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Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P

  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P
  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P
  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P
  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P
  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P
  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P
  • Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P

Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow, Memory Foam Airplane Neck Pillow For Travel, Home, Office, Neck P

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • The average person turns in their sleep every 11 minutes. Without proper upright head support, this WILL result in neck pain. This is why you need a travel pillow that supports you on BOTH SIDES AND IN FRONT no matter which way gravity pulls your head while you sleep. The Evolution S3 is the ONLY travel pillow on the market with a patented Seat Strap System that supports both sides and eliminates head drop and neck strain by attaching to your headrest - holding your head in perfect alignment.
  • Science dictates IDEAL sleep temperature is between 60-67F. Over 25% of your blood travels to your brain through 2 arteries in the front of your neck. Travel pillows that wrap around the front of your neck result in dangerous compression/covering of your blood-brain highway which results in overheating, leaving you in a pool of sweat. The Evolution S3 offers a front opening allowing heat to escape, and a soft, moisture-wicking 100% polyester cover which promotes a cooler sleeping environment.
  • RESPONSIVE MEMORY FOAM molds to your unique contour and supports vital points for your head and neck. Our adjustable clasp offers chin support and adjusts to accommodate varying neck sizes.
  • COMPACT TRAVEL CASE cuts your pillow size in half! Quick-release clasp attaches to your carry-on and saves critical storage space - memory foam packs neatly into the included case providing the ultimate convenience wherever you roam.
  • MOISTURE-WICKING FABRIC keeps your neck dry while eliminating bacteria, dust mites, and odor. Our machine washable cover is always fresh for your next trip and made of 100% polyester.
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Good supportI have gone through so many neck pilows that I can have a garage sale full of newly used items.I hesistated purchasing Cabeau for many years because I thought it was too bulky until I saw this version which can be folded and stored in a bag.However, the support is better than any other neck pillows I have purchased. It supports the side of my face where it is the most comfortable way for me to sleep. My head didn't wobble so I was not awaken due to chin drop.So far, it is the best one I've purchased. 5The best travel pillowSome background:I am tall and the airplane's seats are way too small for me. I can barely sleep at all. And because I have to travel sometimes for around 20 hours in flight, it used to be a really bad experience.I never liked the travel pillows. The ones I tried were all show and barely offered any support. On one journey I borrowed the original evolution model that she had. I absolutely loved it.It offered great support l, the fabric was nice and finally I was able to sleep. I finally decided to buy one for myself. I went with the newer s3 model.If you see in the images there were already threads coming out from 2 different places. That's just not what I expected. I just hope it doesn't worsen anytime soon. Can't return it now since I am traveling tomorrow and it's better to have something than nothing.As far as the fabric is concerned, I do like the feel of the new fabric but I am skeptical about its durability. Only time will tell.UPDATE:The seller contacted me and I was able to get a replacement pillow which did not have any defects.The entire process was very easy. The replacement pillow does not have any defects. 5Best flight sleep I ve ever hadBest flight sleep I ve ever had! I received my S3 pillow the same day I ordered it, just in time for my weekend trip. Overall, I am a huge fan of this travel pillow. My head naturally drops forward while trying to sleep upright and this pillow design counters that. It was really easy to strap onto the seat wings too. I simply followed the how-to instructions in the side pocket on the pillow. I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep comfortably throughout my flight. It s also nice that the cover is washable, and I loved how it stayed strapped to the seat when I got up to use the bathroom as opposed to leaving it in the seat and risk having it fall on the floor.The memory foam and higher support is unlike anything I ve tried and I ve definitely tried my fair share of regular neck pillows. I also naturally get hot while flying and the fabric on this pillow is really cool and soft. The bag is a big improvement from the original Evolution pillow bag. It s much more secure and really compacted the pillow down to save a lot of space in my backpack. Will definitely be recommending this pillow to everyone I know. 5I can t say enough good things about CabeauI can t say enough good things about Cabeau. I made a second S3 purchase because of their amazing customer service on my first order. I had a zipper bag issue on the first purchase, and Cabeau immediately replaced it within days no questions asked. On the new pillow I received a couple days ago, I can see they have upgraded to a MUCH better zipper and it works perfectly. Not many companies would respond to a problem this quickly or this well.Of course, the pillow is awesome! It s definitely improved from the Evolution Pillow. I used it on a road trip yesterday (slept for hours) and will be using it for a flight next weekend. The back support straps are such a great idea (can t wait to try them out), and the fabric is much cooler than the older version. Plus, the new black case is a huge improvement over the older white one and can actually strap to your bag with a plastic clip. Kudos, Cabeau! 