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Cotton Craft Dinner Napkins, 12 Pack Oversized Dinner Napkins 20x20 Navy, 100% Cotton, Tailored Wi

  • Cotton Craft   Dinner Napkins, 12 Pack Oversized Dinner Napkins 20x20 Navy, 100% Cotton, Tailored Wi
  • Cotton Craft   Dinner Napkins, 12 Pack Oversized Dinner Napkins 20x20 Navy, 100% Cotton, Tailored Wi

Cotton Craft Dinner Napkins, 12 Pack Oversized Dinner Napkins 20x20 Navy, 100% Cotton, Tailored Wi

€78,00 €46,80 Save: €31,20
€46,80 €78,00 You save: €31,20



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • Set contains 1 Dozen Oversize Napkins - 100% Cotton and Measure 20x20. Color - Navy.
  • Our napkins outsize the competition whether online or in the best of retail stores.
  • Our napkins are made of Pure 100% Cotton instead of cheaper alternatives like Polyester
  • Correctly sewn with Mitered corners the way napkins were sewn the old fashioned way - gives a superior finish to the napkin. Easy care machine wash
  • BUYER BEWARE OF THE COUNTERFEIT SELLERS: Orient Originals, Inc is the Registered owner of Trade Mark - Cotton Craft and the only authorized seller of the Cotton Craft Brand listed at Amazon.com and elsewhere. Unauthorized sellers are trying to offer their fake products as Cotton Craft. Anyone buying these products from any sellers other than ORIENT ORIGINALS INC will risk getting counterfeit products of inferior quality. Please check "SOLD BY ORIENT ORIGINALS" before purchase.
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Customer Reviews

