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Candlecopia Pumpkin Soufflãƒâ©, Baked Apple Pie, And Seriously Cinnamon Strongly Scented Hand Poured

  • Candlecopia Pumpkin Soufflãƒâ©, Baked Apple Pie, And Seriously Cinnamon Strongly Scented Hand Poured
  • Candlecopia Pumpkin Soufflãƒâ©, Baked Apple Pie, And Seriously Cinnamon Strongly Scented Hand Poured

Candlecopia Pumpkin Soufflãƒâ©, Baked Apple Pie, And Seriously Cinnamon Strongly Scented Hand Poured

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€55,20 €92,00 You save: €36,80



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days
Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • This multi-pack includes three of our favorite fragrances
  • Soy wax burns cleaner and cooler, and it is even washable with just soap and warm water!
  • This soy-based product was created using sustainable methods and materials. The components used to make this product are vegan. Candlecopia does not use animal products or products derived from animals. We know you care about our planet and its inhabitants. So do we.
  • Loaded with scent to the absolute maximum recommended level for intense fragrance throw
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Customer Reviews

A nice variety and good quality Ordered these to try a new brand. Quite pleased! Mistletoe is my FAVE, I will likely use it year round in my kitchen as its very fresh and clean smelling (possibly sage and citrus in there with the pine? I mean, what the heck does mistletoe smell like anyway!) Christmas Hearth is also great-- I have no idea how they get the smokiness in there but its there and in the winter it was a "cozy" fireplace fragrance for my living room and not overpowering. Christmas splendor was strong and spicy-sweet, a bit much for my mood at the time but will try again later. I really like the soy! Much easier than wax to clean up. My wax warmer is on a timer for about 4 hours per evening as I come home from work, and a cube lasts me weeks! 5Great smells! I purchased this a first time user of candle melts so I wasn't too sure what to expect.Rose - this smell was probably my least favorite. The smell its self was very very light and did not last long. Frrom using one tart the rose smell faded off after one day of usage. The fragrance from the tart didn't fill up the room much either. The smell lingered right near the warmer. Overall I would say the smell was good I just wish it was a bit stronger and lasted longer.French Lavender - this smell was really nice. Smelt like actual lavender and was strong enough to fill my entire living room with the smell. One tart lasted about a few days. I had one more tart to try and wasn't patient enough to wait out when the smell would fade from this one or else I'm sure one tart would lasted about a week or so.Honeysuckle Jasmine - this one is my favorite. It smells soooooo good. You can really smell the jasmine but it's not overbearing and fills the room nicely. I popped one in this morning so I still don't know how long it will last. I will update on this after a few days.Eager to try different tarts from this brand! 4DRIFTWOOD FOR LIFE! I bought several 3 pack scented wax melts, this review is specifically for Driftwood! This scent is hands down my favorite scent so far, I haven't actually used the other 2 in the pack yet (Like I said I ordered 5, 3-pack each scent different...) the Man Cave smells a lot like body spray to me, un-used so far because that's not my style. I also haven't tried the Rain Water, but I have Sea Mist, Sea Spray, and Cactus & Sea Salt so Rain Water is at the back of the line.MY FAVORITE SCENTS! #1 Driftwood, #2 Vanilla Sandalwood, #3 Monkey Farts.Also my least favorite scent has been #1 Dragon Blood 5Love Spell is great, the others are awful I ordered the Love Spell/Pink Sugar/Evening Bath set. I do not recommend this set.Love Spell smells great. It's exactly like the Victoria Secret scent of the same name. The smell lasts for a good while. I burn mine for 3-6 hours a day and one will last me 3-5 days.Pink Sugar is so-so. I can't really tell what it smells like. Maybe roses? The scent is very faint and I used one and couldn't smell it after 2 hours so I haven't used another one.Evening Bath is by far the worst. It smells exactly like you expect. You know those deodorants that are scented as "Powder Fresh"? That's exactly what this smells like. It's heavy and gross and I hate it. They should call it Lady of the Night. 2I really like this product! I purchased the 3-pack of these wax melts, and personally, liked all scents except Bite Me, which seemed a little cloying and pervasive to me. My grown daughter likened the scent of Bite Me to sweet tart candy, so I will try them again, with that in mind. She picked up a banana scent from the Monkey Farts melts. Makes sense! Soy melts are softer to handle than others I've used before, so they break apart easily, but they seem like a more natural product for it. 4These smell so good! These are my favorite melts. Ever. They are the only ones I buy now. They are strongly scented and last for days (I leave my warmer on 24-7). They smell so good that I have been tempted to taste them, but I have refrained from doing so. Every time someone walks into my house, they exclaim, "Your house smells amazing!" To which I reply, "Dude, I know!" :-) I also really like that buying from them supports a company owned by a service disabled veteran and that they're made in the USA. :-) I LOVE THESE THINGS AND I'LL BUY THEM FOREVER!!! 5I never knew that monkey farts smelled so good! OMG love this pack and for the price its a bargain. I have always burned candles from mainly bath and body works and used their wallflowers to make my home smell yummy. Lately though bath and body works has not had very good quality, and I never had been a fan of yankee candles either. I just bought my first wax warmer with some wax from kohls. I could barely smell anything. Then my friend suggested scoop some wax out of ur old bath and bodyworks candle and see if you get a stronger scent. I tried but this time I smelled nothing. Today my package of these wax melts arrived, I put in Monkey Farts and in 15 min or so my whole living room, kitchen area and a little down the hall smelled so yummy! My hubby came home and evrn asked what candle are you burning that smells so good! He couldn't believe that all that smell was comming from one cube! We cant wait to try the others. I even posted it on my twitter, because whats even better than this product is who made it. This product supports our Vets and Women out there! If thats not a good enough reason to try these, then I dont know what is. 5Very disappointed, i was expecting a great throw Very disappointed , i was expecting a great throw, i have 2 warmers in a 700 SQ Foot place and could barely smell any of these in the fruit 3 set. please dont buy not a good throw at all , i use wax melts all the time and had high hopes for this brand 1Scent doesn t last long I purchased the 3 pack of scents in search of wax pods that are a bit esier and faster to order than the Scentsy brand. They are decent but I won t be purchasing again.PROS- clever names- natural soy wax- delicious scents- strong scent for the first 20 minCONS- after a few hours the scent disappears and I have to empty my warmer and put in a fresh pod.- I live in a one story home and even if I use multiple pods the scent doesn t go past my kitchen area (in my open concept house)- when taking out the wax from the package the pods crumble and become messy. I think this would be good if used in a small room or for the person who only uses wax melts on special occasions. For myself I find it s not a good value since the scents last the same amount of time as much cheaper wax from Walmart etc. For myself (even though I really like this shirt lasting scent) I will be sticking to the Scentsy brand since most of those I can get at least 12 hours of burn time per cube.BITE ME - HiC fruit punchBUTT NAKED - HiC fruit punch with coconut?MONKEY FARTS - HiC fruit punch with pineapple 2My absolute favorite 3 pack so far My absolute favorite 3 pack so far. Every scent made my house smell fantastic. I will say Monkey Farts was by far my favorite, but the other 2 were smash hits too. I've ordered so many 3-pack scents I haven't beenable to go through them all. However my favorites are #1 Driftwood, #2 Vanilla Sandalwood, #3 Monkey Farts. Also my LEAST favorite scents #1 Dragon Blood (strong rose scent, sadly smells like the funeral home my father was viewed in), #2 Nag Champa (Nag Champa smells just like it, but irritated my nose a little) 5
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