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Buffalo Tools Cncrsh Soda & Beer Can Crusher | Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mounted â?? Eco Friendly Recycli

  • Buffalo Tools Cncrsh Soda & Beer Can Crusher | Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mounted â?? Eco Friendly Recycli
  • Buffalo Tools Cncrsh Soda & Beer Can Crusher | Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mounted â?? Eco Friendly Recycli
  • Buffalo Tools Cncrsh Soda & Beer Can Crusher | Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mounted â?? Eco Friendly Recycli
  • Buffalo Tools Cncrsh Soda & Beer Can Crusher | Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mounted â?? Eco Friendly Recycli

Buffalo Tools Cncrsh Soda & Beer Can Crusher | Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mounted â?? Eco Friendly Recycli

€76,00 €45,60 Save: €30,40
€45,60 €76,00 You save: €30,40



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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • GREAT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Easily crushes cans to save room in the garbage or recycling bin by compressing to approx. 20% of its original size.
  • THE DELUXE HEAVY DUTY CAN CRUSHER / SMASHER makes recycling a breeze: Recycle aluminum soda, pop, and beer cans. For use with standard 12oz. aluminum can.
  • SAFE AND RELIABLE: mounts to any solid surface, wall, table, etc. Hardware included.
  • STURDY ALL-STEEL CONSTRUCTION is durable, Features a large cushion grip handle and built in bottle opener.
  • ONLY 2 MOVING PARTS: with an easy-to-grab handle that makes it easy to operate. Simply hold the crusher's handle and pull it down to crush a can.
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Customer Reviews