Four Stars The napkins were just as expected! 4Good Value for Money.....The first picture shows the napkins pre-wash; with the second after wash and dry. Not that many wrinkles - could use as is or pass a warm iron over them. There was a little bit of shrinkage which is to be expected with cotton. Switching from paper napkins to cloth napkins for daily meals in hopes to reduce costs: monetary and environment. Hoping these will last a good long time. Will definitely purchase again.5Will order again. Perfect for daily use We always use "real" napkins. These are larger than most, and OK they wrinkle. They're cotton. Do I care? Not really. When guests are coming I suppose I could drag out the iron. But if you fold them right out of the dryer they're not too bad. 5Not a good buy These napkins are so thin totally useless. I washed them and the entire wash machine had yellow dye everywhere. I can't recommend them to anyone. Look for a better product. 1Ruined after one wash I was really happy with the look of these. I didn't wash them before they were used which is a good thing. There weren't any stains from use on them and I followed the instructions. All of them were ruined in the wash. The color became blotchy, parts of the red turned a darker purple while other areas looked like someone had splashed bleach on them (I don't ever use bleach). So, for a one-time use, they were fine, but they went in the trash after they came out of the dryer. They were also extremely wrinkled and definitely needed to be ironed each time they are used. 2Way better than paper napkins12 napkins for $16.50 was a good deal. They really are as large as they say they are. The fabric was a little thinner than I wanted, but they do the job (wiping mouth and hands during/after meals). The color is solid - no streaking or other damage, and throwing them in the washing machine didn't mess them up at all. I haven't had them long, so I can't report on whether they fade much. I will probably buy more in another color, if I can ever decide which.4Great for Everyday Use!We don't do disposables in our house, so we use cloth napkins full-time. But the ones I had were multi-colored and stains were very visible, so I decided to get some that were a dark color so stains wouldn't show. It was also important to me that they contain no synthetic materials. I was happy to find these, though I do wish that they were a quarter of the size. I also wish they weren't packaged in plastic (so if you're the manufacturer/retailer reading this, please look into more sustainable packaging materials - perhaps a paper sleeve?). They hold up well though! They've already been through pasta night and countless washes - no visible stains and they look great. If they were for special occasions only, I'd probably iron them between uses, but they don't wrinkle much for it to matter for daily use.5You get what you pay forGreat price on the 12 navy napkins. The size is good, and the hems are sewn nicely. However, they are very thin and wrinkle horribly after washing and drying according the the directions. I do not want to iron my "every day" napkins, and trying to smooth them with my hands was not effective. I will not be buying these again. The upside is, they probably won't last long.2Great for price!These napkins do the job. They are not cut perfectly but they have worked for several occasions until I was able to invest in some better quality.4Poor quality I bought these in the stone color. I'm very disappointed with the quality. Super thin fabric, and some of the stitching is coming apart. The only reason I'm not returning them because there is no free return shipping, and I do have a sewing machine. There also super wrinkly, as other people have said. I have two other sets of cotton napkins, and they come out of the dryer beautifully. These definitely need to be ironed, and who has time for that? 2Good value.Yes, these napkins are thin, but 12 napkins for this price is amazing. My kids are messy eaters and they would often use two paper napkins at each meal--what a waste of paper. I bought these cloth napkins in a dark navy color so stains such as tomato sauce wouldn't be a big deal if they got set in. Like another review said, they wrinkled after the first washing, but after a few washings, they smooth out. If they get misshapen, just stretch them while they are wet, the shape keeps after that. Because the napkins are large, they feel great when folded. I like that they have a casual washed linen look.5Cheap and exactly what I needed! Yes these will wrinkle, even if you pull them out of the dryer immediately. I fold them and stack them as quickly as i can, and set something heavy on top. It helps with the wrinkles and makes them look (mildly) pressed. They are perfect for everyday use, which is what I wanted. These are not dinner party napkins, but they are great for a household that doesn't want to use paper napkins. 5We love these. I was looking for a sustainable way ...We love these. I was looking for a sustainable way to get rid of our paper napkins and these fit the bill. The more you wash them the softer they get. I will say that they don't look crisp and fresh without ironing but that's fine for my daily use. If you're using them for a dinner party then I would probably iron them.We got the navy color and they do a good job of not showing stains/use. We get about 2-3 meals out of each one depending how messy dinner is :)5shrink, need ironing, and stain way too easily these have been in my possession for all of a month and in that time each of the 12 have been washed only 2 or 3x each. we don't eat greasy food and we're all adults in the household, so the napkins should hold up much better than they have. the stains are ridiculous, even using stain removers AND oxygen cleaners in the wash. previously, we used the lightest green ever napkins and they held up to our household messes for 12 years. again - these have lasted a month.the quality of the napkin (even without the stains) is terrible. they aren't square by a long shot, as when you fold them one way they turn out a different shape than when you fold them with a 90 degree turn.lastly, and to me most importantly, you MUST iron them. there is NO WAY you'd want to use these fresh out of the dryer even with permanent press (which i have) - the edges wrinkle in about an inch on all sides. it's not just a corner here or there - it's 1" all the way around of ugly ruffled looking wrinkles. the picture i included is AFTER i've used my hands to pull the material flat before trying to fold them. yes, really. this is better than they come out of the dryer.at least the pictures in the amazon listing no longer show the cute little button wrapping that they did before... cause these come packaged in a plastic bag and are presented as cheaply made pieces of cloth.please do yourself a favor and just avoid these 1Okay for the ValueVery thin. Other reviews at the time of purchase made them seem more like a semi-thick cotton, but they are more polyester and very see through. They work for the cost. I purchased them for a impromptu Christmas event and they were okay.3Dye bleeds I got a set of these in different colors for each person in our household so we wouldn't be using paper napkins anymore. Seemed to work well for a short time. As we used them we would toss them in the kids laundry as that gets done pretty frequently. Noticed one of the sweaters got kind of discolored and one point but I didn't make the connection to the napkins. Then one of my kids got a lot of caked on food one one of the blue napkins so I rinsed it out before throwing it in the laundry. As I wrung it out the water came out blue. Rinsed it over and over, still blue.So I looked up online and found that if you soak fabric in vinegar and salt water it stops the colors from running. So I did that. Plugged my utility sink, added a gallon of vinegar and a bunch of salt. Mixed it up and put the napkins in. I let them soak for about 24 hours. Then I washed them on the most thorough clean setting on my washing machine with steam. After that I cleaned the filter on the washer (wasn't related to the napkins, I just do that every couple of months). To do that you drain the little bit of water in the bottom into a bucket before removing the filter. That bucket was full of blue water.So now I have to wash all the napkins separately. If it wasn't for the running colors, they would be fine. They do come out wrinkly but I don't really care about that too much. 1reasonable quality for $1.25 eachThey shrink and are rather lightweight, but they served my purpose nicely. And they were priced right for me - reasonable quality for $1.25 each. The edges are well and evenly stitched. After washing they are not square but slightly rectangular.4Good napkins!They are ok for everyday use. Not very thick but not super thin either. I like the color, doesn't fade much after washed. I accidentally washed in hot water so it shrink a bit. The edges doesn't match up though but for everyday use it is no big deal.4
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