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Black n' Red Twin Wire Poly Cover Notebook, 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (E67008)

  • Black n' Red Twin Wire Poly Cover Notebook, 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (E67008)
  • Black n' Red Twin Wire Poly Cover Notebook, 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (E67008)
  • Black n' Red Twin Wire Poly Cover Notebook, 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (E67008)
  • Black n' Red Twin Wire Poly Cover Notebook, 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (E67008)
  • Black n' Red Twin Wire Poly Cover Notebook, 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (E67008)

Black n' Red Twin Wire Poly Cover Notebook, 11-3/4" x 8-1/4", Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (E67008)

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Delivery Time: 15-20 days

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  • OPTIK PAPER : Premium bright white Optik Paper reduces ink bleed; The ability to write on both sides of every page maximizes usable space
  • RULED PAGES : Business notebook includes 70 double sided 11 to 3/4 inches x 8 to 1/4 sheets, for a total of 140 note taking pages; Perfect for meetings and reminders
  • SCRIBZEE APP : Page corners are tagged for SCRIBZEE; The free app scans and saves your notebook pages to the cloud, so you can easily edit, organize and share
  • DURABLE DESIGN : Black, flexible, poly covers provide durable protection with professional style; Red twin wire binding adds a bold accent, and can fold back or lie flat for one or two page viewing
  • SPECIAL FEATURES : Sheets are perforated for clean and easy removal; Notebook has a bungee closure to keep pages securely in place
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NO ADVERTISEMENTS for Evernote PleaseI've bought this notebook several times and love it - absolutely love it. That being said, the latest version attempts to get the user to use Evernote and Scribzee; hence I'm downgrading this notebook to one star. I want a notebook with great paper and NO ADVERTISEMENTS! This notebook used to be exactly that. The new version contains said advertisements, irritating blocks on every page to help with optical character recognition, and darker grey lines. I want me old notebook back! 1Plays nice with fountain pensI like these notebooks for daily notes, to do lists, and the like, as they work better than most others that I've tried for use with fountain pens. They compare reasonably with Rhodia, and when you can pick them up for less than $5 they're a much better deal.There is no appreciable feathering, no bleed through with even the wettest inks and nibs that I have. Permanent markers will bleed, but I only know that because I sought to find out, I normally don't write notes in marker.The poly cover and the rings are study, they'll certainly outlive the notebook... actually I would rather they were cheaper and biodegradable... since they're going to be trash in a couple of months.... Maybe I'll come up with a clever way to repurpose them before it's time for the trash.A better option for me is Black n' Red Twin Wire Hardcover Notebook, 8-1/4 x 5-7/8, Black/Red, 70 Ruled Sheets (L67000) as I prefer the hard cover over the poly cover. I'm grabbing another one of those if I see the price drop below $8 or $9 per book. 4Not like it used to be and that is not a good thing.I orderd these before and loved them. these notebooks are not the same. The page design has changed and I am very dissappointed. #1 the pictures shown are not accurate. #2 the notebook is not as nice as the old one. #3 it now includes black inspirational pages. While I appreciate the need to evolve the marketing needs to keep up with the changes. 1Not as advanced, but still a decent deal, and should work.First of all, haven't gotten to using the notebook yet, however, right away I noticed things were different, and odd. The description and pictures don't match the product I received. The one I got is designed with marks on every corner, of every page, to use with some kind of note saving app. I can't say much from the actual usage, but just obvious stuff like that, makes me wonder how much else might not be what I expected.Still, for about $6, has to be worth it, right? I'll be updating my review later, but I hope the seller takes note, and updates the details to make it more accurate. No one likes surprises with getting something different from what's advertised. 