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Culligan P5 A P5 Whole House Premium Water Filter, 8,000 Gallons, 2 Pack, White

  • Culligan P5 A P5 Whole House Premium Water Filter, 8,000 Gallons, 2 Pack, White
  • Culligan P5 A P5 Whole House Premium Water Filter, 8,000 Gallons, 2 Pack, White

Culligan P5 A P5 Whole House Premium Water Filter, 8,000 Gallons, 2 Pack, White

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Reduces: sediment, rust, scale, dirt, coarse sand, sand, fine sand, extra fine sand and silt
  • Perfect for residential homes, helps protect appliances and pluming from sediment, provide visibly clearer water and keeps your faucets flowing freely
  • The P5 spun polypropylene standard duty filtration cartridge works in HF-150A, HF-160, HF-360A, and HF-365 whole house filtration systems
  • Compatible with Culligan model HF-150A, HF-160, HF-360A, and HF-365
  • Features a flow rate of 4 GPM and filter life of 2 months/8,000 gallons (depending on usage and water conditions)
  • Micron rating of 5. The smaller the micron rating, the smaller size patricle the cartridge will filter
  • The HF-150A is tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for materials safety and structural integrity only
  • For use with model #HF-150, HF-160, HF-360 and most standard size sediment filters
  • filter life up to 2 months or 8,000 gallons
  • Filters Extra-fine (5-micron) sediment filtration: dirt, sand, silt, rust particles and scale particles
  • For use with model #HF-150, HF-160, HF-360 and most standard size sediment filters
  • filter life up to 2 months or 8,000 gallons
  • Filters Extra-fine (5-micron) sediment filtration: dirt, sand, silt, rust particles and scale particles
  • Level 4 Premium Filtration
  • Recommended for use with city well water supplies
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Customer Reviews