5Not for me, but could be for others...On my first flight, the drawstring broke within the first hour. That was kind of disappointing. Also, I'm not so sure how the drawstring is supposed to work because I was guessing that you would attach the two ends of it while you are sleeping to keep the pillow ends closer together... but that seems like a liability issue waiting to happen. When you close it, it's right at your throat and it seems like any quick jerk forward could cause the neck pillow/draw strings to choke you. I was too self-conscious to use it because I thought others would think I was crazy to have my neck pillow that close to choking me. The memory foam sides are great though and super soft. Also, attaching it to the back headrest is such a great idea! However, I don't know if it was too big for me, but I felt claustrophobic the whole time using it, and had to put the pillow away after a few hours because I felt so constricted. I think I would've liked it if it didn't have that extra hump on it, which made it a little too tall for me. Overall it was just way more of a hassle for me than it was helpful for me. Also, with the airlines these days, you can invert the headrests in on each side to keep your head in place, so i'll just stick to that. Definitely not for me, but could be for people who don't mind the issues I had. 3I just got my Cabeau Evolution S3 Pillow and love the straps on the backI just got my Cabeau Evolution S3 Pillow and love the straps on the back. I hate it when I fall asleep on a flight and my head is bobbing around all over the place. The straps will also be nice when I have to get up on the flight so I don't have to figure out what to do with it while I'm up. It will just stay in place on my headrest. The pocket on the side is a nice size and is big enough to hold my iPhone 7 and leaves it sticking out just enough to make the earphone plug accessible. 5Highly RecommendThis is the first travel pillow that I've ever bought and after much debate I'm really happy I went with this one. I had a 7 hour flight (with an hr layover in between) and this pillow was the only thing that made it possible for me to sleep on my longer 4.5hr flight, with a very cramped middle seat (with a rude neighbor). Because the pillow comes up so high, I was able to lean on it and have it keep my neck supported which I was very grateful for since I had nothing else to lean on. (I was def snoring while I slept, maybe even drooled). It is very comfortable, very cute (I got the galaxy design), unique (high walls), and very practical (thanks to the carrying case). I couldn't figure out how to use the straps and connect it to my seat, (I didn't want to bug my neighbors) but I didn't even need that feature, although it is a nice feature to have. Even when I did have a window seat, I didn't find myself needing to lean against wall/window as the pillow was enough support. It did get a little warm, but not warm enough to make me sweat. I 100% recommend this pillow, and I hope that it will last me a long time. 5Great Pillow, Broken BagI had the same experience as the previous reviewer. The pillow itself seems excellent, with upgraded materials and a sturdier feel from the prior version. I especially like the cooling fabric, as I find my old pillow to be hot on long flights. I'm excited to try this on a long-haul.Same as the other reviewer (I'm #2!) the zipper on the bag broke off on the first try. I'm going to request a replacement and will update my rating if the quality of that bag's construction is better. 2 for 2 is a rough start... 3More Velcro neededFirst, this is a wonderful idea, and I do love it, but there needs to be adjustments. I am short. I use it for my flights, I followed the directions, but I could not get it to stick to the headrest for a flight without the headrest that doesn t adjust.My long flight that had the headrest that adjusts up around your head(not mine because of my height) it worked great because it looped around the adjustable headrest.Making the Velcro longer will help too. If it was longer, I could have made it go around the non- adjustable headrest and have enough length the fit my shortness. 2Disappointing, bulky, no support for chinI ordered this because I was intrigued by the straps that fasten to the airplane seat. But after taking it along on one flight between two major US cities I'm utterly dissatisfied. First, it's a bulky and heavy thing even stuffed inside the carrying case. It was too large to put inside my carryon and was awkward to have banging around on the outside of that bag. My flight was on a major US airline which didn't have the sort of seatback wings this headrest is designed for, so I couldn't use that feature. (I wonder how many planes are like this?) I wore the headrest anyway. Although I'm tall and have a relatively long neck, I found that the top of this headrest pushed uncomfortably against my cheeks and made it impossible to use my Bose over-the-ear headphones. Also, it provided zero support for my chin so even if I had been able to fasten it to the seatback and even if I had fallen asleep, my head would have fallen right out of the headrest and forward onto my chest. This thing was a failure on all counts. 1
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