Not Very SturdyPurchased in April 2015. Have crushed 2 full kitchen sized garbage bags full of cans. The handle separated from the side arm (in the picture I am referring to the little silver spot at the top of the handle) It's not a screw or a bolt so I am not sure how to fix it but it is extremely difficult to crush cans with it broken. I used a serious amount of gorilla glue to reconnect the side arm to the handle. It holds for a week or so, and then falls apart. I have tried that 3 times. In just 4 months and 2 bags of cans, I am finally giving in and taking it down and buying a new one. 2Huge Space SaverI'm reviewing this product after crushing over 300 or so cans and it is still holding up just as good as the day I received it.If you are reading this review then you're already better off then I was. Had I read reviews before, I would have known this does not fit cans any larger then your standard 12oz can (or 8.3 oz Red Bull size). I still have to stomp taller cans but it's not the end of the world. While I would have liked this to handle all sizes, it is definitely still worth the space savings and convenience.For the cans that I am able to crush, it compacts them down to about 1 inch in height. What used to fill four 13-gallon trash bags now fits in one. Pulling the lever down to crush the can takes minimum effort. I found that the crusher can get dirty or sticky after a while but applying a quick squirt of WD-40 lubricant every week or two keeps the crushing action nice and smooth.If you don't drink "tall" cans too often then I would definitely recommend. If you do, then I would suggest looking at a different model. 4Great Product. Buy this one for the price and quality if you go through 12oz cans like my dad does.This product broke down 6 cases of cans (a whole trash can full) into about 6 inches of clean aluminum into the the same trash can in less than an hour. Total space saver, not to mention that I can now take my cans to a recycling center about twice a year for the same amount of money that I would receive taking them in for their deposit 12 times a year in a fraction of the time. I only gave it four stars because the handle uses rivets instead of screws which made it feel cheep. That does not subtract from the fact that it did its job absolutely wonderfully and the foam handle made long sessions with this product a breeze. I was worried that my hands would be sore or worn from the rotating action but the soft grip handle made me wish I had more cans to break down to find a weakness with this product.I smashed the few larger cans I had on the ground in front of me. Problem solved to those who couldn't stand the fact that anything bigger then 12 oz wouldn't fit into it. 4The weakness is the rivets -- requires maintenanceI bought one of these a long, long time ago. At least more than 10 years ago, and maybe over 15 years ago. It replaced a different crusher that had lasted only 2 - 3 years before falling to pieces.We liked it enough that when it recently had to be replaced, I was delighted to find that Amazon sold the same crusher that I bought years ago, so I ordered it. The delivered item is a spot-on identical twin of the one it's replacing.This unit is a great crusher for aluminum cans, very hefty and easy to use.The weakness is the rivets that it is held together with. When my old unit was only a couple of years old, a rivet that holds the foam-covered grip broke off. Not a real problem, I replaced it with a 1" wooden dowel cut to length and held on with wood screws through the rivet-holes that held the grip, and a few washers for ease of movement. Used it for many, many years after that.Recently, a rivet that holds the crushing arms popped, and the unit wouldn't work. I tried to fix it with a machine screw and a couple of nuts and washers, but it would not work right, crushing "crookedly", which produced crushed cans with sharp, slicing edges.So, I bought another one from Amazon, and we hope to use it for a long time.But beware the rivets. I threw my wooden replacement grip into a drawer, to have it handy if the grip breaks off of this new unit. 4It Broke, Was Repaired By My Hand, Works Wonderfully NowThis broke after two days of use. The grip on the handle is just thin foam with a bar that goes through it into a hole on either side of the handle. Originally, the little bar had some flange style stuff going on so that the bar for the grip wouldn't fall off. Those wore away very quickly (I drink a lot of canned seltzer water) and soon the bar fell out which makes the two opposing pieces of the handle separate and go all wonky and uncoordinated. The Good News!: I put the bar in it's rightful place and wrapped the handle (leaving enough room for my hand to move around on the grip as the fulcrum force is applied) with packing tape very tightly and it has since been working like a dream. I love it now. Saves me tons of space in my trash can, but ultimately the can is heavier as there are more cans in it since they fit better crushed. 4Read this before buying.It does crush a 12 oz can very well. But it will only crush coke and various soda cans. If you have any 12 oz beer cans such as Coors or Michelob taller 12 oz cans, they will not fit. A regular 12 oz can with the tab sticking up even a little won't fit. Most 12 oz beer cans are @ 1/2" taller than coke cans. Works good for what fits just pissed that 75% of the cans I have will not even fit and they are all 12 oz cans. 3Not long enough to get decent leverage on a flat surfaceNot long enough to get decent leverage on a flat surface. I had a longer crusher but I'm not sure if it's the same brand, because there was no company name on my old one, and I didn't take the time to check my previous order before buying this one.However........yes it's a little shorter, using it on a flat surface, like on my Kitchen counter does make it more difficult to get proper leverage, without pinching your fingers.The foam rubber handle looked pretty beat up when I got it. Plus it doesn't seem to me, as beefy as the last one.For the price, I will live with it for now, because it will pay for its self shortly, by recycling my soda cans that I get a money voucher for,There you go. 3Buffalo Can crusherThis is a product which delivers what it promised. The only drawback is that it is not adjustable for tall,16 oz cans. Otherwise, bolt it to a post on your deck,porch or some such area and you are good to go. We recycle three times as many now aBuffaloTools CNCRSH Deluxe Can Crusherand it gets us dinner out a couple times a year! 4Just as I expected...I have a fifteen year old boy and a ten year old boy who use this product on a daily basis. They are not especially gentle with it and it stands up to them like a rock. It smashes the cans as far as they can be smashed and it does it easily and quickly. Its a sturdy can crusher and I'm happy with my purchase of it! If you're looking for a good can crusher that won't fall apart like some of the plastic or cheaper ones then buy this one... you won't be sorry. Thanks Buffalo Tools! 53 years and over 15,000 cans. That's .001 cents per can.Bought this over 3 years ago for use in my restaurant. I laugh when I think about our crusher in context of some of the negative reviews I read on here.After three years and over 15,000 cans I think I'm going to send it back. Yunno, it's just not sturdy enough, and for $15, 15,000 is just not a good enough value..Haha, that's funny.Bottom line, tens of thousands of cans crushed. Still works. $15 bucks for that?Pretty good to me.Look at this pics. 5
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