Great Filter; Great Price We have two filtration systems on two different properties with wells. Water quality out of the wells is less than perfect with sediment being the #1 issue. We have lots of iron in the water here locally and this filter does a great job of filtering out particles and improving the taste and visual appeal of the water. Clothes are not dingy out of the wash and we have eliminated the Brita filters. We drink water straight from the tap and the taste is excellent. We put the filters on Amazon Auto-replenish and are very happy. Filters arrive just in time for a change out. Highly recommend. 5Works great for filtering out silt/iron particles Been using these since we moved into a new house on a well. This filter makes a huge difference in terms of reduction of sulfur smell, basically with one of these installed we get no rotten egg odor from our water, water is crystal clear.Downside is that at 5 microns, it gets caked with fine sediment/silt/rust particles quite quickly, we need to replace them about every three weeks to maintain decent water pressure (family of 4). But certainly worth the small cost compared to buying a big Culligan sulfur treatment system.If you are having problems with a sulfur smell to your water, would highly recommend trying one of these first before going to more expensive solutions. 5Great! Wonderful. The cutoff switch bar at the top makes it a SNAP to change the filter. Love the see through casing. Now it takes 30 seconds to change filter, prior to this it took 30 minutes and lots of effort to crank down valves, muscle open the casing, change the filter and crank back open all the valves. What a convenience this new filter housing is! Thumbs up! 5Quality Control maybe? I have a Culligan 360 A and these filters are supposed to fit that model. They are a quarter of and inch too long and will not allow the lid to seal the way they are. Had to cut off that1/4" with my bandsaw. Works fine. Called Culligan three days ago and have not heard from them since. The first folks said maybe Amazon was getting counterfeit filters, bot theirs, but transferred me to a different section. Guess they don't care as I have not heard from them. I have five more before I am out and I will cut them off to use. Then I will see what brand I want to use. I do not believe Amazon is at fault. The packaging looks pretty authentic Culligan. 3READ before you buy! Will contaminate water!!! Culligan man confirmed testing I would highly advise not purchasing this item. Today I had a Culligan water expert come to my home for water testing. I am on well water with two whole house filters on my main supply line. The first filter into my home is this Culligan filter, the second is a carbon filter. The Culligan man found a high level of nitrates in my water. He tested my water before the filters and found nothing. He thought maybe it was an issue of old filter, and had me replace both this poly spun filter and the carbon filter. The nitrate level remained at a 4. My carbon filter was by 3M and was a Filtret brand filter. He thought for sure it was the 3M filter and not the Culligan one. Long story short, we tested every combination possible. Bypass both, bypass only this poly spun filter, bypass only the 3M carbon filter, and bypass none. He found that the nitrate level was the highest when ran through this Culligan filter. He was SHOCKED! He documented every test he did extensively and said he would be reporting this to every person he knew through Culligan. Initially, he thought it was the carbon filter activation causing a false-positive, but after all the different combination of testing, he recommended that I do NOT use this filter. We also realized that it may have something to do with the fact that this filter is made in China. He asked if he could take the old Culligan Fiberpun filter (that I had removed) for further testing, not for me, but so the company can get to the bottom of why this filter is adding a nitrate reading to the water. Whatever is being added, whether it truly nitrate or not, can not be too healthy for consumption. It is mind blowing when the Culligan man tells you NOT to use a Culligan filter. The entire reason I requested testing in the first place was because I have a 3-week old newborn in the home and I did not want to give her water from the well before I made sure it was safe. I guess I will be sticking to bottle water. Be cautious! 1Nice, cheap 2 pack that fits standard filter housings I was looking for a cheap prefilter form my under-sink triple filter system and a good sediment filter before my water softener. This solved both of those needs cheaply. They fit my filter housings without issues and seem to be working fine. No complaints!Pros: they work, they fit standard filter housings, nice cheap 2 packCons: if you only need one filter, they aren't individually wrapped, so you need to keep the other one clean/wrapped yourself until you need to use itIf I could change anything about this product: wrap the filters (at least one of them) seperately as well so the second filter can be stored more cleanlyPackaging type: what you see pictured is exactly what I received - 2 filters wrapped together in plasticIf you found this review helpful - please click the "Yes" button below this review indicating so - thanks! 5Good filters at a great price! I'm impressed by what this thing caught. We have city water and live in a new development. We were having problems with rust buildup in our toilet bowls. The pictures I'm attaching are before and after for 1 month of water usage. 2 adults and 1 7 year old child. 5These filters work great in our home These filters work great in our home. I purchased these filters along with the Culligan HF-360A filtration system, and could not be happier. My water supply is a well and this filter has stopped ALL of the sediment that used to come through my water lines and out of the faucets. The filters don't seem to reduce my water pressure until it is time to change them (they get plugged up), which is about every 2 months for us. I used my first two filters already and have placed an order for more. I recommend signing up for the subscribe and save service and set it up so that you get a 2-pack of these sent to your home every 2 months. That is what I did. :)Culligan HF-360A Whole House Standard Duty 3/4" Inlet/Outlet with Clear Housing Filtration SystemCulligan P5 Whole House Premium Water Filter, 8,000 Gallons 5Works Great in Our RV Bought this filter a year ago to try in the "whole-house" filtration system in our motorhome. We typically use the motorhome 3 months or so in total per year. The now year-old P5-D has worked just fine. Its output remains sediment- and odor-free, and the flow rate has not seemed to fall off one bit. It should be noted that most commercial campgrounds have pretty good water, but we occasionally run into some ugly ones -- disagreeable smells, rust and other sediments, etc. Haven't experienced any odors or sediment getting through this filter.The P5-D is also much less expensive than the filter originally fitted by the motorhome's manufacturer, as well as the filters offered by typical RV dealers and RV retailers. Our year-old P5-D may have more life left in it, but at this price, we've decided it's simply cheap insurance to change it every year. 5The jury is still out on this These are strictly solids filters and do not do much for odors. They do work for what they are intended to do but I decided to go with a carbon block filter and see if there is any improvement. However I must say that since I put these in I have not had any reason to believe they have not worked as advertised (removal of sediment) and I have not had any odor problems since I did (though that is not what they are made for). 3
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