4Normally great notebooks, but I got a LemonI have been using these notebooks for years an love them. This is the first BnR notebook (of more than 40) that I bought through Amazon rather than an Office Supply Store. I have bought them in the US, and in the UK, and this is the first one where the perforations on the paper are so weak that you can barely turn a page without the paper disconnecting from the spiral binding. This perforation feature is one of the things I like about these notebooks. If you want to remove a sheet and give it to someone, you get a nice clean sheet, not one with 50 little paper tabs where it was pulled from the spiral binding. When the pages tear out too easily, however, it is not a very useful notebook. As others mention, the paper is high quality, and I like the stiff, but bendable vinyl covers (vs the hardback versions from the same company). I am not sure if I will order an other one from here to see if this was a manufacturer defect, or just go back to buying them at the Office Supply Store where I could have seen this issue before buying the notebook. At this price, I should not have to compromise. 3Favorite!!!!This is the BEST lined paper I have found for writing with fountain pen ink. I love using flex nibs for pointed calligraphy, and stubs for gothic lettering. It never feathers, even if you get a blob of ink on the paper! Forget about how thick or thin the paper is; on most pages, I can easily write on both sides without bleed through. That only occurs rarely with large puddles of ink. This paper can easily beat others that are thicker, and it is so smooth.This paper is great for wet inks (like those found in roller balls, and fountain pens.) I don't use ballpoints very often, so I cannot comment on that. Personally, if you use ballpoints, you probably can just stick to cheap paper...I can recommend this to anyone who likes to use wet rollerballs, fountain pens, dip pens, calligraphy pens, and possibly even small brush pens. Fast drying inks may bleed through, but I don't have any to test right now.I would love to see this type of paper come with other options, such as unruled, grid, and dotted. I love the spiral bound notebooks because I don't have to constantly try to keep it from closing. One thing I would change is how sturdy the covers are. They're a little flimsy but definitely not the worst. 5Every page has 1/4" black squares printed on each corner! AnnoyingProduct has been changed by manufacturer and is not reflected in the description or images. Oxford has launched an app called Scribzee, and now every page in the notebook as a 1/4" square black marker on each corner. If you don't want random symbols printed on every page, then look elsewhere. Disappointing - have been buying these for years. 1Perfect Notebook in Every Way!Besides Clairefontaine and Rhodia, this is the next best option that I have tried when it comes to being fountain pen friendly. The characteristics that we look for are all there. No feathering, no bleed-through, and best of all you can still see the full depth of the ink, such as shading and sheen. Dry time is comparable to a paper such as Rhodia, but still manageable. For a price well below that of premium paper, you can t go wrong. If you are into fountain pens and don t want to spend $20 (or more) on a notebook, you should definitely check this brand out. They perform well and are affordable. What more could you ask for? They even look great with their black and red trim (hence the brand name). Black n Red notebooks all use the same 90 gsm (24 lb) paper and their website clearly touts that it s fountain pen friendly. In my experience, this paper is extremely fountain pen friendly and even holds up to doodling with a Sharpie Pen. I expected some sort of bleed through when scribbling shapes with my red pen but the 24lb paper was up to the challenge and the other side was blemish free. Some people don t like smooth paper and prefer a little feedback. I ve always been of the opinion that the Black n Red was an incredibly smooth paper and while that s true, it s not as smooth as Clairefontaine. If you use Rhodia notebooks and feel the paper is a tiny bit too smooth, perhaps Black n Red will provide what you want. 5Ugly marks printed on each corner of every pageI cannot understand why these black and red notebooks have this strange mark on each of the corners of each page. I have used these notebooks for years but never seen this before. I cannot understand why they would put these marks, except to make a clean white page ugly. I am hoping to find a good alternative because it seems all black and red notebooks have this ugly marking. If you know an alternative please do suggest. Thanks. 1Beautiful and Functional: a WinnerSo I've done so many experiments in paper that I can't even describe. But my last fix was Rhoda's notebooks, but they kept flopping open and I couldn't tear out pages. Worse, I couldn't write with one hand because the bow in the unstraigthened paper required another hand otherwise I'd have to lift up my pen a long ways to get if off the paper. Classic problem - a problem solved by Legal pads, but I hate the 360 degree flipping and 1-sided writing of legal pads.So this is it. It's the notebook of notebooks. Awesome paper that feels and runs like glorious magic with a Pilot G-2 pen. A much harder cover than Rhoda's notebooks, so there is minimal flex. And a sharp look.Made in Germany. They do everything right. 5
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