to block the ventilation rather than requiring the plastic disks.4
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